Forced 2-2-2 Will Set This Game On Fire

Because, it is not a mode people liked, when they thought it would solve their “blame on someone else, on tricks etc” for their losses, and then got smacked with reality.

That’s one main reason, anyway.

People went to premade groups, then found they fought against premade groups and it was probably harder or more challenging to win.

This will be the same thing that will happen with forced 2-2-2. People will still lose, and have less to blame, so will get frustrated more.

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That is not at all what will happen, because forced 2/2/2 will not change how the SR or grouping mechanics work.

Im referring to peoples mentality about it. The ones that don’t like other people playing heros they do not agree with.


-Jeff: We need to fix GOATs ASAP
-Intern: I have an ideia :bulb: Make a forced role 2-2-2! Will fix this problem and a lot of the others, like main tank playing as heal or dps or vice-versa
-Jeff: Promoted!! Now you understand the Blizzard Spirit : “Fun detected! Nerf Fun!”

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Good points! I agree that if they were to introduce 2-2-2 role queue, it should be optional (at least to start and try out).

Regarding your second point though:
Blizzard has said on a few occasions that if they were to implement role queue, they would also implement role-based SR. So in that sense, you will always be playing with heroes at your SR level (which can’t be said for the current comp scene).

Let’s say you have 3.5K SR. The aforementioned Hanzo main (let’s say also 3.5K SR on Hanzo, but 2K SR Mercy) that switched to Mercy will not be playing in your 3.5K SR games as the healer. The only time you would need to worry about skill level would be if a one-trick had to pick a different hero from the same role pool.

Looks like they’re saying that, if they did implement such a system, it would be on a separate queue altogether.

In other words, you’d only play 2-2-2 if that’s the kind of thing you were interested in. It wouldn’t be forced into every queue.


You are exaggerating the que, as somneone who uses LFG the que times never go past 5 minutes dor DPS players. If a player can’t wait 5 minutes to play the most wanted role in the game then thats on them.

The whole point of role que is that people can play what they want. IF a player wants to play another role that is perfectly fine and it has nothing to do with the role que system, and to answer your last statement, NO it would not be better to have another DPS, that is literally the reason games become so sh*tty in the first place and why so many people want role que.

There are tanks and supports that can deal with Pharah. If your whole team cannot coordinate to counter a single hero, that is no the system’s problem, it’s your team’s problem.

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Jeff himself said that if role queue is enforced (i.e. tanks have their own queue, dps have their own queue, and supports have their own queue – then 2-2-2 is enforced), queue times for DPS would be really long, around 15 minutes and thereabouts.

Right now, there is NO ROLE QUEUE, since there is just a single queue for all roles.

The whole point of the role queue, one of the hot topics right now, is to enforce 2-2-2. I think you are misunderstanding the discussion about role queue right now.

I think the context is GOATS, the 3-3 composition being played in OWL right now. Your right, there are ways to deal with Pharah, and it all involves rotating away from her at far distance, waiting for her to get up close, and the whole team focusing her when that happens.

And here’s the kicker: how often do you find that sort of team cohesion in Overwatch where: a.) the whole team rotates around the same terrain features in the same way (i.e. following the same pathing), and b.) proper focus fire from the whole team? Answer from my personal experience: not in bronze, not in silver, not in gold, not in plat, not even in diamond (that’s the spread of my rank experience in all of my accounts).

No one is forcing 2-2-2. Stop being hyperbolic. Seriously, all of these “forced 2-2-2” posts are such garbage.

No one forces you to play goats, and in fact, you rarely see goats in games that most players play at.
In SRs where goats is meta, those players constantly complain about it.
Thus, these drastic changes are required.

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9 is an exaggeration, but I think if the former lead designer of WoW says DPS would have a 15-30 minute queue on good days, it’s fair to believe it’s not worth it.

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  • You’re speculating. We have no idea how they will be running the MM for 2-2-2 so you’re just guessing there will be huge load times. In addition, many of us, including myself, a tank main, would more than happily wait an extra couple of minutes for balanced games where we have 2 tanks on the front line, two good dedicated DPS mains, and two people who actually enjoy healing. I repeat, happily. :cowboy_hat_face:

  • A Hanzo main picking a support slot to play Mercy so they can “game”? No offense, but what does that even mean? Why would a DPS sniper main pick Mercy? To troll?

  • Flex players can still counter, but they will be limited to the class of heroes they chose at the beginning, so a tank can only switch to other tanks, and so on. This keeps the core comp in place and doesn’t turn a balanced team in to 5dps 1healer.

In conclusion, you’re being overly negative. We should give 2-2-2 a try for a season and see how it goes.

He is using estimates Jeff provided.

DPS mains will likely pick tank or support to circumvent the queue times. I feel a Zen that does not heal is more likely than a Mercy, but whatever.

No. Countering the enemy often requires you to switch roles. You would be unable to do that if roles are locked. Like… yeah, I guess the Winston could go Hog and pray to the elder gods they can combo Reaper, but would it not be easier to swap to a more reliable counter in the DPS or support slot? Yes. Yes it would.

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I would have hoped that in a role queue environment, picking tank, or DPS, means we are locked to those roles/classes for the entirety of the game, otherwise, what’s the actual point?

Indeed. I am just saying that you cannot refute that flex players would be unable to counter heroes. You are limited to your role. Period. No if, ands, or buts. It is an inherent flaw to role locking. That is like saying, “yeah, queue times are long, but at least you can walk your dog while you wait.” Like… k? Queue times are still a problem though.

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Pretty sure if the previous lead designer of WoW says that DPS queue times would sky rocket, then they will skyrocket. Minimum wait time of 13 minutes.

That’s a reach, assuming that the people that queue for those roles would actually be good instead of just wanting to play that role.

Have you played a game where role queue exists and DPS are on bad times? people requeue as stuff they aren’t good at and basically throw just to play, yes.

Countering frequently requires switching roles, not just heroes in your role. Too many times Ive had to switch to hitscan because our mediocre McCree or Widow couldn’t hit a Pharah that was stomping otherwise.

A lot of flex players would quit before the season was over for 1 of 2 reasons.

  1. They are stuck playing tank or support if they want to play and don’t want gm/T500 queue times in Plat.
  2. They don’t get to flex to another role to help the team, leading to more losses.

The only way role queue will work is if it is 1-1-1-3flex

Not surprising. They’d be fools to mess up standard Quickplay, a lot of people enjoy just playing that mode for the fun of it.

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This is all conjecture until proven otherwise.

People constantly complain about how failed the matchmaking system is and how tanky every meta has been in the previous years. And just now when the ow team decides to go into a direction, people go up in arms. Plus, if this fails, they can always revert. I say give it a chance.

Exactly… they’re not dumb. This is their job… they know what they’re doing, unfortunately changes take time in a company of their size. It’s the nature of the beast.

The core problem is the game isn’t balanced well enough to allow variety in compositions. Forced 2-2-2 is just describing the water that this game is drowning in.

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What I really wonder is if they will force anything in OWL. Having a mismatch of what your professional teams can run and what you can run in competitive is not good at all. :man_shrugging: