Co-op Mastery & Ascension XP Issue Resolution

Hey everyone,

With the 4.11.0 patch, we made a change that prevented players from earning Mastery and Ascension XP in Co-op Missions. With our patch today, we are correcting that issue. We also want to help make it up to players who lost XP during this time. With that in mind, we will be taking the following actions:

Holiday Bonus
We will be turning on our Holiday Bonus XP earlier than initially planned. We will be running a period of 100% Holiday Bonus XP starting tomorrow, December 6th, PST and going through January 1st, PST.

War Chest Extension
We will be extending the War Chest duration by 10 days from December 5th, PST to December 15th, PST to allow players who have purchased a War Chest to receive additional time with their War Chest Boost for Co-op XP.

Stimpack Boost Extension
For those players who have purchased the Mengsk Master Bundle, we will be extending the duration of the included Stimpack Boost by 10 days. This particular extension will be added at a later date before any Stimpacks run out.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.


Thank you very much team, very elegant resolution to this unfortunate situation! Keep up the good work (and buff Karax).


This is very nice. Thank you!


I wish we had gotten a little more communication sooner about the issue, but A+ with the exp boosts being extended for compensation. Glad we’re getting this issue resolved :heart:


Thank you very much!.


Sounds fair, cheers and thx a lot


I really didn’t think Blizzard would do something like this. Great they are trying to restore the issue and sounds like a fair solution IMO to gamers. My only hope is that future massive bug issues we get support on better level.

Thanks Blizzard & Teams involved.


V unexpected but awesome compensation for the issues. Thanks y’all


Good job. That’s probably the best way how this unfortunate bug could be handled.


Why another 250mb patch?
Can’t you fix that server-side simply? I know that works from other games and myself a bit… There is almost nothing on the customers side being manipulated.

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What a happy ending!

Seems PR won over Sales and Legal in the end… Or it was a ballsy executive.

Anyways, cheers and kudos!

does the xp from my 100 games in the last few days get lost? also the 100% bonus exp doesnt compensate that, since we already get 125% bonus exp from brutal & random missions.
100 games = 4.950.000 exp
100 games with the bonus 100% exp = 2.250.000 extra exp, so i lost 2,7 million exp from the exp not being retroactively granted (if in fact that is the case)


Thanks for the fix and the extensions! :wink:

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Your earned XP is at the bottom of the ocean, m8.


Now that I’ve got Mengsk leveled up December is looking like a good month for Co-op XP!


Thank you.

What time does this go live tomorrow, out of interest?


Hope Mengsk bugs will be fixed soon too.

The Mengsk drop troop bug has been fixed. now both laborers and soldiers can drop anywhere on the map after the ability upgrade. Not sure what other bugs Mengsk had.

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What about Stetman bundle stimpack? I bought it few days before Mengsk release, will it also be extended?

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