[Main Thread] - FPS Performance Issues - June/July 2023

Since Patch 1.36 a large amount of AMD users have posted threads describing performance issues.
I’m creating this thread so AMD users can comment if they are experiencing low FPS on AMD hardware to generate awareness towards the development team.
Let’s also use this thread to discuss troubleshooting solutions, debug logs and our current specs.
Edit: Changing topic name to a more general “FPS” topic as I see Nvidia users reporting problems too. We still suspect a relation to AMD Ryzen processors as we can see those users have them.


Thank you for commenting, Chanji, now I can share my own issue:

Patch 1.36
This only happens in reforged mode.
When zooming at a certain threshold the game runs as expected, when zooming out or moving to an area with fog of war fps tank to around 20-30 fps.
Furthermore, there is a “Tick” at a periodic interval in which the game freezes for 50ms to 1 seconds.
All of these issues do not happen on classic mode (arguably as expected).

16GB Ram
AMD RX6700S (8GB vram)
AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS
Game loaded into an SSD drive.
Game running at 1440p resolution.

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After last parch it’s almost unplayable for AMD laptop users :frowning:


ryzen 3700x here I can confirm.


Hello, I have returned and my account has been banned. I thought that after a period of time, developers would fix the issue of CPU being AMD. However, when I reopen the in-game map now

Fps is still much lower than version 1.35


Come, come with my topic
【FPS】AMD CPU users should not be discriminated against, - Technical Support - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (blizzard.com)


I have two computers with stuttering issues.

I have a laptop with Ryzen 7 4800H 2.9GHz and Radeon RX 5600M 6GB.

I also have a desktop with Ryzen 5 3600 and Radeon RX 580 8GB.

Both of these have issues of lag and stuttering, the laptop being worse. I’ll have issues such as when I give commands to a unit, the unit will randomly stop everything it’s doing, wait and then do the new command. The stuttering/lag also affects rally points. I believe if I set a new rally point in between a stutter, the rally point will be delayed and will be set to wherever my mouse is after the rally point area I clicked. I’ve had units go to random parts of the map frequently and I’ve never had this happen before this current patch.

I mostly play 3v3 and 4v4 as well.

Please look into this issue Blizzard.



Post 1.36 performance issues are currently under investigation by our QA and Developers. I don’t have an exact ETA on when this will be fixed. I would keep an eye out for any future updates and retest. I will also try to post back here once the issue has been resolved.

Thank you.


The developers said they are investigating issues with AMD CPU, but are unsure when it will be completed


I have the same problem and it is beyond annoying. I had only few evenings to play a month and I lost this one for magic tricks about making this game playable.

As others - Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1660 ti. Fix it, Blizzard.


Yes, AMD users all have this FPS issue, (if you can open versions 1.35 and 1.36 now) you will find that the FPS gap is very large, about 80 fps.

But what you need to remember is that there is a person with the ID of CaptainJack2242 who claims to have an AMD CPU, but has never shown a comparison video of 1.35 and 1.36, insisting that the fps have been fixed. In fact, when you watch my video, you will find that the 1.35 version has 80 fps more than the 1.36 version

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what about the FPS issue for AMD users ( stuck at 50-60 fps ) for 2 months will u do something a day ?

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They already posted in two other support threads that they are investigating the performance issues.

I really wish you’d stop specifying AMD here though. I know of Intel users having problems and I know of AMD users that are not. Whatever the problem is, I don’t believe that it’s specific to one chip maker or the other.

Sounds like you should create a main thread for performance issues in non AMD devices and see how much traffic that gets.
I noticed a pattern and wanted to create a thread for awareness because multiple users share the specs and issues that I have, but I know you are an outlier due to how often you comment on these threads whenever they come up.
If anything please also share your specs and performance, maybe that can help identifying the root of the issue.

Same for me. Got ~40fps on my RTX 3060 and Ryzen 5600.
Must be the patch coz on PTR I got buttery smooth 144 fps.
Please Blizzard fix as I want to play campaign again

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I have both, old intel desktop and newer laptop Amd Ryzen 7 6800H with Radeon RX 6700M (Legion 7).
I can confirm that on my old intel game is better, smoother.

I mean I’ve posted screenshots of my PC specs here multiple times but go ahead and keep telling me and everyone that I don’t have AMD hardware. The Ryzen 9 chip I spent like $500 on must be fake and is actually an intel chip in AMD clothing! Somehow it still fits in the AM5 socket on my motherboard though…

Once more for good measure, and I’ll have this forum thread and this post I’m editing right now visible on the screen at the same time just for you…


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“I can confirm that one system with totally different hardware runs the game better than this other system!”

I mean, you can’t compare these two things to each other, but go and try anyway.

What needs to be compared is current performance to previous performance on the same machine in the past, not the performance between two totally different machines.

I did believe you in every single one of your posts (I mean why would you even lie?).
You both just have posted so many times that you have earned some kind of bad blood between each other.
Ask yourself, is it worth it to waste your time replying to them every time they post?

Now for this second one (which is kinda far fetched if you ask me) they can definitely compare, the RX6700m was released on 2021 and is equivalent to an Nvidia RTX 3060 laptop GPU while the 6800H is about as capable as an Intel i5 12500H.

Cat is comparing performance from a current version of the game between two different chipsets (and implying that the intel desktop is older/weaker than the AMD device).
Sure, they didn’t post their specs but the implications is clear.

Remember, this whole thread is about AMD users experiencing performance issues that other chipsets do not, so yeah they can make that comparison.

I don’t want to run my mouth so I will honor you, I have a couple of intel devices lying around and I will test to see the performance and report in a bit.
I would appreciate you doing the same for your AMD device for the current version of this game (I already reported what I am experiencing on mine).

I think that would be more useful to the QA Team than the incessant discussion that these threads always seem to create.

I don’t mean that the y can’t be compared as in to say one is better than the other, I mean comparing them to suggest that one is affected by a bug while the other isn’t. You can’t tell if computer A is affected by a performance issue by comparing it to computer B with a different CPU and GPU. The only way to determine that is to compare computer A now to computer A at a different point im time.

There was no intention to suggest that people shouldn’t otherwise compare their machines to eachother to brag about how good their PC is or whatever.