Anyone else feel like role queue will kill OW?

My thought behind it is that there’s at least someone for every role on a team. Hell, change it up so that there has to be one of each role on a team only. All I want is the end of teams consisted of multiple players of a single role because the matchmaker can’t sort it out at the moment.

Hmmm good point if the game builds matches on the role MMR/SR, that is a good point. My guess would be if they do allow you to do it, then the matching is forced on your highest MMR/SR role to dissuade that behavior?

EDIT: that wouldn’t work either, because you would be underplaying to your SR in a role hurting the team most likely. I guess if everyone on both sides could do it then it sort of balances out, but your probably right, players will exploit every loophole they can think of so they would likely not allow changing roles.

Since when they gona do role base sr system?

Ever since Jeff said if they do 2-2-2 role lock,it would come with role based SR. He literally said it.

I need to cheak it then myself later, got any link for that?

here u go

o.O - its based off the interview with Jeff K… he specifically said they would pretty much have to do a per role SR…

all the game needs is mirror comp lock.
i play lots of qp and what i notice is if both sides play the same comp the games are good. its only when one side hard counters via the comp that games are bad.

so what you do is have a role q with a short wait time but have it so whatever game you are put in there is a comp lock. so you might be playing in a 114, 123, 222, 33, it depends on the amount of players queuing, and it doesnt matter to you as you get to play the role you want, but the good thing is both sides will be locked to the same comp so no side can hard counter the other teams comp.
this seems like the best solution to me.

Just wanted to say that this is a pretty invalid point. If 2-2-2 lock does happen, the meta would see a huge shift that compensates for this change, and that’s only furthered by the fact that many heroes would very likely see significant balance changes as well. We might not need a second tank right now, in this meta, but that won’t matter.

2-2-2 is much healthier for the game so I don’t imagine it killing Overwatch. Players will enjoy their roles more, they’ll be more encouraged to play not-DPS roles, competitive games especially will feel a lot more consistent and based less on RNG, heroes would feel tremendously better due to easier balancing… There’s all these benefits that affect virtually every player, and the only thing we lose is “creativity.” Which, realistically, only a small handful of players substantially enjoy, and it doesn’t even come up all that often.

In one world, we have competitive games that feel like competitive games more often, we have less 0% pickrate heroes, we see a diverse range of heroes just going game from game, we have a queue system that allows players bad at one role to play in a rank appropriate for that role, we have players in each role enjoying their role more since it will consistently be complimented with the right players on their desired roles, we ensure that in the highest leagues of play there are specialists that don’t see their careers made irrelevant because of meta shifts… and in the other world, we have duplicates of one-tricks ending up on the same team, we have teammates deciding others aren’t good enough on their role and force themselves into their seat, we have teams with five support players and no one plays hitscan to handle the enemy Pharah… but at least a DPS can decide to become a third tank and call it creative.

But that means 3 sets of placement maches? separated rewards? and still plaing one role dont make you good with every hero from it, so making role sr sounds wierd with how differend heroes are from each other anyway…

That literally fixes nothing in the grand scheme of things.

oh well good explanation of why. 10/10

That is a question brought up and the answer is probably “yes”. One theory is they will simply do away with per season placements. Of course playing one role doesn’t mean you will be good at all of the characters, why would it? youi have one MMR/SR today with all the characters, this at least provides a bit more resolution per role…

I think knowing you’re stuck on a class and cant switch will be a new source of frustration.
On the plus side, people might learn to just work with what they’ve got, you get a lot of unnecessary losses from people giving up before way too early.

Because you are just perpetuating the problem with allowing every variation still, people will naturally, like children wanting to eat candy for dinner, do the wrong thing. First is the problem that it does nothing to allow Blizzard an easier time to balance for, since essentially all variations are still in play, and second players will find it chaotic and then the MMR/SR system will be even under more fire because people will complain that it was just a random setup worse than now.

Underlying this is a backdoor attempt to still allow more DPS players to just do what they want regardless of anyone else or what is good for the game overall.

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Sr system now is there not to show how good you are with certian heroes tho, its also depending on how you set yourself to work with team, as for role swaping for example. Making it more separated, and less precise at the same time dont sound on its own as something great imo…

Cant wait tho for my bronze dps widow rank tho

You can always change your playstyle with a hero to compensate for the missing parts. Plus within the role,there is plenty of ways to help in those situations if you switch. You do not necessarily have to switch roles to make things doable.

It’s more precise actually for a given role, and in fact in theory you might well be a Diamond DPS but only a bronze or silver support or tank… so now we can just all see it more clearly. What’s wrong with that?

Likewise, one could easily derive a “meta” SR by just averaging your three values together weighted by your actual amount of time in minutes spent playing the various roles. If they do that, then they more likely could allow for role swapping during a match it just occured to me…

Yeah right. That is why the matchmaking if QP and the Arcade had to take huge cuts.

They won’t, because it messes up RoleSR. Specifically they can’t.