Can we pay blizz directly for the brig skin?

IF you want the skin. IF. IIIIIFFFFFF. You aren’t being forced.

IF I want a gold play button from YouTube I need to make a successful channel. IF I want the prize money from a game show I have to win the game. IF I want a pay check I have to go to work. I’m not forced to do any of those things.

PS: Entitlement is thinking that others aren’t allowed to enforce conditions required for you to get something because you think because it exists you deserve to have it.


Oor… let us donate to whoever we want? Why only those on their exclusive elite list?

Streamers are an important part of the marketing machine for Blizzard, and to be quite honest virtually any game in today’s age. It promotes visibility and exposure of what they want to other people.

If you want to argue the list should be expanded? I mean, I get it, but I think the list is pretty expansive already.

But anyone? What value does Blizzard get out of it if I donate to my buddy who only has 4 followers?

Why can’t you just support the streamers that you like without a carrot on a stick to do it? Oh right you don’t care about the streamers.

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Then blizz should pay them directly instead of passing the cost to the players/viewers dont you think?

If the campaing was about “supporting a streamer” they shouldnt care, hence again it should be called “Support a whale”


Andy clarified why they are doing this gifted sub promotion rather than straight-up compensation.


How about one single literal Sym streamer.

A Sym main has never been featured in any way on any sort of promotion. It’s pretty heinous. Stevo is big enough. Harmony and Dyslexia are big enough.


etc etc etc… We never catch a break

I only watch Sym mains stream and now I have to give money to someone I would never care to watch in a million years

Can you please pass along that it would be nice to ever have a single Sym streamer featured in anything ever? Thanks.

No? Why? This helps increase engagement for the streamers as well as the viewers. It’s beneficial in marketing for the streamers, but it also provides them a potentially better outfit for longevity in continuing to play the game, and continuing to market it.

Are you familiar with literally every single name on the list? I think it’s over 150, and if you are and there are none that you like, that sucks I guess. But Joystick is a really nice dude and he has like, 800 subs. He’s only making like $24,000 a year off of this. That’s barely a living, so if you want to donate to someone who would notice $15? Donate to Joystick.

Oh wait that’s right you don’t care you just want it to be the exact specific way you want it because you’re entitled.

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The beta gave them waaay more viewership than this will ever do, and surprise, it was open to any streamer playing OW

By any means 24k its barely living, i have known people who work aside and cant even come close to that number

You keep using that word, i dont think you know what it means

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the bandit that multiple “good guys” you’ve listed work for/with. let’s not lose perspective here.

any of these people could up and find a workplace that isn’t like blizz at all, but for whatever reason, they haven’t. you could argue that they’re complacent. this situation is the only one of recent in which we can directly support them (kinda) but it won’t change the fact they’re working for/with an IP created by a billion dollar corporation that treats its staff and customers horribly.

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It actually wasn’t. Similarly to this event, there was a list.

Must have confused it with other events they make, point still stands, if blizz wanted to help streamers they should let it open to everyone and not a few elite, that way even small streamers can grow their numbers

Also who has 15 dollar’s these days does blizzard want to tell parents that the kids don’t own credit :credit_card: cards that sorry your out of luck explain to me how a kids game charges kids on a 3 party media app. Hmm.

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Why not do both?

You want to help out smaller streamers. 817 subs is a relatively small streamer. I’m not calling him poor, but you make it seem like everyone on the list is making 6 figures and “wouldn’t notice $15.” Joystick is not in that conversation.



believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
“kids who feel so entitled and think the world will revolve around them”

You’re throwing a fit on the forums because you think that Blizzard should cater to you and let you do this in the very specific way that you want even if that wouldn’t be helpful to them. Yes, you’re entitled.

Would blizzard actually admit that of xqc considering their history?


why is it always us who’s entitled? why is it never blizzard, who is obviously (:roll_eyes:) entitled to our good will and blind faith as consumers, why is it not streamers who fancy themselves entertaining enough to warrant gifts and donations?

why are we entitled for wanting to spend our money how we see fit?


If you hate blizzard and it’s ethics then your issue shouldn’t be how to get a skin, your issue should be how do I uninstall.

lmao are you serious? This is the most reaching argument I’ve seen in a while. First of all, huge swaths of the playerbase are adults, but second how does ANY child even get money in the first place? From adults. No child even owns the game without first getting money from, most likely, their parents.

Blizzard isn’t entitled to your good will and blind faith. I’ve been pretty harsh on them for a variety of topics in the past. It’s not blind faith to not hate them once in a while or deride an entitled doomer.

Whether or not a streamer is entitled varies from streamer to streamer. Some are douchebags, but some are pretty nice people. But either way, they entertain people for money, and people give them money because they know if they don’t said streamer won’t stream. It’s a transaction. They’re not entitled to anything. If they’re not entertaining to enough people they won’t get money out of it and will have to find a living elsewhere.

You’re not entilted for wanting to spend your money how you see fit. If you don’t like any of the streamers? Don’t spend your money. That’s fine. But thinking that any streamer should be available for this, even Joe Blow whose lucky to have more than 1 viewer because he’s your buddy, or some dude who can’t land twitch partner because not enough people know who they are isn’t helpful to Blizzard in the immediate. Expecting them to cater to your whims specifically because you don’t like how they’re handling it is entitlement.

you were the one who made an appeal to ethics and you brought up the breast milk incident.

would we rather support the downtrodden (little guy) or the treader? (big guy), right? i don’t think they’re that different, functionally.

does supporting the little guy make that much of a difference when they still work to fulfil the big guy’s vision? when they promote blizzard’s IP? when they work to drive user engagement up? when they don’t rock the boat because they’ll lose our on their benefits?

…What? I don’t understand your point.

Are you saying it’s wrong for Bizzard to make any money?

Like, it’s wrong to support a small streamer because they’re still marketing a Blizzard product?

What do you think the solution is then, other then uninstalling, if EVERY avenue of supporting Blizzard is wrong?

I’m very confused.