Support a Streamer?

Why should I have to donate $15 to Twitch and a streamer, just to get a skin in a video game that isn’t related to either party whatsoever? I paid for OverWatch just like everyone else did, I spent my own money just like every streamer did. What makes them better than me? What makes their money worth more than my money? OverWatch streamers are some of the most toxic human beings on the face of the earth. You would think that after all the drama surrounding Blizzard, the last thing they would want is to associate with streamers who have a plethora of skeletons in their closet. This just proves that blizzard doesn’t care about their fans, all they care about is milking us dry of our money. I would rather straight-up give blizzard the money than Twitch or any egotistical OverWatch streamer.


Community Manager AndyB made several posts that detailed why they are running this promotion.

Some streamers are toxic, and some on the eligible list have had a past behavior that I consider negative, but I have been watching many of these channels and everyone has been not only entertaining and passionate, but they have been what I consider to be positive. Many of these eligible streamers are amazing people who define this game’s community. It’s up to you whether you chose to participate, but I encourage you and everyone to spend time watching many of these creators and see why they are equally important members of our overall community.


So you want the skin for free? Just think of it as if you are buying the skin directly from Blizzard.

I can only really think of a hand full of toxic ones, the rest on their list are chill. I think you are judging every streamer based on some bad apples.

Keep in mind not every streamer is xQc.

So I would advice supporting the ones that do not offend you.

In league of legends you can buy a skin of a character do you want, i hope blizzard learn from other games system skins… very bad this to pay a streamer who only play overwatch 1 day in 3 years…

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The skin kinda sucks so Idc


They have to make and save as much money as possible, welcome to the new era of video games industry.


if blizzard do this all the time i think overwatch is gonna die fast


So even the team knows that OverWatch isn’t good. If it was good content creators would flock to it.


This whole thing is an underhanded way to get the playerbase to crowd-fund a large marketing campaign.


It’s such stupid marketing on Blizzard’s part. “We want to expand our game, so let’s ask people who already watch OW to donate to streamers. If they want an in-game item.”


You don’t have to. Honestly I don’t think anybody really will. Not because of the “support a creator” it’s because the skin is lame. But, for people like me I don’t even have a twitch so I hope it’s not going to be a huge thing.

Hopefully do something like sea of thieves. That if you watch a certain amount of time you’ll get a free drop. Like the streamers are already getting paid with ads so don’t feel bad by not paying them.

Also this. It’s definitely a marketing scheme in a crowd funding form. Streamers are going to be like “Blizz is telling players to pay people who stream their game” which in return will get more streamers on board, which will create free advertisement. It’s a genius evil tactic. But the cool thing is you can play OW2 and never give them or anyone else money.

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