4 games in a row with 4 dps autolock

please, show me the quote where he says this is something he wants. and while youre at it, please also show me where he states that it is going to happen …


Even then, not many people want to tank or heal. At best they will play Ana or Zenyatta, and mainly dps or suck really bad, or worst case you get a Mercy who uses Rez on cooldown and always died before getting it off, or gets it off, dies and the person she rezzed dies again.

Streamers make them money.

You do not.

Its litterally empty almost 24/7


The most ironic part when people four people instalock DPS? They start spamming “We need a healer!” Never gets old.

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if we did role queue, we would do separate SR’s. this is one of the things i think would be really fun (plus make the game way more balanced and improve matchmaking)

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This is what killed PvP in Destiny 2. There needs to be matchmaking for incomplete groups to expect most people to want to play.

Autolock for DPS?! hmmm That’s a good idea so I can lock my DPS right after I login. Jeff Jeff take notes here… :thinking: :smile:

4 tanks is fine.

4 dps is trash.

Make sure to blame the players, and not the game for being unbalanced.

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Encourage switching when asked by punishment if you refuse.
Its a team based game, it was developed and intended to be played as a team.
Not switching when at the most asked nicely should be considered gameplay sabotage.

So it is your opinion that people should get banned if they don’t switch when someone asks them to?

No and Yes. Encouraging the mechanic of switching with a punishable offense.

What if I wanted you to switch and you didn’t do it? What would be your punishment for it?

Change menu > submenu so that you get this:
Play submenu:

  1. Quick Play - jump into a game!
  2. Limited Play - prepare for comp play, selecting a role & join a game.
  3. Competitive Play - work up the ranks
  4. Arcade - New Games, New Rules, Customizable games!

Limited play would let you choose either tank, support, dps, or fill. If you choose first 3 options, only those roles are highlighted and accessible to you until you re-queue. If you choose fill, you can flex but you pick last and options may be grayed out of there are too few or many of a certain role. If no one picked tank, only tanks are available to be picked. Ana and Widow already picked, then you can’t get Ashe or Ana.

I agree it can be annoying when people won’t swap, but calling it gameplay sabotage is a bit much.

That’s the game now.

Blizzard has either ignored us or shat on us so hard over the years, and focusing on OWL or other bulsh, that we’re just doing what we want now.

Or i guess i could solo tank or solo heal or get depression or something…

I had to patch a hole in the wall i made after losing a game solo tanking with gold damage

So people shouldn’t be able to play with a like and enjoy?
They should be forced to fill into another role that they are bad at and don’t like?
Yeah nothing will make me quit a game faster than not being able to play in a way that’s enjoyable to me.

Anyhow this is why we need a role Q for a system like that.

So if i picked a 5th or 6th dps well thats just fine right? I hate playing Mercy afterall

I’m assuming this is comp? If so, that sucks. In QP it’s a bit different for me though, I always go healer, and when I’m forced to go tank I will, but sometimes I pick DPS first and… I mean, I just want to DPS (: But only because it’s QP. I don’t do that in comp games.