Will PTR be on console?


No due to certification it would make it unlikely. Also how would we enter the PTR? A separate client game doesn’t make much sense. Even if it was a button toggle for joining the PTR in the settings it would be too large and would still need every change waiting to be approved (cert) to have us try.


The misinformation here is insane, people don’t know what theyre talking about. Patches don’t cost money and Microsoft and sony both do same day verification patches.


I mean overwatch goes mainly off the PC game not what is good on console so why should they spend the time to show the changes that you wont care about on console?


Here would be an option:

As you enter the sign-on menu (immediately after the cinematic), you are given two choices of buttons to press:
You can choose to press A (or X on PS4) to go to the live game,
or you can choose to press X (or Square on PS4) to go to the PTR.

Note that I’m only throwing an option in.


I mentioned that with the button press but it still greatly increase the game’s size and people can more easily glitch/hack it so you play PTR stuff on main game. It also doesn’t address the cert issues

(Jeff Kaplan) #18

We would really love to be able to host a PTR on console. Unfortunately, it’s very logistically challenging for us. Keeping PC/Console patches in synch is a big logistical challenge and the PC PTR actually makes that possible for us (during PC PTR our builds are undergoing certification processes with Microsoft and Sony).

In order for us to enable PTR for console, the end result would most likely be a delay in the release of all content by 1-2 weeks.

We talk about PTR on console often and we revisit the concept every few months to see if anything has changed. We never consider it a closed-door conversation. But under current circumstances, a console PTR cycle is unlikely at this time.

Let’s face it, this game should have never gone to consoles
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Its jeff himself wow


hey friend.
when is the the current ptr patch going to go live?


for what do you need a ptr on console when on pc it actually makes sense since you have tons of different hardware…


Are Console players getting any Console-only balance changes (Like The Ana Friendly Aim-assist) in the near future?


Delaying content even more?
Not worth at all, considering PTR is dead and also a waste of time.


May be you can add feature to change language of text and voice on consoles then?


What’d be the point? Us console players’ opinions and feedback would be ignored just as much or even more than PC players, so it’d be pointless to do a console PTR.


inb4 all the angry Mercy mains derail this into a Mercy thread now…


Actually that would be you doing that, I could make this into a Mercy thread but I have chosen not to.

Please stop telling me how I act and what I do. See, this is the sort of antagonization us Mercy mains deal with on a daily basis. Completely uncalled for attacks on me.

On topic of the thread: I also think a console PTR would be useful. But know what else would be even better?

Completely separate console balancing from the ground up.


mErCy NeEdS a BuFf ShE iS oFf MeTa


Jeff, would it be possible to have a mode in normal overwatch, likely an extra option in arcade or maybe a custom game mode, where you set as many of the changes as possible on the characters to their PTR state? That way we won’t have all the current changes but we’d have a mode to try out several of the modified characters stats?

I don’t pretend to be a developer, just curious what challenges or limitations this would have.


Umm… I wasn’t. But now I am, because you’re doing it right now, stop defending yourself as if everyone is personally attacking you and making this about you, I didn’t mention you, I don’t know you.

Everyone knows Mercy mains derail any thread they can to get Mercy attention… Never was I directing this towards you, you could’ve simply ignored my reply if you didn’t agree with it.

Have a nice day.


could you give us feedback about brigitte’s stats?


It’s miracle you answering a thread related to console, anyways I appreciate that.

What about console issues? For example, keyboard and mouse users, smurfing? Would you have any update on those issues?