Amidst leak now would be a good time to release the video


Putting something up on youtube and taking something off Blizzard are two different things.

They likely didn’t happen same day.

Go rewatch it yourself and look at the date stamps plastered all over it.


If you can’t provide proof then why comment

Do you think influencer marketing isn’t common practice or was invented by Blizzard?

Do you also think it’s free?

Stop trying to get blizz to ban me.

Bro I’m quoting John Specter here. Don’t shoot me, take it out on him. He’s the one who said this is why they were using them.


You are not quoting anything.

You are making stuff up.

He did not say that and if you genuinely think he did, then you don’t understand what he said.

I don’t like Kiriko being being a p(l)aywall but this obsession with content creators like it’s not the main thing every single entertainment company in the world does as standard and somehow Blizzard are the inventors of this is pure ignorance.

You’re right, it was Andy B. My bad. But here,

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But again, that is not even close to what you said.

The video in all honesty and any updates will likely be released on a Tuesday or Thursday given Blizzards track record. My assumption is they will give us updates on the game and HOPEFULLY discuss the outrage and listen to the communities widespread feedback on this before its too late.

No, I don’t think it would. They’re timing out the release with the community content creators so taking away that opportunity would be unfair to them. Releasing information early due to leaks doesn’t change the schedule. People just need to chill and find something else to do. And Blizzard needs to start getting a handle on people working on disseminating information, uploading information ahead of time, and keep things under wraps a lot better.

I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think this outrage is all that big or widespread. I think it’s worth them addressing but not anywhere near large enough to give them too much pause

I would personally disagree but of course thats just off what I have seen. All their forums and social media are filled with people pissed rn

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Heck I told it to my buddies that play the game with me and they are mad as all heck, they don’t use the forums or reddit either.

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Yea but it isn’t really that many people and it’s not really gaining any traction outside of Blizz focused forums. The normies getting shook is the sort of level of discontent they’d really be worried about.

Yea we will all have our personal experience. Mine has been the opposite but I’m referring to the general and wider gaming discussion that hasn’t really turned it’s eye on this as of yet.

They will rage once they learn about it.

Personally I think the other f2p shooter fans aren’t gonna really blink too much. Especially if there’s a quick grind to unlock, that’s a lot better than what many of them deal with as it stands. But this isn’t really the point of the thread

Other games primarily revolve around gun play and characters play second fiddle, the exact opposite with OW.

There’s other threads to argue all that in