This Isn't Going To Be A New Thing Is It?

Blizz, if you care about streamers just add creator codes like you have in warzone. No need to push the costs associated with launch day streamers onto the players. It’s transparent.


Said small streamers will likely lose tons of potential support because probably like 80% of the viewship will go to xqc lol. Afterwards he’ll uninstall OW2 beta and go back to whatever he was doing.


and it’s not at all related that this might “encourage” people to connect on twitch to increase visuals on OW after the sudden drop in the ability to get key access to the first OW2 beta, huh?

and thank you for putting XQC at the top of the list (is it still for OWL? No? do you remember why? it was so “respectable” for the atmosphere of OW …)

or Asmogold, a “typical OW content creator”.

From Wikipedia
Asmongold , is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber, primarily known for playing World of Warcraft.


Maybe they will do that, we just dont know yet

I’m sorry, you mean over 150, right? Because that’s how many are on the list


in all caps lol :rofl:


With that being the case I would love the overwatch replay viewer to come back

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Yeah… You have a point about featuring non dedicated streamers… but it still feels like this could have been handled better and probably gave more goodwill to the streamers who stuck with the game for so long. Maybe it can be handled better next time.

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So you want people who you are marketing towards… to pay for said marketing?

Interesting tactic.


Then let people choose freely which Overwatch Streamer they want to Support instead of giving us a list with mostly huge streamers who don’t need the Support and don’t even stream the game on a regular base.


If it’s not everyone it’s a bad idea. Do it like drops.

I don’t want to give money to any of the streamers you guys picked. I want to support the ones I feel deserve it.


So let me see if I have this right. Your plan as a company moving forward is to further scorn your consumer base, who are only critical of you because they want you to be better yet you repeatedly find ways to disappoint, for the sake of streamer analytics and the hope for more people watching the game instead of playing it? As marketing tactics go, this is pretty bad. This is to say nothing about the fact that most would be content with paying straight up for something like this no strings attached. You wouldn’t have to bribe people so bad if you actually took care of your game, just saying.

Also, Elden ring would like a word with yall. Elden ring would like SEVERAL words.


“Thanks for the 3 gifted subs”. Forgotten 3 seconds later or just ignored


They have already specified they kept the list limited to test this promotion and ensure the promotion will work before expanding it in future promotions.


That’s a personal goal of mine, should there be future iterations. This is a new program, both for Twitch and us, and there are a lot of unknown unknowns right now. We put into place as many reasonable controls as we could to learn from this first execution.


Not an acceptable excuse


even if it’s 1000 it’s still annoying 99.99% of the playerbase to benefit 0.01% (assuming 40 million sold)

was the chioce of a brig skin deliberate?

it seems cruel, given they mostly blame her for the collapse of their viewership


How many of them are small streamers who actually need the money and attention?

I’ll wait…


Could you elaborate on this point? What is the difference between ActiBlizz paying the content creators and the player base paying them? Most will simply pay and forget. What long term benefits are we looking for here? And why towards big, established streamers? As it stands, the majority of gifted subs will simply go to the larger streamers as is, and as money and time is very much a finite resource —especially in this economy— any smaller streamers not featured will lose out on that potential sub and view.

If the point were really to “support” streamers, why not base it off donations instead of gifted subs? Why not anyone actively streaming Overwatch?

In the end, this marketing stunt will just hurt smaller streamers by diverting views and potential subs to established and variety streamers. Many of whom have been rather…vocal with their dislike for overwatch in the past.

Rather in poor taste and tone deaf, this whole event.


I don’t think it’s that hard to do some due diligence and find three OG overwatch streamers, if this is really important to you.