Still Waiting For The DVA buff

That was literally my idea–put the Academy head on every other skin :^)

Flat crit reduction is a neat idea, but I do think it needs to be significantly smaller. If you miss D.Va’s head–however unlikely it is–you still get a bodyshot. You’re still rewarded. If you miss a headshot on pretty much every other hero, you’re at about a 50%+ chance to hit thin air. It’s not really fair.


About the critbox, they either could reduce it’s size, effectively making it harder to hit, or to give her a passive, that she takes 50% extra damage when critted instead of 100%. Seeing as there’s no risk of missing the shot (meaning you’ll get at least a normal shot), could be worth a try.

Another direction they could give her is mobility. Either by reducing booster cooldown, so she can get to places faster and offsetting the DM range, or reducing slow down.

I’m kinda anxious for Thursday. Probably we’ll have something on the PTR.


I still think that DM just needs to have its size restored and that boosters cooldown doesn’t need to be touched, but I’ve tossed this idea around:
It’s a HotS D.Va talent.

I’d imagine this would help reach those mega clutch “I almost managed to DM the hook target” moments without being just a cooldown buff.

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Unfortunately, that’s more of a character design problem because the mech’s body is basically like sticking Hammond or Hog on stilts – pretty fun mental image.

I personally think that the drawback for getting a pretty much guaranteed hit on D.Va should be that you either:

  • A. Cannot crit the mech (queue cries from the heavens for suggesting this)
  • B. Can crit the mech, but the extra damage is significantly less than normal. I’d say 50% is still too high, given that you will basically hit no matter what – unless your aim is just that bad.
  • C. Can crit the mech, but the crit spot is in the back of the mech so if the D.Va rushes a player they either take it like a champion or try to wrestle their way behind the mech to hit the sweet spot. This also maintains the crit damage and gives the enemy team incentive to work together to hit the sweet spot.

I really like this idea, except for one thing. This would probably mess with the set distance you can launch a bomb, needing to relearn the timing.

And the boosters CD is something else that could be buffed instead of DM, seeing as the latter, people are resistant to having it buffed. But I agree, having the range back would help lots.

We’ve actually been playtesting a Boosters cooldown reduction recently.

It sounded kind of intimidating on paper (tested a 3 sec CD first) but in practice hasn’t been that crazy and allows D.Va to play the midfield more freely, which works well with the current 10 meter Defense Matrix range.

Some version should make it to the next PTR cycle.


Nice thx for the reply.


This has actually been an idea I’ve been suggesting since the DM nerfs :smirk:

Thanks for taking it into consideration!

Are there any plans to help Junkrat on the horizon tho? Even streamers such as Jay3 and XqC have stated that he is among the worst dps as you go up the ladder.


Any change planned to help her with her survivality?


dva needs buffs. sigma needs nerfs. hes nearly unkillable by a single hero.

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Welp, now I owe my bro a soda.

Thanks a bunch for the update, you’re the best :smile:

Hi josh, is the PTR patch coming soon ?

Will Bastion be next in the ‘buff’ list?


Can we expect any other further changes, to Dva or anyone else, in the next patch cycle?

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Leak moar of it for us, you know you want to :zipper_mouth_face:

Wow 3 seconds!! Damn! That is actually insane considering it is already one of the most powerful movement abilities in the game.

Not trying to imply it is OP, Hammonds mobility is already absurd but that doesn’t mean he is automatically OP.

I do think D’va will become the d̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ dive queen though, if dive ever comes back that is. There will literally be no escaping D’va and your team will be forced to peel for you.

Pretty big nerf to sniper heroes, which is a good thing.

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Dive queen you mean, but it wont be a huge nerf for snipers if hanzo can melt dva with a volley of storm arrow and widow 2 shot her


Can we expect other changes to other heroes like Mei, Hanzo, Doomfist? I know these heroes are most commonly talked about here on the forums. Baptiste too but Jeff Kaplan addressed him yesterday. I’m looking very forward to the next patch.


I would love to see D.Va booster be faster. It’s really hard to boost solely with reaction when trying to force coordinate dive with random Winston players without the DM range and without voice com.

By speeding her booster slightly to make up for that gap to catch up to Winston would be nice. This way, it further boost D.Va’s mobility without increasing DM’s power by reverting it’s range, since DM was the start of all the trouble to begin with.

With more Booster spam, I wonder how this will affect Pharah players. Will she be look at as well to help her out (as much as I don’t like fighting a good Pharah player, lol)?

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Nerp, more dva bandaid buffs aren’t adressing any of her real issues.

Flying more often into the enemy team is just going to make her feed more often because she’s still made of paper and defence matrix is still garbage.

(draft ate my message ffs)

Too soon Executus