A Warcraft III Reforged Graphics Discussion

Howdy Friends,

’‘The Storm is coming’', an exciting journey is about to begin in less than a month!

Starting from today this would be the official thread regarding Reforged graphics.


  • Game Graphics
    • Terrain & visual effects ( as in the settings option)
      ( shadow quality, effect quality, texture quality, blur, shaders, tree wind, grass, quality water, atmospheric fog/ caustics, ambient occlusion, world lighting, specular and light blooms, vsync, anti aliasing )

You may all state you’r opinion and discuss it about this matter.

PS: Rome wasn’t built in a day

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This has been discussed ad nauseam and the only thing we get is silence from the developers. Never have I seen anything like this. Pure absolute silence.


Now in this 2019 beta the game lost the great aspects of The Culling Demo from Blizzcon2018! See this list what is missing:

    • The Reflections, Realistic Lighting, Shaders, Post Effects, Realistic Rendering, Realistic Shadows, Realistic Trees, Ambient Occlusion, Ray Tracing, Realistic Terrain, Realistic Grass, Anti Aliasing, New UI, New Mini Map, Some Colors, Day and Night Reflections.

And other things what The Culling Demo from Blizzcon2018 already had and now disappeared, and no one know about the why… :frowning:

So lets hope in the launch the awesome graphics of The Culling demo from Blizzcon2018 back in final release! :smiley: <3


it would be kinda of neat if there were leaves/pine needless falling/blowing in the wind near trees/forests


I really liked more the look of the demo The Culling from Blizzcon2018 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lets discuss about the Water Effects? What do you think about the current state?

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I think that will still get better, now the water has a very strong blue look aspect

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Some models with Water Aspect have the Strong blue color, i think they will need fix that

The water elemental is the main with this problem

All the devs do is complete silence, for me Reforged doesn’t look good at all it looks like a very low quality game from 2008. WC 3 classic still look dope compared to what we have now, at least the models have a personality.

here everything looks epic and realistic, I love it but lack good lighting, shadows etc just kills the game. I want the game to look exactly like the First Reforged trailer they made in 2018 Blizzcon.

This feels like a scam and false advertising, people can say ll the y want like its just a beta, but In today’s world beta is final build.


Agree on that!

The silences tells you everything you need to know. Game will ship like this otherwise they’ll be all over the forums.


Rome wasn’t built in a day

The problem is, Rome was already there. And another thing, they had 350 days+ for it.

So crawl back under the rock


LOL it was a simple positive and optimistic quote :smiley:

Do you really think that makeng shades and light for a development is that hard? They probably already fixed it,just wait

The sad thing is I don’t think the game needs a complete graphical overhaul or anything, of course not. But it could really use an additional 2 months of dev time to polish up the graphics, add shadows/better lighting etc. and spruce up the campaign and upgrade the world editor as promised.

Reforged could come out in March and I don’t think hardly anyone would complain if it came out extremely solid.

they choose to play silent cuz they know they already lie with the advertisement where they will make Wow retconned, wow voiceover, 4hour+reforge cutscene, after all the lie, ofc they choose to be silent, they dont even have guts to mention all that cut infront lots of the audience but just mention it when got interview behind the stage, cuz they know if they did say that in the stage infront of so many audience, wow player alike, they will get a booooo from the audience. and they know they cant use purist meatshield on the stage. Blizzard never got so low b4, shame.

And after save alot of fund from that cuts, the only thing diffrent from reforge and the classic wc3 is only the model (which is not made by Blizzard Team but made by Malaysian LemonSky ArtStudio), terrain, doodads. ect and some UI, and we just realize even the new terrain-lightning effect from the demo is also a lie.


That wasn’t a lie.Toxic comunnity killed the game themselfs,by a useless feedback,like the one you’re doing right now

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Feedback does not kill a product, the choice made by the developers does. If I say I don’t like black tires on a car and then make a car with no tires… Then it fails… Guess who’s to blame?
Also funny how to you everything is toxic to you…


I remember 2018 like it was yesterday:
“We don’t need changes to a s***y WoW lore!” “WoW killed the franchise!” “I miss the old voices” “Demo looks good,but cutscenes are terrible” “Don’t let Christie Golden change my game,her novels sucks!” “Where’s the bright colors?”

That’s how community reject something new and made remaster…Just a remaster