[Still in the game] Mei can be pulled out of Cry-Freeze by Roadhog's hook

Mei has a bug where Roadhog can pull Mei out of Cry-Freeze

Roadhog, Mei and their teammates can see Cryo-Freeze being activated, but it get cancelled by Roadhog’s hook and the ability will be put on cooldown. This makes her ability very unreliable and inconsistent.

Please fix this bug.

More video proof:

Mei's POV:

Roadhog's POV:

Teammate's POV:

More examples from other players:

It’s called ping and favor the shooter.

Do you know how often my hook got cancelled even though it clearly connected already?

Reinhardt activating his barrier
Genji using deflect
Zarya using her bubble
Tracer blinking

Everything is in favor of the hooked victim, except cryo freeze. His hook needs fixing.


If it does this, it didn’t connect serverside, only on your end, blame latency.


How about you read my first sentence?

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Your last sentence contradicts it.

If everything works a certain way except 1 ability (Cryo-Freeze) then you fix Cryo-Freeze, you don’t change every interaction to be consistent with the bugged one.


Well, if the hook connects and it favors the shooter that would be fine…
The problem is that cryo-freeze than suddenly is on cooldown, which means it activated and the hook should not have connected in the first place.


So it isn’t just me? Whoa!

It happened to me in Deathmatch last night. Hog hooked me, reeled me in, I freeze…and the screen for maybe a millisecond flashed and Cryofreeze is on cool down. I had this “What the?!?” face when it happened. Even Roadhog stopped and stared at me for like 3 seconds. I could swear even he was puzzled at what just happened.


Hey, it works both ways. I’ve activated bubble and your hook canceled it. Hell, half the time I’ve had hook and bubble on at the same time.


This bug makes Mei’s Cryo-Freeze not a reliable ability to bait Roadhog’s hook anymore.

But what could be the cause of it?
Is the check on Roadhog’s hook the problem?
Has Roadhog’s hook a higher netcode priority than Mei’s Cryo-Freeze?


Well, make the escapes not work, or escapes do work, for everyone.


Exactly this is true.

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I think something interesting here is how the “favor the shooter” is handled. If you read the famous “don’t shoot Genji” thread, you will see tons of examples of Genji deflecting things that, using the eyeball test, should not have been deflected. I believe this is reverse favor the shooter, the game prioritizes Genji’s perspective when it comes to using deflect.

I mention it here, because it’s a reasonable assumption that Mei’s ice block does not prioritize Mei’s perspective. Latency is a tricky beast to tame, and all in all I think Overwatch does a fantastic job of juggling all the different clients in a game. However, things like these defensive abilities should be handled consistently.

Either Genji’s deflect is being handled wrong by the server, or Mei’s ice block. They should both have the same priority and it appears that they do not.


There are a lot of hero match-up breaking bugs with Mei. It seems like Blizzard has decided they’re going to do nothing about it, because they’ve been mentioned a million times to them, and are even on the bug page, but they never do anything about them. Moira’s orb just goes right through the ice wall, like it’s not even there. I can’t count how many times my wall is just nullified and I’m killed on what should be a narrow escape. Also, you can be hacked while in cryo-freeze as well. It’s really infuriating to play Mei at the moment and is going to become even worse when they buff Sombra’s hack.

The funny thing to me is that the dev team is giving Mei a buff on the PTR, but the planned buff wouldn’t be nearly as helpful as just fixing her matchup breaking bugs. It’s pretty sad that devs saw a reddit post about Doomfist, and fixed like 10 of his bugs immediately, but apparently if reddit doesn’t whine, Blizzard doesn’t care.


you could always play widowmaker and remove the middleman

ive seen a widowmaker shoot a statue and somehow headshot me, but i’ve never been headshot and not died

and eh, this happens to everyone. every ability in the game has a brief wind-up, even recall and deflect.

The lead engineer responsible for the netcode said Genji deflect taking netcode priority is an intentional feature. And affects all escape abilities.

Except IceBlock. (Also except IceWall)

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So should the Mei-gathread move to a weekly post on Reddit?

But Bill Wanecke already replied to a Reddit post about Mei’s bugs in November:

Unfortunately has none of them been fixed yet.

I’m afraid they are going to ignore/forget about it just like what they did with the bug where her Cry-Freeze didn’t removed Ana’s anti heal for over a year.

I want hovering Cryofreeze back. That was interesting!

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I have 30ms and I have an issue to where I put up a wall and die right after. Watch the death cam and I see the projectile go through the wall and hit my head.

That’s a thing too.

Would be interesting if Iceblock slowly grew a vertical icepillar below it.

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