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Patch 1.23.2 Notes

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, Patch 1.23.2 has arrived! Features and Improvements: Warcraft III: Reforged Spoils of War Edition pre-purchasers will receive a special Orc themed console. Updates to…

189 22 January 2020
Hacking and StarCraft

Hey all - We’ve identified and banned a small number of accounts using malicious software in SCR games. We take cheating very seriously and will continue to take action on those abusing StarCraft. On top of this, pleas…

62 17 January 2020
2019 Priorities

Hi folks, Now that we’ve released our final patch for 2018, and because I’ve failed in my quest to do more regular dev video updates (does BlizzCon count?), we wanted to cover something that several people have asked ab…

83 10 January 2020
ScmDraft 2 - Alternative starcraft map editor

What is it: ScmDraft is an un-official map editor for StarCraft. It supports all map-making features available using the default map editor (StarEdit), but also supports additional features such as non-isometrical and e…

88 6 January 2020
Group matchmaking timeline update

Hi folks, We’ve been wanting to deliver a group matchmaking feature since release. On last year’s Pylon Show at BlizzCon, I indicated that we were pushing the release until this year (2019). Recently, it’s become appare…

24 19 December 2019
Enabling 64-bit

Hey all – With the release of Patch 1.23.0, we hit a significant future-proofing milestone for StarCraft which was the distribution of a 64bit binary. We plan to roll this out in phases, with this phase being an opt-in…

13 16 October 2019
StarEdit Deprecation in Patch 1.23.0

Attention Map Makers, With the release of our 1.23.0 patch July 9th, we’ll be deprecating the support and distribution of StarEdit. The MM community in StarCraft is fantastic, and we recognize this. Countless amazing m…

54 2 September 2019
April 2019 PTR going offline

Greetings, Thanks to all of those who have helped test on the PTR! As a result of this testing and the poll results, we will be moving forward with th…

6 11 June 2019
Forum Guidelines - Please Read

Welcome to the StarCraft discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of StarCraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participa…

3 12 April 2019
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