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Hotfixes - Updated January 17, 2020

Hotfixes January 17, 2020 Achievements Fixed an issue where a dead player’s Damage Over Time effect could cause the raid to fail The Best of Us . Auction House Bids now display properly in the sell tab for caged p…

12 18 January 2020
[News] Visions of N’Zoth Season 4 Content Update Notes

The official update notes for the January 21, 2020 Battle for Azeroth Season 4 update have arrived. Read them here.

16 17 January 2020
[NEWS] Visions of N'Zoth Now Live!

The Old God N’Zoth has been unleashed from his titanwrought prison, and an ancient corruption has taken root across Azeroth, turning friends into foes and trapping warriors’ minds in nightmare visions of a hopeless futur…

40 17 January 2020
[News] Visions of N’Zoth Content Update Notes

The official update notes for the January 14, 2019 content update to Visions of N’Zoth are here. Read the complete notes here.

66 16 January 2020
What to Expect in Visions of N’Zoth and Season 4

As an addition to our Visions of N’Zoth Content Update Notes, here’s an outline of what’s changing over the next three weeks, and when: With scheduled maintenance on January 14: Artifact Knowledge will increase, bring…

44 16 January 2020
Vestments of the Eternal Traveler Transmogrification Set

Hello. Since the BlizzCon announcement of Shadowlands, we’ve seen concerns about whether it is intended that the quest for the Vestments of the Eternal Traveler transmogrification set can obtained from another player’s …

145 16 January 2020
Upgrading Your Version of Shadowlands

To answer some questions in regards to the Collector’s Edition and its content: In the coming months, we will announce our retail-only Collector’s Edition to commemorate the release of Shadowlands, featuring everything …

56 15 January 2020
New Forum Guide - Syntax and Features

Updated: November 16th Greetings Heroes of Azeroth! In your realm I am Siyanati, a traveler who is just now exploring this amazing world of Azeroth. However, in other realms I am more commonly known as WyomingMyst. I a…

406 9 January 2020
Welcome! Please read--

Welcome to the General Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with other players. Community forums work best when partici…

3 21 March 2019
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