The cowboy change isn't made for you or for twitter

That’s fair point to be honest

We can get caught up in selfish “Why was this done for me/how does this affect me??” but sometimes it’s not about you

Ive stopped caring as long as they dont start banning people for continuing to call him Mccree lol.

Are y’all still whining that Chris Benoit is never gonna get into the Hall of Fame loool.

This mentality is so problematic.

The people in power will always choose that their behavior isn’t a problem and that the victims’ feelings are immaterial, which allows for them to maintain that power until they are forced to change. That’s exactly what happened at blizzard. The abusers here had power over the victims and they decided their abuse was okay. And the people that had the power to stop them decided their behavior wasn’t an issue. And then that culminated in someone taking their life. Countless people have to mourn someone’s death because nobody with any power decided that this issue was important.

I’m normally not this direct, sorry, but it is not your place to decide that Mccree’s name is fine. You didn’t have to deal with him or the vile working condition he helped create.


I hear a lot of people that are complaining about McCree’s name being changed.

Honestly, there are better things to care about. So long as they come up with another name that matches McCree’s personality, I’m fine with his name changing.

It’s a keen observation that this decision was made with the people who work on Overwatch in mind. At the same time, I don’t want to diminish the fact that we also considered how players would respond to this change. We knew that this would be a polarizing choice.

For the last 5+ years we’ve all created a personal connection to the heroes of OW, Cowboy being no exception. It’s understandable that emotions are high, and feelings are strong.


thats what i was thinking too, everyone says they got pressured from outside sources but i think they made the decision due to internal sources and within their workplace. anyone close to the developer that fired probably doesnt want to be reminded of him or the whole situation with blizzard atm

Just an observation, don’t really care.



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Just like to say, I really appreciate having an active Community Manager on the forums.

Setting tone and expectations is so important.


How is that my problem?

And even if they want it changed, why do they have to turn it into this multi-part saga, instead of just doing it, explaining why, then shutting up about it?

We are getting a “rollout” for the new name. The only reason for that is for the devs to perform the ritual of public self-flagellation over an extended period, so they feel good about themselves. There is no other justification for dragging this out.

I, as a fan, shouldn’t have to think about this more than once, if at all. And yet, it’s going to be in my face and in every forum about OW for probably months, until the “rollout” concludes. Yet another instance of how being a fan of this game is a truly miserable experience.


And that is the reason I think it showed true leadership to do it anyway. Regardless if I personally agree with the decision or not (I’m kinda mixed emotions on it, to be honest.) Thank you so much for continuing to communicate with us about this change, and understanding the emotions of everyone involved. I know from personal experience it is not an easy thing to do.

You are knocking this out of the park.

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Clearly you didn’t consider the fame and name recognition you’d be giving to the guy by forcing this change on us. You’ll be hearing his name more often now, not less. Not sure how that helps employees, players, or anyone else, but you’re not going to get the reaction you want by spitting in players’ faces like this.


It helps employees because they won’t have to develop content for a character named after someone who harassed their friends and coworkers anymore. It helps employees feel reassured that the company is listening to them. Their feelings have nothing to do with the players, which is a separate (and also valid) emotional reaction.

I wonder if they considered the fact that people will remind them of this even more so now since they are making the mistake of giving all the power to the person instead of empowering the hero himself. I am personally very disappointed in the developers for this, OW for me has been an inspiration to be better a person, but the message that they just sent is that their characters mean nothing, they stand for nothing and that the wrong actions of that person have more weight that the ideals of good and justice that McCree the hero of OW represents, shame on them.


Their employees will have to hear the name “Jesse McCree” from angry fans, as well as people who just want to get a reaction from them, for the foreseeable future, something they wouldn’t have had to deal with otherwise.

It also makes the victims of the assault in the minds of many fans no longer people to empathize with, but the people who shoved their bad work environment down players’ throats. This isn’t going to go away the way they want it to anymore, all because they brought the community into their problems this way.

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And yet, you’ve all decided that it’s fine to turn this into a multi-part saga that lasts for weeks if not months, rather than just making the change, explaining why, then moving on.

That’s not a player friendly choice. We shouldn’t be forced to live inside all this controversy, as fans, and forced into all this emotional labor, through no fault of our own, for however long it takes you guys to “rollout” the change.

You aren’t just making a polarizing change, your wallowing in that choice over an extended period, rather than ripping off the bandaid and getting it over with.

This isn’t our problem, as fans. We didn’t cause this. And this shouldn’t be something that takes place over many weeks/months. IMO, it shouldn’t have even been announced until the patch was up.

Maybe you guys don’t care if every OW forum is only full of discussion about this for months, but I don’t want to have to deal with that, and I don’t think we as fans deserve that.


balance sucks
owl sucks

who cares about a name?

Ideally the team shouldn’t have made the real life connection in the first place, with this or with things like the Zarya alien skin and from the statement that was put out it seems they’ve (you’ve) figured that out now and will stop that practice so that’s good.

The damage control you’re doing in hindsight is fine. It was ultimately Blizzards decision but I’m personally glad you’re going the way you are.

People who are for and against this both take valid stances but those stances are based in feelings and so neither trump the other. This was ultimately Blizzards decision to make.

Your feedback about the way we’ve chosen to roll this out is noted, understood, and something we can convey as we continue work on the rename rollout.

I understand not wanting to have frequent reminders of a difficult conversation. I’ll be sure to explain that sentiment.