Please dont add forced 2-2-2

so your selfish and don’t care and wanna watch the world burn. it’s all you gotta say so people ignore you and just know not to listen or read things from you.

ikr he better start heading that way now seeing as it’s already being worked on and coming in Season 4 OWL and then rolling out in competitive in the following 2-3 months.


In my opinion, they read these threads

More personal attacks noted

He fights for every declared DYNAMO out there ready and willing to stunt and style on 2-2-2 weaklings! I weep every day for my lost little ones. Why do they look so weak? So wretched? Ah, because their lifeblood was drawn from them in the spirit of mediocrity and slumber. I die with you too, my little ones. When I see your spirits drop from 5 to 2, my spirit dies with you. But not my body. For I must defend the 2 little ones left. I must.

Yknow, I also disagree with megadodo but that’s no reason to not be civil, you both disagree with eachother, but your opinion isn’t fact, and neither is dodos.

I “Think” overwatch would be better with a 2/2/2 role queue, but I by no means think I am the be all end all authority on the matter of what is good for people.

Dodo “Thinks” overwatch would be better without 2/2/2 role queue, and I would hope dodo doesn’t believe they are the be all end all authority on what is good for people.

But you are acting like you are, and that’s a problem. Just be civil and remember you are just one person in the grand scheme of things.


Jeff Kaplan

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Overwatch Developer

Feb 28

if we did role queue, we would do separate SR’s. this is one of the things i think would be really fun (plus make the game way more balanced and improve matchmaking)

my opinion is fact.

  • “Be careful what you ask for” - Jeff Kaplan in regards to bring Brigitte to the game
  • Jeff says its easy to force the meta to where its disruptive for many players in the community and they don’t want to try to do that.
  • Jeff: “We think Mercy is not as dominant as she is now and is now balanced.”
  • Jeff: “We have aggressively made changes to knock [Goats] 3/3 down, and specific characters who are enabling 3/3.”
  • Jeff: “I am a huge fan of 2/2/2 comp and we believe this is the accepted way to play the game.”
  • Jeff: “I think role queue is a great idea.”
  • Jeff: “It took over two years to write the matchmaker, and if we want to pursue a role queue it will take months and months to implement a role queue, and we have people working on this now.”
  • In its current state, the average queue time would go up to as much as 13 to 26 minutes in order to get a fair match in a damage role. So it is not as easy to solve. He did mention he could flip the role queue switch right now with these problems.
  • It would be easy to balance the game if the game was restricted to 2/2/2
  • “We would like to pursue a role queue and a 2/2/2 meta but its the scope of work required in order to make sure it works for everyone.”
  • The psychological mindset of players on the PTR does not make the PTR effective to determine hero balance.
  • Stylosa: “Who’s the best region Jeff?”
    Jeff: “I will never answer that. I am taking that to my grave.”
  • The development live ops team (Bill Warnecke’s group I believe) has an “emergency patch” ready to go if a balance change makes things in the game terribly out of whack but is not often taken advantage of. (35% Ironclad Bastion comes to mind).

other people may sugar coat stuff, I don’t whether i get a suspension or not because someone reported me over a stupid comment they shouldn’t take personally to heart but hey you can’t say anything to anyone without the possibility of them being offended anyways so I’ll be me and say what I need to say no icing.

Oh :frowning: I’ll go now.

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It’s not that you aren’t sugar coating it, it’s that you come off as narcissistic.

you try explaining this for 3 years… and dealing with the same type of people coming in thinking they know what they are talking about for that long having to debate them for 3 years explaining the obvious… yeah i’m allowed to be a little bit of a annoying knob head…

I literally have been. I was asking for role queue since a few months after launch, gotta keep yourself in check yet still, otherwise no one will take you seriously.
People tend to listen to the more level headed arguments, and they are more inclined to listen if you are “fair” in your approach to the topic c:

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same and it’s hard when i’ve done this day in and day out fighting for a game that i both had financial ties to(not now luckily…) and have cared about since launch and being told I’m wrong and don’t know what I’m talking about. you get kinda salty and not nice to people and I just am a bit too honest i suppose…

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I understand the struggle, I had someone in my position telling me to stop with the roid rage and uncivility once upon a time, I was you :stuck_out_tongue:

Best we can do is acknowledge it, attempt to be better, and keep grinding for what matters to you.

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you also see no one else is responding about it now right? people don’t like honesty like I said… truth hurts when it comes to reality. you can show someone evidence and they would still deny it as fact.

Yeah people are expectedly driven away when they feel like someone can’t be reasoned with, bar the few masochists who like thrusting their head against a wall but those are rarer than the average forum poster.

And when two of those masochistic people go head to head, it never ends and they constantly deny the others perspective have any grounds in reality even when it’s just a fact :stuck_out_tongue: Some people I guess just like arguing for the sake of arguing >.<


i like me a good scrap lol. anyways man you’re right I should not be so mean idk how to get to some people it’s impossible for me some times when explaining things so I kinda have to… not sugar coat it so they listen even if it offends them a little.

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As a Reinhardt main, I APPROVE. :wink: Keep at it man :slight_smile:

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How to throw your whole argument out of the window in 1 sentence 101.

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Just force 2-2-2, but in the last 30 seconds of the match open all roles. So if they are loosing at the end and want to switch to 3 dps or something, they can. They will get 1 team fight with any hero they want they think can win fight and also wont be fast enough to get them ults which could make them match winners.

“Many forum users asked for this” Lmao, thit actually means almost nothing because the bigger part of them has came here to complain. Players that somehow enjoy the game don’t use forums, they just play the game. I don’t think that active forum users can reliably represent the entire playerbase.

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You can only assume alot of the people against it are part of the problem as they seem to find zero benefits to structure, increased balance, better matchmaking, less coin flip games and more chance of team oriented gameplay.

“It fixes nothing” is common misconception from a narrow minded/ignorant POV

Can relate

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