5 supp mains on one team

This is the 4th thread I’ve opened about this…

There seems to be ZERO attention from the dev team about this issue, unfortunately.

Still I am gonna keep posting about this, hopefully they do something about this…

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Role Queue.


There is.

They’re considering role queue. This should eliminate getting 4-5 mains of X role in the same game.

Learn how to flex and you won’t have that problem anymore.

That’s two from right here on the forums. There’s other sources from various interviews.

You also have access to LFG, should you desire.

Speaking of this, I will never forget a game on Horizon Lunar Colony I had a few seasons ago, in High Master. Our team was comprised of 2 dps, 2 tank and 2 support mains - perfect! The enemy team was 5 support mains (literal support only players) and 1 tank main. We thought its gonna be an EZ win, but oh boy… They rekt us completely, we couldn’t even cap first point. They played so well as a team that it was really to be respected.


At least they keep you healed for the Winter.

I won a match with 4 healers and 2 tanks. The zen and lucio were essentially dps. Lucio got like 27 elims. Hog and dva wernt slouching either. We were playing Nepal. It was weird ."


Just pick rein and shield, really easy, don’t need do fancy stuff with rein, just shield ur teammates and press W.

Its almost like you can win with any comp and role queue will be destructive for the game.

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The only way to save this game is have role queues and role SRs.

Its pretty trash without it because half of your games are decided by did you get anyone good at dps in your match and are they good at the counters that the enemy is running.

It’s not like they’re one tricks. Sometimes people have to play heroes slightly outside their comfort zone. Surely at least 2-3 of them know how to play one hero outside of support, right?

You dont need role queue to write 2 lines of code that prevent FIVE supports on one team…

You got a team of people that want to support each other.
How did you lose?

You’d be surprised.

I played since beta, been a support main till very recently. Barely played anything else in comparison.

How do you propose to learn how to flex? Everyone instalocks DPS in quick match, you won’t learn anything from that.

By “you,” I mean the community.

Blizzard’s vision for this game was: Swap to whatever hero you need to meet the win condition. That’s why they made in-game swaps a reality.

Players should take that opportunity and learn multiple heroes/roles-- you know, learn OVerwatch.

God, I’d kill to be around so many support mains. Not being the third player on a team to prefer dps is such a rare pleasure.

If they had double sniper they could have wrecked us. Its as much their lack of good decision making with the players using heros theyre good at.

You don’t need role queue nor 2 lines of code when people can just learn how to flex-play.