Small Streamers once again get nothing

Once again a list was shown for an event and those streamers are the only eligible people to donate to to get the skin…

why not allow donations to ANY streamer playing OW or OW2 for them to be eligible?

Why require 3 gift subs, that’s like… just about inconvenient enough for me to not want to do it.

I don’t think I’m getting the skin this time around and it’s going to bug me for a long time :confused:

I actually checked the list to see if Misskywalker was among the eligible Streamers, (she was during the Twitch OW2 Beta Promo) because her channel is practically dead, but unfortunately she isn’t.

Oh well, guess I’ll be be giftiing subs for Yuuie.

Community Manager AndyB made several posts yesterday explaining why they are approaching this first promotion of this nature.

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