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This link takes me to a Reddit thread about loot boxes. Is that intended?

Thanks for the heads up, I will get it fixed.


Do we know whether cosmetics earned in OW2 will cross back to OW1? Or will it be like on the PTR, where live will cross over to PTR, but PTR won’t cross over to live?

Both Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will be sharing the same account and game client. So don’t worry about that.


New developer post today. Game Director Jeff Kaplan responded to a thread on Reddit, hinting at possible changes to Baptiste’s Immortality Field:


Prinicipal Designer Josh Noh made a post on the forums today. Look toward D.Va getting possible changes soon.

He also address the concept of powercreep and perceptions about balance in the game:

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Is it possible Overwatch 2 will be cross platform considering Blizzard working with Activision which just successfully produced a cross platform Call of Duty. Surely this would help maintain a stronger Overwatch community.

I figure it will happen, unless the legacy code of the matchmaker and servers is that difficult to rewrite. They’ve said before it is something they want to do, and they might implement cross profession as well while they’re at it.

It is far too early to say if it will or not.

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WIll OW2 have A soundtrack?

KF2 is a great game that I feel doesn’t lose its repetitive partially thanks its amazing soundtrack that plays while you mow down zeds… also the difficultly, perk system design, dosh value and other various factors…

I’ve reposted legacy MMR/SR/Matchmaking posts at Legacy Forum Posts.

Sir, it’s Rio de JANEIRO.


Overwatch Materialization

There are no options for each player to materialize one player once for the players in the team. For each materialization the players selected characters changes style and gets certain improvements. This would be very helpful for the team to select a libero for the game and decide if one player has 5 materializations to become the ultra boss for the enemy team to defeat, and when a player chooses to materialize another player the player has to increase the ability cooldowns with 1 second.

By having using the game idea which is meant to be in the Overwatch gameplay, from what it seems and feels like. I suggest that this is applied to the game, for a merrier and greater time to play and battle against other players.

Kind Regards, Alex Stenberg. (ARUBA) :face_with_monocle:

Please, just remove aim assist. Controllers aren’t this terrible chunk of clunk anymore. We could contest mouse users of we were given a chance to actually improve, especially on a non-aim heavy game like Overwatch. Please just remove it so that everyone has the oppertunity to improve and get skillfull themselves.

Hello everyone! Long time catching up on this thread. First, I got all of the recent posts from Jeff Kaplan, Josh Noh, and Bill Warnecke throughout the month of January caught up (see below for the summary). Secondly, I think I have figured out how to recover all of the old forum posts from the Internet Archive even though the pages do not load correctly. I hope to have something completed by the end of this month if all goes well. Again I hope this archive is a great help to everyone!

Overwatch 2 Developer Responses

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Alright everyone, I have some really good news regarding the Dev Post Archive.

I have just completed the first step of a major project toward this archive. As you know at the beginning of this year, the old Overwatch forums was closed. Now the Internet Archive has these posts documented but due to some weird error, the pages will not display properly. I can however go in and look up the HTML of those pages and I have figured out a system to extrapolate the key posts and place them in a dedicated HTML page (which for the time being is setup on my personal website).

This is going to take time to complete all of the posts, but I now have the Competitive and Matchmaking responses now online for access. I encourage anyone who has time to check them out and let me know if you find any errors or if the pages are not displaying properly. Here is a couple of screenshots of how the new archive pages look:


Activision is a publisher… not a developer… Activision ruining Blizzard atm with: max profit with minimum invest mentality… I hope they wont touch Overwatch let our Jeff daddy handle OW things… :slight_smile: we saw what happened to W3

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Today, I have built the pages for the old forum responses for the Quick Play/Arcade/Training section and the Seasonal Event section.

Won’t have time to work on this tomorrow, but I hope to tackle the massive “General Game Features” section on Monday.

I have a question: We’ve been told OW1 cosmetics we’ve earned will carry over to OW2, but can we earn OW1 cosmetics in OW2?

That has yet to be revealed. Until we get any information, I am recommending all players to make every effort to collect all possible items as soon as possible.