Workshop Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Workshop! We’re looking forward to working with you to create new and exciting gameplay for Overwatch.

Feel free to post codes for your creations or share ideas with us about the future direction of this feature.

If you’re having issues with your script or have noticed bugs that you need help from devs or the community to resolve, please follow these guidelines before posting:

  • Make sure to read our blog post. There’s a lot of information in there to get you started, including two tutorials and a Tips and Tricks section.
  • Check out the detail text in the editor. Actions, Values, and Inputs all have detail text to help you understand how things work. On PC, you can mouse-over items to read these descriptions. On console, they will show up if you choose “Show Details”.
  • Experiment with the Workshop Examples in the Custom Game Presets . We’ve made eight examples of increasing complexity to help you try out and understand the feature.
  • Make use of Workshop Inspector. This in-game tool will help show you what your script did and why. You can find it in the Escape menu or bind a button to it for easier access.
  • Browse these forums to see if your issue has already been addressed. No point in asking something that’s already been answered!
  • Test, test, test! Scripting complex gameplay can take a lot of work, so be patient and keep digging in.

If you’re still having trouble, please share a code to your script so that devs and other community members have a chance to take a look and help you out. You can do this from the Custom Game Settings menu by choosing the share button in the upper right.

Have fun!


“You can design your own prototype Overwatch Heroes - “

Let’s get to work!
~ PyroPanda


Lets hope they add a feature to import custom models


Hey! I love that feature, but have you also fixed the game browser bug?

Will this be available on console?

Hello! Just wondering can you someway get a way to play old versions of heroes like Symmetra, Mercy and torb?


Yup, it will be (or at least that’s what Jeff said)

Oh yeah, he did say that, Derpface

I need to ask if abilities removed from the game are available in the workshop. I really want to test/mess around with old hero abilities. If not I really hope you add them in with a future version of the workshop.

I’ve been awaiting the game editor for a while as you can see.

It would be nice to have full creative freedom with hero editing even reverting them to previous versions. I’ll gladly mess around with making new heroes as well. But I really want old/removed hero abilities available.


I could see this being a problem since people could upload anything.

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Were can u do that ??? must be 20 letters just need to write

that creativity is dangerous without a report custom model or map


Can I display a text? or a number on the screen somehow?

You currently can’t use custom models, just models from the game, only abilities mixed up from different heroes.
At least i think that’s how it works, not completely sure

Can we edit hero abilities to, lets say, revert a certain hero’s horrible rework with this tool?


Trying to figure out how to allow more than 3 Sym turrets.


Anyone know how similar the scripting will be to ue4 blueprint or C++? i know that the game engine is pretty similar to ue4 so i hope that the scripting is too

It’s oversimplified, boiling things down to even more basic levels than Blueprints.

The reason a mode gets greyed out is because something that is enabled in the settings of the game no longer exists. Like an event map, more than likely. Next time the event comes around, you will be able to select your mode and disable the temporary maps.

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