This Isn't Going To Be A New Thing Is It?

With the Brig skin, I mean. Why in the hell would I want to gift 3 gift subs to some random streamer that I will never watch again just to earn a skin? LET ALONE ONE WHO NEVER EVEN PLAYS THE GAME UNTIL NOW. Like am I the only one who can’t believe how stupid this is? I don’t even get to support the art team who I would bet poured a lot of effort into making the skin, just some “LeT’S gO dUdE” clown fiesta trying to make a living by sitting on their butt playing video games all day that I’d honestly rather file my teeth down and then try to eat rock candy rather than actually suffer through their stream, let alone actually support them.

It’s a shame and definitely one of the most stupid ideas I’ve ever been able to witness in a game. At least the skin is a 4/10 at best I guess…

Overwatch New Skin and a New Low for Blizzard - YouTube This is worth a watch and definitely pinpoints the issues with the event more eloquently than I did


This Isn’t Going To Be A New Thing Is It?

if it fails miserably, hopefully not.


I need this to end up being a flop that it already is so they never do it again, ever.


Any particular reason why?

We already know mythic skins are coming, and those will be paid.

And battle passes will have paid skins.

And OWL / OWWC had paid skins.

So why is this version of paid skins bad?


Well, I’d much rather support the talented artists and modeling team who make the skins (or at least the company who signs their paycheck) rather than some person who makes a living by playing video games all day.


Because you arent paying for the skin. You are jumping through hoops and at the end you get a skin

If this was $10 in the owl store i wouldve bought it

Im not paying streamers i dont care about to get it

Like always blizzard take a few steps forward and then 10 steps backwards. You try and defend them and then they keep making garbage business decisions like this one. Why? Why do they hate any positivity for their game.

They sour everything they do by also doing something stupid and they always lose more than they gain. The beta starts tomorrow, supposed to be hype. Now they release this and put a massive stain on the game


So instead of

  • You pay money, You get skin

It’s going to be

  • You pay money, You get skin

No, you forgot the step where I have to endorse/promote some streamer from a provided list.


You dont get it at all. Pretty sure you are a troll on here tbh. Seem some really bad takes by your account or someone with your name

If blizzard said you have to donate $15 to putin to get the skin would you? Considering it doesnt matter how to you its just buying a skin at the end of the day.


Overwatch New Skin and a New Low for Blizzard - YouTube this came on my feed on YouTube ironically.


I think it’s fair someone would rather have their money go to the game they play than a streamer who plays it.


So instead of having zero control where those marketing dollars get put, you have some control. And that’s a bad thing?

Lol imagine referring to players money as ‘marketing dollars’

they have you hooked line and sinker bud

You are so deep in their sauce you are drowning


Same difference to me, if you give money directly to Blizzard, and they spend on marketing.

Heck, and that’s assuming giving money to Blizzard means Bobby Kotick would increase the Overwatch team’s budget.

With this method, you know the money goes to helping Overwatch, and not purchasing Bobby’s 5th Yacht.

Content creators are an important part of the community. Both in terms of community building for a certain segment, and in terms of driving both visibility and awareness of what’s happening with the game.

Like it or not, traditional marketing is no more and content creators serve an important function in the existing ecosystem. What we’re focused on doing is providing opportunities for creators to be successful with Overwatch, so that creating content for the community is a more sustainable choice for them. The hypothesis is that this is a far better mechanism than just throwing piles of cash at people to stream the game, as that rarely yields long lasting positive results.

To be clear, we’re not being paid in any way for this skin, aside from the obvious marketing value of increased visibility on platform. You can think of it as marketing budget put towards a skin for the purpose of promoting the game (even though that’s not tacitly what it is)


Have you seen Diablo Immortal?

Expect so much more monetization in The near future.


I mean its your call. Other games are doing this as well. Personally I think 2 subs would be better in case you watch neither of those streamers.

You guys should have handle this better like feature more smaller streamers, right now you feature some streamers who are not dedicated OW streamers, who did not stick with the game during the content drought and even bashed OW2.


We’ll see. As it stands now I definitely won’t participate in such an event and many others won’t either as I’m sure you can see. If it were instead similar to the entry for beta one then you’d probably see a lot more positive feedback.


to be transparent, there was never a world in which this promotion was only existing core OW streamers. I feel as though we have a good mix of familiar faces and new folks who will bring plenty of new eyes to both the game and community


so your better plan is to benefit 30 odd streamers while annoying everyone else?