Role Queue Compromise

Jeff, just wondering does the Overwatch team have any Symmetra Mains?


Oh, genuine question.
When you say 2-2-2, a lot of people think that means explicitly:

  • 2Damage-2Tank-2Heal

But this seems really inconsistent with balancing GOATs, because that sort of Comp would disallow GOATs.

Would RoleQ be optional, or did you mean 2Flex-2Tank-2Heal, which would give these options:

  • 2DPS-2Tank-2Heal
  • 1DPS-3Tank-2Heal
  • 1DPS-2Tank-3Heal (SNOATs)
  • 3Tank-3Heal (GOATs)
  • 4Tank-2Heal
  • 2Tank-4Healer

So one thing I was considering, maybe try giving people the queue times for every RoleQ combination, with the ability to swap to different queues while queued.

  • Damage: 7 minutes
  • Damage or Tank: 5 minutes
  • Damage or Healer: 4 minutes
  • Damage or Tank or Healer: 2 minutes
  • Healer: 2 minutes
  • Tank: 2 minutes

Also if the queue times are larger for Quickplay, maybe just have the option of UnlockedQ or RoleQ for Quickplay.
And possibly mandatory RoleQ for Comp.

Because it seems like a vast majority of the 4-5DPS comps are in Quickplay.


Swift response. Sweet.

Regarding the role queue, have you and your team considered separate role SRs (similar to say, Splatoon 2’s separate ranks for modes) or do you intend to keep us to 1 SR per account?

regarding symmetra main question… our live ops producer has 700 hours on her.


i think they have one.

if we did role queue, we would do separate SR’s. this is one of the things i think would be really fun (plus make the game way more balanced and improve matchmaking)


Are you guys going to rework meteor strike and revert seismic slam distance nerf


You better do something about Briggite’s voice actor getting harrased.


What do Devs think of Teleporter and Shadestep again?

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Do you have some plan for improving the LFG system ?
Maybe a list of players you can choose from and make your team ?


Jeff, have a peek at my Role Queue concept if you have time. If it totally sucks you can tell me. I can take it.

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Thanks for the great work lately. It’s been a while since I’ve looked forwards to the future of the game.


Honestly, the matchmaking system should probably reinforce playing Healer/Tank.

If the numbers as skewed towards Damage mains as you’ve previously stated, maybe the game would be better to encourage people to learn new roles and playstyles.


Even with a role queue using most playtime on heroes to determine main heroes, there still begs the question of subdividing roles within each category. For example, a game is essentially already lost if the tankline consists of Roadhog and another off-tank like Zarya, or having Moira/Ana for supports.

The idea is fluid, however it needs very fine-tuning to work properly to simulate coordinated play as seen in scrims/professional play.

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So I have not to fear if I want to be a lousy Hanzo main once in awhile when playing any mode. Because the one thing I fear is having to be put in a role I’m not feeling too hot about that very moment if all other roles are taken.

Those are long queue times. sorry.

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Big J back at it again

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I seen people throw games for no reason when they are a support main. For example, you have 3 supports on a team and 2 tanks 1 damage main. One support will straight up think triple support is bad and try to damage. They let the team down and are soft throwing.

If they stayed a support for triple support 2 tanks 1 damage. We would have won but no they didn’t. Mindsets.

Hopefully that means someone up there knows that the TP is what needs to be looked at next!


Arcadium, what is Live Ops?

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