🛠 A list of gameplay affecting Mei bugs. (+Visual and map related bugs.)


Let me start by saying that Mei is a great and fun character to play.
I consider her one of the most balanced heroes who has clear strengths and weaknesses.

The one thing I don’t like about her are the bugs. Every part of her kit has bugs. And it’s not just limited to her kit as well. Items such as highlights are bugged as well.

I posted most of these bugs before (in their own threads), but maybe a full list is what is needed. I will make 4 sections. Gameplay bugs, Visual bugs, maps related bugs and bugs that are on the Known-Issues list. I will try to include as much proof as possible.

I will also post a Youtube video at the bottom of this thread so you can see all the videos in a row.

1. Gameplay bugs:

1.1. Mei can be stunned, killed and hacked in Cryo-Freeze.
What’s even worse is that other players can see this happen as well.

There is already a thread about this problem on the forums which contains more videos. [Still in the game] Mei can be pulled out of Cry-Freeze by Roadhog's hook

1.2. You can get teleported around the map if you place an Ice-wall below you.
This is an odd one. If you place a wall below you, can you quickly teleport around the map on your screen. This is a very disorienting bug.

This also affects teammates:

1.3. The ultimate can get stuck and delayed.
Mei’s ultimate should have a total cast time of 1,5 seconds (depending on the throw distance). If it is thrown under an object like a payload can it be delayed up to twice its cast time. In the video below can you see the cast time of normal ultimate and a delayed ultimate.

1.4. Wall placement isn’t always correct.
The blueprint sometimes jump to different location when you are about to place a map.

1.5. Mei’s ultimate freeze gets cancelled by a FRIENDLY Reinhardt shatter.

Reinhardt’s stun seems to overrule Mei’s freeze. This means that enemies who were already frozen in Mei’s ultimate will be unfrozen for the shatter and remain unfrozen if the Reinhardt’s stun duration has finished but the Mei’s ultimate hasn’t. (Mei’s ultimate lasts 5 seconds and Reinhardt’s stun lasts 2,5 seconds.)

1.6. Mei can be trapped in Junkrat’s trap while being in Cryo-Freeze. (Might not be a bug.)
Mei’s Cryo-Freeze is an invulnerability ability. This means it should cleanse and remove debuffs. This is why it can be used to escape Zarya’s grav. It can however not be used to escape Junkrat’s trap. That one seems to ignore Invulnerability abilities. Reaper and Moira are also affected by it.


1.7. The hitboxes of frozen enemies doesn’t match with the character model.
This is especially noticeable with Ana’s Sleep and Reinhardt’s Shatter
I think the hitboxes of frozen enemies can still be moved if they are hit with an ability that forces the body in another position.

1.8. Mei’s Ice-Wall can destroy friendly buildables like Orisa’s ultimate.
If Mei place an Ice-Wall on a buildable, will that buildable be destroyed without any notification of it in the kill feed. Applies to frindly Venom Mine, and friendly Minefield as well.

2. Visual bugs:

2.1. Freeze particles can go through ALL walls and is visible to all players (tested with another player).
The particle effect can go through walls as long if you stand directly against it. Teammates and enemies can see it go through the wall. This can be exploited to disrupt the enemy team who are on point.

2.2. Mei shoot red icicles. Red Icicles are usually an indication of an icicle from an enemy.

This bug has been fixed.

The moment Mei is about to shoot an Icicle, do you see a red Icicle in her weapon.

2.3. Mei’s golden weapon is extremely shiny when she is emoting.

2.4. Mei spawns an enemy’s Icewall.
If there is an icewall placed and the Mei player switch, will the wall turn red.

2.5. Mei’s Santa hat doesn’t stay on the Cryo-Freeze. Instead does it become floppy and wil it clip through the Cryo-Freeze.

This bug has been fixed.

It used to stay up on the Iceblock, but now will it turn into a mushy mess and will the white ball clip through the Iceblock. Kinda a depressing look if you’d ask me.

2.6. Mei’s weapon clips through (Mei-rry’s) Cryo-Freeze.

2.7. Mei’s ‘Skating Around’ highlight clips through the floor on Busan Sanctuary.

2.8. Mei can emote without Snowball (the robot) if she is ulting.

(Bug 2.5 and 2.6 are bugs are limited to the Mei-rry skin. All the remaining visual bugs are present with all of her skins.)

3. Map related bugs:

3.1 Mei can’t place an Icewall on the capture point of Busan Sanctuary.
I the player tries to place a wall on the edge of the point, can the player not place the wall.

3.2 Mei’s ultimate can freeze through the turtle on Busan Sanctuary
If it is thrown at the right angle, can you freeze an enemy on the other side of the turtle. It does not block the LOS of the ultimate.

3.3 Mei’s Cryo-Freeze event brawl voicelines will be played on Ecopoint Antartica (Winter) in other modes.

Bugs on the known-issues list:


Mei is a great and fun hero to play, but the bugs can be excruciating.
Blizzard please take a look at these bugs. Some of these have been in the game for months.

A Youtube video of all of these bugs:

(New bugs that have been added in this list will not be in this video.)

I have added 2 more bugs.

Bug 2.8 and bug 3.3 have been added.

I have added a new bug in this list.

Bug 1.8 has been added.

Bug 2.2 seems to be fixed on PTR, but I will wait till this patch hits live before I remove it.

Bug 2.2 has been fixed on the PTR.

This bug has also been fixed on PTR:


I have another one to add:

I already mentioned in bug 1.2 that you can get teleported around the map if you are lifted by an Icewall. It seems it also works on teammates.


Bug 2.5 has been fixed on PTR: