New Ladder Map Pool Update – August 30

Update - Thank you for waiting. The new map pool went live with slight update, and we appreciate your feedback!


We’ve updated the Ladder map pool today as below.

New Map Pool:

  • (2) Invader1.0
  • (2) Neo Dark Origin 2.0
  • (3) Apocalypse_1.32
  • (4) Fighting_Spirit_1.3
  • (4) La Campanella 1.1
  • (4) Polypoid 1.75
  • (4) Retro1.2
  • (4) Tempest 1.1
  • (4) Vermeer SE_2.1

Can you confirm whether map pool updates are going to be a once-a-year thing going forward?

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This is a nice change but who are you guys consulting for map pool changes?

E.g. why keep a map like Butter (an outdated map that’s been rotated out in the competitive circuit) instead of keeping Eclipse (probably the most balanced and stable 1v1 map ever made) or Invader (the currently played 1v1 map)?

The same reasoning goes for Sylphid → rotating out Eclipse but keeping Sylphid seems counter-intuitive. The new 3-player map Apocalypse (reminiscent of Ascension) would have been a great addition.

Anyway I could go on … but nice to see someone still works at blizzard


Yes, it would be nice to know who Classic Games consults with when it’s time to change the map pool. StarCraft II has been transparent about ESL, TLMC, and the balance council.

One last thing: Where are these maps stored? I don’t see Neo Dark Origin or Retro in the ladder map folders and no Season 12 folder has been added.


Thank you for the update. It is appreciated, however it would be especially sick if you could also replace Butter with Invader, and Neo Syphilid with Apocalypse from the ASL map pool. Cheers

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Hello Cydra,

Thank you for remembering that broodwar exists. We really appreciate that you have updated the map pools. I am very curious how it is decided to remove certain maps and retain others. Do you have a blizzard intern print out each map name and put them in a hat for random selection? Or maybe you guys put the printed names in fortune cookies and select it that way.

Jokes aside, please remove butter and fighting spirit and add maps from ASL. I’m sure you have data showing the percentage of maps that are veto’d and would love to see some transparency on this. I would imagine that FS and Butter are the most veto’d maps so I can’t understand why these remain. Please correct me if I am wrong, and I would love to hear more.

only 2 new? what? you have a lot of maps like maps from ASL or BSL

Cydra thx so much for the update for real. But can we please change sylphid for Apocalypse ? Butter for Invader or Overwatch could be a positive change too. Again thx so much.

Has anyone been able to play the new maps? When I queue up I either get Error 50:6 or one of the older maps. Also, there’s no update to the client. I’m wondering if the map pool was updated but there was no corresponding client update to add the maps?

I’ve restarted, but still no dice. I’m on version

more than a year with the same maps and still the same maps? only 2 change? really?

I really would love it if the map pool would always reflect the current ASL map pool. At least we would have different maps two times per year and Blizzard would not have to think about what map to add and which to remove.

Other people are having this issue as well.

I did some digging and /web-api/v1/file-set/ is returning paths to missing objects for the new maps.

This is the path for retro:

And this one for vermeer:

Note the “NoSuchKey” error. The path is based on the md5 for the file, so I’m guessing that path is generated but needs to be manually uploaded to fix the error?

What a quick reaction to the ladder breaking and absolutely loving the map pool changes that will be implemented. Great work!

Thank you for a quick reaction and update.

Thank you Cydra having the full ASL pool is awesome. If we can just tie our ladder pool to ASL that would be awesome, but that would require an update every 6 months or so. If we can have an update that often and new maps, we will be the happiest community.

Thank you so much Cydra

This map pool is the worst patch considering that the technical team did not update the map pool often. However, if you plan to update the map pool frequently, you can update it whenever the asl season changes in the future. However, if you do not have the confidence to do so, you will need to restore Vermeer and Sylphid. Vermeer and Sylphid have become hometown maps for users. If there is a guarantee that you patch often, there will be no problem, but if you patch only once a year like recently, this is a very problematic map pool. Please consider again.

  • (2) Invader1.0
  • (2) Neo Dark Origin 2.0
  • (3) Apocalypse_1.32 → Neo sylphid 3.0
  • (4) La Campanella 1.1 → Vermeer SE 2.1
  • (4) Polypoid 1.75
  • (4) Retro1.2
  • (4) Tempest 1.1

thanks you very much for the update

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