4 games in a row with 4 dps autolock

2-2-2 is something Jeff wants so hopefully soon we can see how it does.

I think this is definitely a needed move

I use it since it was out, and it saved the game for me. Group finder not being used is a very very ruuuude lie. You all want 222, you get group finder, don’t use it. 1 extra minute is apparently too much time for you, and asking for only players of your sr to group up with is apparently too big of an effort for you, So you ask blizzard to make an impossible algorithm to do it for their lazy asses.
As someone who uses group finder and profits from i’m so damn pissed of by these dps/222 posts that i’m going to make a thread now about it…

Its in the game its called group finder.
But oh, you want it to be with random people not people you randomly find in group finder, cause that isn’t random enough…

Jeff never said that quit trolling

you’re what 1 in a million with the average amount of people Que’ing are in gold/plat area but the higher and higher elo you go the less people you can group with and at 4k you can’t group with more than 2 people now…


That’s jeff saying it would be a fun idea and in the past has said he thought it was a good idea AND even admits it would make matchmaking better. THAT’S THE DEV of the game saying that… when are people gonna hush and let 2/2/2 just happen and stop defending Bull crap.

Because people who are advocating for 2-2-2 also say creepy stuff like this, I will never be for 2-2-2. :scream:

How is that creepy? it’s truth when even the dev admits it would make match making better… how blind are people?

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Quoting to make a point but I don’t really engage with predators, I pepper spray them.

Im not trolling. I am almost certain he said this. In an interview I think.

Regardless, 2-2-2 is coming eventually whetger you want to or not so shrugs

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nope. jeff has not said that.


at best, its assumed this is something he wants but even in the interview, jeff doesnt make it clear that this is something that is going to happen.

Add role q / 222 in qp & ranked.
Thats the easiest fix for it.

They need to finish it faster than just say ‘‘were working on it’’.


lol wut? I thought you said he didn’t?

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Ahh my apologies.

Well, he wants it, so I am assuming, eventually, he will try to make it work.

please, show me the quote where he says this is something he wants. and while youre at it, please also show me where he states that it is going to happen …


Even then, not many people want to tank or heal. At best they will play Ana or Zenyatta, and mainly dps or suck really bad, or worst case you get a Mercy who uses Rez on cooldown and always died before getting it off, or gets it off, dies and the person she rezzed dies again.

Streamers make them money.

You do not.

Its litterally empty almost 24/7


The most ironic part when people four people instalock DPS? They start spamming “We need a healer!” Never gets old.

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if we did role queue, we would do separate SR’s. this is one of the things i think would be really fun (plus make the game way more balanced and improve matchmaking)

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