Looking for classic guild!

I am looking for a solid group of players to join up with for classic I will main a mage. I plan on getting other classes to 60 as well. I am going to no life this release. Looking for others with similar plans


I definitely will not be no life’ing. I may play with most of my free time but outside of level with my partner, I might grind a few alts. I plan on finding a nice chill family style guild, with no aspirations for raiding, to just exist in our beautiful world.

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divergencewow .com apply here, always looking for fellow no-lifers.

I’d be glad to talk to you about our guild.

Hit me up on either Battlenet (Xaelyrion#1816), or Discord (Xaelyrion#9375). You can also check out our guild post or discord (uHbVxpA)

I really want to play on a pvp server. I really enjoy the competition when it comes to gathering mats in the open world.

Building/Finding a guild prior to release is a bit difficult. Not knowing what servers will be available at launch, will make coordinating friends and allies a bit harder as well.

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