Can we please stop

Criticism on models at this stage is pointless.

we have to deal with what we have so its best to try and focus on helping the devs to get the rest of the game correct. because i doubt we’ll get any model corrections within 25 days until the game comes out.


If you cut half of the advertised features – make sure you will polish and finish the rest of the game.
If you can’t – delay the game. But honestly you should have done that at previous step.
If you can’t delay the game – it’s going to be a mess. Which, it seems like, Reforged is going to be.

I don’t think that people should stop criticizing the models or any other parts of the game. They paid for the product, they want to get a good one.
Criticism on the models started the day we got beta, and none of the models were improved. Was it too late back then? No. We got it in the end of October.


You’re not making friends with this post. This is borderline pot-kettle right now. (referring to the OP)

Besides as long as the tone and format of the criticism is good, its good criticism.
Yes there’s a lot of incoherent shrieking on this forum, but not all of the graphical or aesthetic conversation is bad. Some of it is very well articulated and comes with suggestions that should be heard.
Things like readability, visual clarity and such.
It’s hard to deny that team-colour is a bit of a mess with some units. Something that could be mostly solved by making it more contrasting and saturated.
Right now some units, even if blue/red, in a mirror match are practically impossible to tell allegiance of in a messy fight.


Bruh if you think that they hadn’t figured that sh*t out BEFORE EVEN ANNOUNCING Reforged, I don’t know what to tell you. You seriously think something that serious wouldn’t have been tested and proven to work before explicitly stating it would be a feature with Reforged?

Get out. Just get out.

I mean… we get new models, and models being updated or changed with every single update we get though, so I wouldn’t say that criticism on models is pointless seeing as they are still actively working on them.

But sadly any real feedback on the game is completely drowned by people who have nothing better to do than just whine which has the opposite effect than they intend to get


I guess you got a strange idea of what feedback means. Anyway, I’m gonna give my feedback too.

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Clearly you have no idea what feedback means if that’s your feedback.
There’s nothing there.

Explain why you want that refund in a constructive and detailed manner. Maybe then they can actually do something with your rejection of reforged.

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Should I write (kappa) to make it clear it’s ironic in ur opinion? I’m not sure…
Thanks for the feedback btw!

As other, far more experienced people on this forum have stated, I believe they have bigger priorities right now.

Experienced in what? Bootlicking? What priorities are you talking about? Blizzard literally had one job. To make already finished product prettier. That’s it.

The gameplay, the mechanics, the lore - everything was done by the old team back in 2003 who can now rightfully claim that they participated in making of an iconic game. And this team? They couldn’t even give Warcraft 3 the respect it deserves, but instead they gave us a half assed product that has no clear purpose at all.

THIS ^^^

I see this all the time lol. The artists are not doing the coding. They are separate teams, even in companies where the art isn’t being outsourced. The fact that there are high priority issues in the coding department is literally irrelevant to them.

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I somewhat share a part of OP’s opinion.

But let’s explain.

A lot of people over-estimate their skills at this game, like in any domain. Novices always over-estimate themselves and think their opinion about graphics visibility is as valuable as the ones emitted by real skilled people. See Dunning-Kruger effect on Google

In other terms, People like Grubby emit a valuable opinion, and his opinion is valuable because he is a pro gamer. By fashion effect, and because Novices think they are good, a lot of newbies start to emit the same critics.

And this newbies critics are just pollution.

I’m not telling that there is no problem about graphics, i’m telling that the only really valuable opinion is the pros one for pros things. Newbies complains about game readability while they are TDing or making mass-unit cheese is ridiculous.

Personally, i’m a noob, and i will not allow myself to emit critics about readability because i’m not good at reading the game. I think lot of people are in this case.

It’s not a speculation. It’s just that 1/4 posts are about “bad graphics”. When i was telling about pollution, here it is. And let me doubt that 1/4 of players are pros. So most of them are just copypast whine from bad players that try to find external reasons for their looses instead of realizing their lack of skill.

What is a problem for skilled people is not necessarily a problem for everyone. it’s like in overwatch, bronze -12 ladder people, trying to respect a meta they do not understand.

So, Tldr :

  1. Maybe, their is a problem with graphics, but only people that are skilled enough so that the time lost to read the game is significant. AND this is not the case of most non-pro players.

  2. Lot of people think they are good enough, but they are not.

  3. It is not a reason to spam. a unique post about graphics readability would be enough. Blizzard added the +1/-1 system, that’s not for pigs to use.

Edit : And as usual, do not hesitate to -1 my post, because, the reality i told you is offensive. Your tears are my food.

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This game is for everyone! Not just for pro players.
If it was just for them play and only for them give their opinion, if you say that, why would you from the small group of Purists want to say about the things?
Anyway, I already think differently of the Purists, I want the game give to everyone a fun and beautiful experience! With more options, better! Options for tweaking the UI, selecting from last year’s powerful and beautiful graphics from demo or to people select of this year’s simple graphics, new gameplay ideas, more additions to the world editor, more possibilities for custom games, and more for all the community be fun with the game!

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Well, my intention certainly was not to be inflammatory.

I also am unsure whether it was tone or lack of articulation on my part, but I was not classifying myself as one of those “experienced” people. I meant to share, in so many words, the same sentiment as Guema’s post.

Everyone can complain all they want if that’s what they want to do. But at this point in time, it’s coming from a vocal minority that doesn’t really know what they want; they just keep spouting “wE wAnT dEmO gRaPhIx BaCk!”

Which is… not helpful. Criticisms of any kind ARE helpful if there are educated suggestions and actual attempts to give developers useful information. i.e. units being readable, certain textures not working properly, etc.

I also fully understand that they have separate teams responsible for separate things, but I can guarantee you they have priorities and making sure a vocal minority is happy with a vague conception of “gRaPhIx” isn’t one of them.

I personally just feel it is tiresome to read literal word vomit everyday about the same sh!t when the game is not done.

If you’re critiquing things to help? Like an educated and helpful adult? Great.

This was the main idea of my post. Referring to experienced people was a reference to those of you with experience in development, multiple game betas, etc.

Yeah! Those purists still needing to know the game is for everyone, not only for Pro-Players. Nice said! So…
And they need too read the forum posts! This minority of Purists try to be blind when see the most people saying about their prefferences about how good the game looks better in 2018.

Now some quotes! With a lot of Feedback (Some Purists don’t know or remember what feedback means and for what an beta is, this is so sad!) Arguments,Prefferences,Suggestions and Ideas! All quotes from only one post!

With 944 likes in 181 Replies! And more than 7,5k Viewers!
Now lets show for those purists who weren’t here in 2018!


Love the amount of feedback you posted - they definitely do need to read the forums more to see that not everyone feels the same way.

Edit: also am unsure whether you were referring to me as a purist, which isn’t the case. I will be happy with whatever art direction they choose / chose, I just want my custom maps back. :frowning:

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I agree.

But pros makes relevant comments about their pro-gamer feeling of the game, and newbies makes relevant comments about their newbies-gamer feeling of the game.

Game readability critics requires that player actually knows how to read the game fast enough to the point of making it a critical thing. Witch is not the case of most players, and more precisely, most of complaining players.

This is like newbies making comment about a pro issue. It’s the world upside down. Flooding the forums for this…

For me “fast game readability” issue is like balancing thing. Because, seeing is a thing, but reacting fast enough to make the difference or not in the game is a thing only experimented players can do.

So yes, i think most graphics complains are irrelevant.

Btw : Reforged as a lot of issues that are not discussed enough/at all because of being buried by this graphics thing.

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But they don’t need condemn the whole graphics just for E-Sports
If that is the problem, the game needs just make a option in graphics settings for E-Sports! With low settings to them see easily. The old Warcraft 3 have the most hardest readabilty of all, now with the new graphics of the demo is so far more easy to know what is happening!
All this actually problems not are problem of the consumer! People have to buy to play this game, and them want to be confortable and fun when will play. So… The game needs more options to people choose before play! To have the awesome UI they shown last year! Options to have the modern graphics of demo (The demo have the perfectly terrain, the awesome realistic shadows, the New UI,the realistic lighting, and some much others things) and the other option for who liked the beta simple graphics. They just need make more options! this are the solutions! Everyone deserve be happy with the money spent buying this game to be confortable with the game when play!


So tell me my silly friend what’s the point of a beta then?
I hope you can understand that they tested it internally and it worked pretty well, but scaling to tens of thousands of players worldwide unearth new problems.

But you seem to be saying they should have tested and proven this to work (which is what beta is for) before even announcing the game.

Hope you realize how silly what you suggests is. If not I don’t know what to tell you

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It’s beta. Except more feedback.

Feedback != insulting developers and parroting the graphical preferences of others without substance.

As I wrote multiple times (if you had read my posts) I said feedback is welcome. actual feedback though