Why would YOU be happy with a forced 2-2-2

I don’t want any form of enforced team compositions in my games until Blizzard enforces some form of SR based on a per-hero basis, and the players who DO want that should use LFG.

I’ve had so many games where I have to switch from support, to tank, then to DPS because I have no idea what my team is good at until the first 1 or 2 team fights happen.

And the few times I’ve played LFG, it was the worst because there are DPS players there who are not very proficient in their roles.

TLDR: until SR is hero or class based, I think enforcing any sort of team composition is a bad idea.

I wouldn’t, 2-2-2 locking means more chance of fighting 2 sniper every game, which is the most boring comp to play against

I would be happy with better comps, but not by much. I don’t think ad comps contribute to losses at my rank as much as other, more urgent issues like people just blatantly not working together, trickling, etc.

Reason I won’t like it is because I’m a legitimate flex player, and since most people will be trying to snatch up the two flex roles for the DPS (assuming the breakdown is 2 flex/2 tank/2 support), I won’t be able to flex as effectively as I normally do - which is to say, between all three roles but mainly support and tank.

Forced roles would really hurt true flex players the most by restricting what is arguably their greatest asset - a diverse cast of heroes and roles they are comfortable playing on the fly as needed.

Eh, I only want it for comp. I’m a support main, but I want 2-2-2 because sometimes I don’t want to just heal, I’d like to DPS too, and I’d like to actually get healed when I play DPS. Plus having 2 guaranteed tanks is nice.

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I flex and play whatever is needed, but my preferred method of play is as Support. I think its fairly obvious why I’d prefer Forced 2-2-2, but in case it somehow isn’t, without forced Comps, you typically have 3-4 if not more players slam picking DPS. Typically causing a match long one sided loss, only to have the same thing happen for most following matches. And if you get a team that has a decent composition vs one without? Typically the one that has the better comp will walk all over the other. Unless of course if Matchmaker fails miserably.

Forced comps will ensure that at the very least, you have what makes up a proper comp, and players can at the very least maybe try to play together for once since the game launched. Also, forced comp will make the game far easier to balance around, since Blizz won’t have to worry about too much of X role stacking making it too difficult to get anything done. Be it healing, tanks or DPS.

Because of this…

At higher ELOs being forced to flex into a role is bad and gives your team a big disadvantage. Also forced 2-2-2 will make the game way more easier to balance since it brings down the combination of heroes that can be played at the same time.

Metas that exclude roles wouldn’t be a thing.

Everyone gets an equal chance on their role.

No more quad DPS and me solo healing all the time

Because it’s going to dumb down team compositions. And limit the freedom and creativity. It’s a very cheesy way to solve problems.
It sacrifice depth of the game in order to solve the symptoms without actually addressing the real problems.

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Jeff did NOT say he wants it in the game.

He has said several times they are convinced it’s in the best interest for the game not to and that it would also be “tricky” to setup. He also took the side some have that fear a DPS player would have long queue times and it wouldn’t be good for the “spirit of the game”. Despite realizing that if DPS players fear this it goes to show how unwilling people are at… switching in the core game.

Just to clarify in one long sentence…

Jeff has NEVER said he wants to do / is currently working on 2-2-2 or forced comps and specifically stated it goes against the “spirit of the game”.

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Did you watch Stylosa’s interview with Jeff? Because that’s where he specifically said that they like the idea of role-queue, that they think it would be good for the game, and that it would make the game easier to balance. So what you said is completely incorrect.

I know what you are saying, and yes he did say this.

He also said not even a month ago why he doesn’t personally like this idea and again I use the quote “it goes against the spirit of the game”.

Prior to this, several months back he iterated again why it wouldn’t be healthy for the game.

Jeff could have changed his mind, or perhaps he hasn’t but others on the dev team feel it is necessary and pushed his hand. Either way it is extremely confusing what the deal is with competitive play / role queue if you have been tracking his statements since Ashe has come out regarding this.

This is the part I’m refuting to be clear, because I am not “completely incorrect” given my evidence above. I wish I could provide you the exact time stamps on the interviews he has done this but I can’t post this stuff for I lack the power of linking privileges. It just doesn’t add up, or at least leaves me VERY confused as to the direction of the game and whatever this “spirit of the game” is evolving into.

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Fair enough.

I am sorry, but what the actual heck? Are you like blind or stupid or both? You need to take but one look at the forum to see a “gazillion” posts about people complaining being forced to switch so they don’t have to run these weird comps!

Stalling tactics are actually what makes 2cp most hated maps to play on by majority of OW community, so I’d be careful waving that argument “pal”. Besides, Dps can switch to tracer/mei, Supports can switch to Moira/Lucio and Tanks can switch to wrecking ball/ d.va, so stall tactics would still exist.

Also, you are talking about “elimination of certain compositions” when 99.9% of the community does not run these comps - ever. You normally only get stuck with 3-2-1 or 4-1-1 because people refuse to switch to 2-2-2!

2-2-2 will help devs balance the heroes more easily.
2-2-2 will help improve match making because SR will more accurately reflect your SR at a certain role most of the time.

No you are not sorry but you just broke the COC. Take a chill pill and smell the sulfur ok ?

No they wont. And just because you hate it, doesnt mean the rest does. Again take a chill pill.
Quad tank works for stalling, just like quad support. Learn your facts before ranting out without an actual solid base.

Congratulations on destroying your own point :rofl:
If 99% of the community does not run them and the use 2-2-2 … why the FORCED 2 2 2 is needed ? then it isnt.

The truth is, those comps are run, multiple times and switches between roles happen. A LOT.

No one said otherwise.

Its literally the only “advantage” of that system and even so, it can lead to people throwing on other roles because “they only care about their DPS SR”.

I am sorry, I just don’t do passive aggressive as well as you do and dance around the COC while still insulting the other person. I prefer a direct, more honest approach. Also, I did in no way “destroy my point”. Most people want 2-2-2 and complain when they can’t run 2-2-2 in their games (which happens often enough that forums are flooded by such posts).

Your counter arguments for not implementing 2-2-2 are:
-stall tactics (which make 2cp miserable)
-freedom to play comps majority of the community doesn’t want to see in their games

Meanwhile, you’re saying switches do happen while at the same time complaining about players. Experience tells me that people rarely switch, and especially if you ask them to.

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Well, Stylosa is over-convinced that the role-queque is the solution for fix matchmaking. He said over and over about role-queque in their many videos and it didnt surprised me that he drilled Jeff with the same question.

I dont think that the Pros want role-queque.
If LFG has the bad result because many are unsatisfied, then it’s high possible that a forced role will have the same result.

2-2-2 is better than 5 DPS + 1 tank/healer; 6 DPS; 4 DPS + 1 tank + 1 healer.
And the blame for losing goes always to the tanks/healers

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“I want to talk to people about 2-2-2 and a concept of role queue that everybody is really fascinated with and interested in. We actually really love this idea.”

“I think it’s a great idea and I can go on at lenght to why I think Overwatch can and will be better with a rolequeue that locks people to a 2-2-2 comp.”

“So, I don’t want people to panic because, like I said, I’m a huge fan of rolequeue and I’m a huge fan of the 2-2-2 meta.”

So jeff has implied he wants it, as he said he is a huge fan of the idea and thinks it would and will be better for Overwatch.

He hasn’t said it’s in development, though, you’re right, my bad. I rewatched the video.

I guess by Blizzcon we could get an update on whether they started working on it, or dropped the idea.


First game of the day I pick zarya and the remaining 5 players locked dps. I cant wait for 222