Game lobby freeze


I am having problems with game lobbys, sometimes i join, sometimes it says “the game host has left”. For me, to join a game lobby takes like 1 min.

With the new sc update i am having these problems.

Can someone help me?


same problem here i can’t join friends game , screen get freezing

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I have same problems. Every time, if need DL map, I get extreme freezing. And some time if dont need DL map too.

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Guys u fix it? I have same problem from march patch.

Try deleting all maps in the Documents\StarCraft\Maps\Download path.

I did clear the download folder. Does not help. Every 2nd time i try joining the game it freezes.

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Y, i having similar problems for quite some time, some months i would guess.
I mostly ignore it, but in the past near time joining lobby as been very slow, freezing the game, cant even alt tab anymore without the game wanting to close,etc.
In all the game has been running worse online, at least in custom games.

Hello I still cant fix it-2024]

this maybe

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Big thanks - i dl map folder and is works]] im happy]]

same issue. We love you blizzard…