Overwatch x Twitch: Support a Streamer

It’s currently visible in the hero gallery if you’d like. That’s about as much as we’ll get for a few days though

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Eh its a Crossover skin so go look at what a Starcraft 2 Medic looks like and boom you’ve basically seen the skin!

I remember that… I even remember that jey3 was so dumb he even didnt know what everyone was talking about (hes mentaly bronze), but i think that’s what they suppouste to say “i know about somthing but can’t tell” community started some conspiracy theory about big future they (streamers) lost some views thanks to that.

Fake hype that’s what was the main goal then make us wait for like you sayed 4 maps, 1 hero and all in Orange. Big, big hype :unamused::+1:

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this is the mace and shield

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Agree to that. It has already happend during the 6 hours streaming event OW2 (first Beta access).

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According to Andy they’re apparently not making money off this, only Amazon and the Streamers

So that’s something at least

That is even worse then.

Also Blizzard still gets free publicity.

Please enlighten me on how them not making money off this is even worse?


No money, no game content.

And this is not like it is for some good cause like a charity or anything.
Rich people just getting richer.


Ah I didn’t know that’s what he does. That’s sad.

"Q. What regions are participating in the Support a Streamer campaign?
A. Participating regions include North America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand."

Why South America is not included?


* Support one of our exclusive list of selected streamers.


Wait im not seeing pokimane on the list :woozy_face:

Idk, i get supporting the content creators because they hyped up ow2 with the secret fake nda meeting (nda is lifted, still don’t know what they were all so excited about… liars??) in exchange for guaranteed beta access but i think $15 for a skin is bad. They knew people would buy skins at $10 a piece because of owl. They say they get no monetary value and they get ad value but the real hidden value is finding out how many people will pay $15 for a skin. Its a sneaky round about way of doing it but trust they are doing it.

This is useful info for a game right before it starts attaching price tags to skins in their ow store. Depending on how many ppl buy this skin will more than likely decide the fate of whether legendary skins in the online store are $10 or $15 in October.


Welp, there goes my complete collection of (non-OWL team color epic) Brig skins. Not that anyone would probably fault me for passing on this one anyway, seeing the overall consensus.

Even if I were on Twitch, I wouldn’t be subbing to streamers because I wouldn’t ever be able to bring myself to actually properly watch them. I cannot bring myself to be dishonest. I guarantee, even the actually nice ones would set off my anxiousness due to the nature of it.

And a sidenote, I find it a bit ironic that the skin is for Brig, considering the way a lot of streamers have treated her.


If you figure it’s a marketing thing. Having popular celebrities and variety streamers promoting the game, gets a lot of people who either never played Overwatch or haven’t played in years.

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“Feel free to support our beloved and excited™ streamers committed to the party”.

The good thing is now we have an official list of people we should not listen when they give their “totaly free and not controlled” opinion about Ow2 !


Nah i wouldn’t fault you for buying this or not buying it. Im undecided myself. Ill have to see how brig plays in ow2 on console to even see if i want another brig skin or if this skin would just rot in my collection. If they ever use skins to buy streamer influence again ill have a lot to say tho. This better be a one off thing.

If having their customers pay their content creators with the purchasing of FOMO skins is the future ill click not interested on every ow content i see on youtube for the rest of my life.

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$18 for a recoloured police Brig skin with few modifications. :smirk:

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so… color me ignorant but does subscribing my own account counts as a gifted sub?? O.o like I’d love to subscribe to emongg myself but if it won’t count… you know