If role queue is not enforced, it will end up like LFG


Very few people will actually use it if it’s not enforced.

Log into your game and see how many competitive lobbies are in the LFG right now.

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8043892107438921074 lobbies

That’s not how it works. It won’t be optional. Lol

Supports and Tanks will. They get better comps out of it, and no increase to matchmaking time.

For 2/3 of the hero types it is all benefit. (not 2/3 of the player base, but that is WHY roleQ is requested so much)

DPS will tag along because soloQ outside of roleQ will be 6 stacks of DPS, because support and tank players will all be in roleQ



If there will be seperate SRs for comp, as it is now, and role queue, you will definitely be able to choose.

That’s what they’ve said about LFG, too…

yes, but LFG was more work.

RoleQ will just be what everyone picks, because there isn’t a downside to it (unless you are a DPS)

Considering this you can bet it will be enforced.

They can add it and still have it be optional…they can have a separate queue…I doubt they’d do it that way but they could

There actually many downsides to it…that’s a naive statement…the devs themselves bring them up every single time they even talk about role queue

Perhaps I’m missing something.

How exactly do you want to have separate SR in the same queue?

Jeff is talking about seperate SRs for roles.

Basically, if I queue as DPS, I have a DPS rank, if I queue as a tank I have a tank SR, etc.


Yes, but those downsides are around being able to switch roles mid match.

That IS important, but, I’d just be happy with a second support and a couple of tanks at this point.

Ah… oh… well… now this is awkward. lol

But my point still stands, role queue should be enforced.

Because the rank of your Damage play is not the sam as your Tank play. You’d think that would be obvious.

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By definition role queue will be enforced, otherwise it is literally just LFG.

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I see what your saying now…

Hmm…probably not then

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I was thinking of SR for comp as it is now and SR for comp with role queue, 2 separate comp modes.

Turns out I’m just stupid.

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Well, we were not going to say anything…

Just kidding, having 4 SRs can work. but I doubt blizzard would go for it, not when it makes their job easier to just give everyone an SR per role and enforce it.

They wont, balancing reasons. Thats out of the question

Wait maybe now I don’t know what you’re saying lol…

I was thinking in terms of being able to choose if you want role queue or not…but you reminded me that there will be separate SRs (the way the devs actually mean lol)…and I don’t know if you could go in to a standard queue anymore if the game rates you differently in different characters…

The only way that could work is if they still kept a generic SR in case you wanted to just queue like you used to and gave you the option to do so

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