Unofficial Bloodsail Buccaneers Guild listings

The Scarlet Enclave Alliance side medium-heavy Scarlet Crusade RP guild!

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Order of Thorn and Rose - Alliance 18+ RP guild focused on an IC organization of the same name, founded by a Paladin of the Silver Hand after the organization was disbanded by Arthas. Though she and her advisor are gone, the Order upholds the Precepts she set forth. We are swordsmen and artisans, tale-tellers and the unofficial reinforcements local militias have needed since the Stormwind Guard stopped responding to requests for aid.


The Four Winds is a Horde RP guild, and we practice the ways taught by Rexxar and Thrall. We were formed during the Third War, as Veterans fighting under that Champion of the Horde to rid Durotar and the Barrens of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore’s influence, and oust him from Theramore Isle. The long battles made those Orcs, Tauren, Forsaken, and Darkspear more than friends, more than comrades. We became family in all but name, and when the War was over, we rectified that too. Four races, one clan, bloodsworn for each other. Like our clan’s name, we spread out to the far corners of the world, bound only by our own motivations and whims. We respond to and protect the Hordelands from all threats, especially keeping a watchful eye on the encroaching Emerald Nightmare deep in Ashenvale. We gather in our clan hall nestled within the canyons of Durotar, or at Kargathia Keep - our outpost in that area.


Bloodsail Buccaneers. Horde/Allaince. RP. Casual, PvE, PvP.

Everlore has a small core of returning vets and new (Classic) players alike. We are a casual guild that wants to help promote growth in each other. We will have a horde and Alliance guild on the RP PvE realm when it goes up. Looking to rediscover classic together. If you are interested please send me a B-tag invite at Onagern#1252.

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The Knights of Lordain is an Alliance Heavy-RP Guild. Operating out of Southshore, this order of Knighthood is forever dedicated to defending the holy lands of Lordaeron and exorcising the land of the taint the haunts its woods. Lead by the current Knight-Commander, Aldric Valamar, and his dedicated Council of Southshore, the Knights work day and night to repell all of the Light’s foes while reclaiming holy places and artefacts along the way. While an order of paladin’s at its core, the Order opens its doors to all of the Light’s faithful, as warriors, mages, rogues, and priests can all find a place within the knighthood.


We’ve also been hard at work on making a detailed and thorough Discord Realm discord for Bloodsail Buccaneers. This discord has been created with the sole intention of being the Bloodsail Realm discord.

We already have most of the realm’s Guild Leads in the discord, and the ones running the discord are committed to doing so for the breath of Classic.


The Blackbird Ring is an organization of profit-minded individuals who don’t mind getting their hands dirty in order to live the good life. While anyone can assist their operations as an associate, the Boss is always looking for morally-flexible individuals with a drive for success and a stomach for blood.

Starting out as little more than a loose network of shady dealings, the group has recently coalesced into an organized crime group, with its fingers already in more than a few legally-dubious pies, from smuggling operations and money laundering to protection rackets and assassinations. The Blackbirds have established themselves in Stormwind’s underworld as a criminal enterprise with higher standards and decorum than a common street gang, and they seem to just be getting started.

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A new Role-Playing & Raiding guild coming to Bloodsail Bucaneers with a focus on retaking Lordaeron from the Forsaken and Scourge. The story telling of this guild will focus on black-ops missions sabotaging the work of the Royal Apothecary Society, Deathstalkers, and Cult of the Damned via small infiltrations.
Reclamation differs from other Lordaeron based storytelling in the sense that (while they are welcome to come along), the campaign is not driven by Argents, Scarlets, or any other religious order. The organization believes that the removal of the undead, worgen, and remnant demonic taint should come by any means necessary - Be it the dark arts, subterfuge, or high value assassination.

Full Forum Post: < Reclamation >

I am starting a “Graybeards” guild on A-BB. For those of us with slower reflexes. Younger players will be welcome if they respect the idea that this is mainly a group for people who have slower fingers. It will be a casual RP guild where members can meet to team up for dungeon groups and raids.

There will be no formal raid group but I will allow members to form their own raid groups within the guild if they agree to one simple rule: You must leave 4 slots open for other guild members to fill on a first come per raid basis. If you use the guild resources to form a closed raiding party you will be kicked. Of course members can form any independent groups they want if they don’t use guild communication channels to do it.

My BattleTag is dlevine#1898
My main characters will be Prax(Human, Mage) & Darbin(Dwarf, Warrior) on BB of course.


I don’t have a guild but have a lot of experience as a healer/priest. will follow that course if given respect with the right group. Let me know.

Name confidential until launch. Will be a Stormwind Guard/Military-themed guild. RP. Looking for people interested in roleplaying as the Stormwind military! It’s as fun as you want it to be. With 10 years of experience behind me, I hope to create a guild the server will be proud of.

Stormwind Guard Guild Thread

Tamarack Order. We will be alliance side to start. We are the oldest guild on Earthen Ring. We have people that have been playing since classic and want that old feeling back. We have members coming back to join us.

We are an RP-lite group of players, we encourage it, we try to nurture it, We want members to be creative in this immersive environment.

We’ve always been a casual group that works best when we work together.

Look for MagnusRN or MommaDawne during the first few days of launch.

We’ll start our journey together there as well.

The Desolate Society - A heavy Forsaken RP guild centered around the internal and external struggles of the undead during the Classic era. Our RP is focused around forging the Forsaken identity, highlighting moral dilemmas which emerge in their new society, and their struggles against the forces who would seek to end them.

We will have an equal amount of social and event-related RP with storylines focused on member input and choices. We are also looking to dabble in PvE as well as PvP! People of all experience and activity levels are welcome to join us. Mostly looking for undead characters, but other Horde races may be accepted on a case-by-case basis (for example, a Tauren druid committed to ending the curse of undeath).

Forum Post: [Bloodsail Buccaneers] [H-RP] The Desolate Society

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Horde Casual Raiding Guild (Late Night)

is a former vanilla raiding guild that is coming back to Classic. We decided to roll on BB because we wanted to go PvE, but know that RP servers typically have a more mature and healthy population in general when compared to regular PvE servers. Some of us do participate in RP events, but many of us do not. As a guild, we do not have any RP requirements or restrictions, and are simply looking for friendly, mature players who want to play WoW a few hours per night and have fun.

Eventually, we will be raiding 1-2 nights per week, depending on amount of content needing to be cleared. We will vote on the days of the week as a guild once we get closer to level 60, but will likely have raid times of 9PM-Midnight PST (Midnight- 3AM server time). We have about 15 players returning from Vanilla, and are looking for all classes/roles as of now. We will not be rushing to 60. Although we used to be hardcore progression players in 2005, many of us now have families/jobs that only allow us a few hours of playtime per night.

If any of this sounds good to you, please send me a message on Bnet at Tallen#1120