[Resolved] Missing Golden Weapon for JQ, Sojourn& Kiriko

Resolved !!! Update on 28 Apr 2023:

This bug has finally been acknowledged by the Dev Team, and assigned Game Masters to send back the Golden weapons to our Accounts manually.

What we need to do is just to:

  1. Go to Blizzard Support Page, issue a new ticket under ‘Overwatch 2’ - Account - Not Listed here
  2. Describe the golden weapon you’ve lost, and provide your account name and tag.
  3. If you wish to describe the bug in more detail, link this post if necessary.

If you need my previous conversation in my Tickets for reference, go to reply #52, I’ve listed my whole conversation there ( That conversation lasted 3+ months before the problem was located, I believe you don’t have to write as much as I did now xD )

After 6 Months of Forums posting and 3 Months of Ticket conversation with the Game Masters, we’ve finally made it! I’ve heard that GMs are very efficient in sending golden weapons back now!

Cheers to us, players!

and by any chance, if u want to watch some of my Overwatch gameplay edits, feel free to drop a like here HAHA!

Original Post:

It has been 4+ months since we lost our Golden Weapons, Never fixed [Feb 2023]

Hi, According to the official announcement, the ‘Golden weapon went missing’ bug happened after the 25th October Halloween event and was marked as ‘resolved’ in the 6th December Known Issues Patch Note.

Overwatch 2 Known Issues, December 6, 2022

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from seeing their golden weapons for Junker Queen, Sojourn, and Kiriko after the October 25 patch.

This issue was never ‘Resolved’. It just took away golden weapons from our inventory and never returned, nor mentioned this problem in future posts of ‘Known Issues’ since December 2022 !!!

Dozens of players in the comment section are still having the same issue after it was claimed to be ‘resolved’. As for proof of owning, I have video proof that I did own this Golden Weapon under the name tag ‘vvangzi#1983’ : https://youtu.be/bnN_SiXWv3I?t=23

Please investigate further, Acknowledge this issue in the ‘Known issues’ Thread, return our purchased item, or refund our 3000 Competitive coins for each affected hero.

Until 22nd Feb 2023, there are 30+ players in the comment and 40+ additional bug reports still occur to have this bug unresolved.

Each golden weapon for a regular player means 2-5 months of grinding in Competitive seasons (depending on the player’s rank). Let alone there are multiple golden weapons affected if people owned more previously. It’s a mark of our time dedicated to this game,
I believe you certainly can understand from our perspective.

An incomprehensive list of other unresolved cases after the ‘Problem Resolved’ update (From 6th Dec 2022 — 10th Jan 2023)


Great post. Thanks for gathering multiple sources on this one.

Really hope this actually gets fixed for us who unlocked these golden weapons early season 1.


Sure thing! It’s getting way more annoying as nearly 40+ days have passed and yet not to be resolved. What’s more frustrating is it’s marked as [solved] now. Feel like we’ve become the ‘forgotten’ ones.

Previously that massively complained ‘OWL drops’ were an ‘item undelivered’ issue.
But this is something that they actually took away what we’ve already owned lol


I too am missing my Junker Queen Golden Weapon Cosmetic. Now I’m worried if i get another Golden weapon skin if it’s going to glitch out as well


I just bought the Ramattra Golden weapon, now I’m worried again D;


I’ve also been missing my sojourn golden gun since the start of the halloween event.


Im missing my sojourn golden weapon still


Lost my kiriko golden gun still


Yeah thanks for bringing this up again, I have also lost my junkerqueen golden gun. I dont know if it was the halloween patch but that sounds about the right time i realised i didnt have it anymore so you are probably right

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Yep, my golden weapon for Junker Queen which i had purchased on OW2 launch day is still missing as well… Already made 2 reports but they didn’t fix it yet, so frustrating

I have the same problem for a few days, is my Kiriko gold weapon suddenly locked and no longer available? Another blog entry I wrote is gone and I haven’t been able to figure out how to write tickets yet as I’m playing on PS4.

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Blizzard used to allow us to issue tickets and there will be assistants that help us with our bugs.
But since the launch of Overwatch 2, it seems we can no longer open a ticket, but only post our problems here in the Bug reports forums, and discuss them with ourselves. :"")

#Update on 15th Dec

Another whole week has passed since the launch of Season 2, yet no feedback, no response, nothing. But only more and more similar posts with ‘golden weapon missing’ since the Halloween event :jack_o_lantern: (updated in the main thread)

Staring at the ‘Known issues’ page and seeing that [Fixed] mark makes me speechless.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from seeing their golden weapons for Junker Queen, Sojourn, and Kiriko after the October 25 patch

I don’t understand how is it fixed when at least dozens of players are still reporting this bug, let alone these people who haven’t reported.

At least it should be mentioned in ‘Known issues’ again. Please :smiling_face_with_tear:

I know it’s been bustling for the dev team to handle the launch of OW2 with tons of bugs. I have given my best patience and faith to the team, cause I do love this game so much.
But now I feel like I’m losing some faith, after all, I don’t think I’m the one who became different :broken_heart:

I just want communication, not the current way of leaving us ranting in forums without responding to any of it. Funny thing is, they have even removed the comment section in their Official Posts. Isolating us entirely, seeking our unreachable hope :cloud_with_rain:


I don’t understand how hard is this to fix this silly mistake after 2 entire months. They say it’s fixed, I hope they mean it.
At least I am still missing those golden weapons. jeeeeeez

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After this amount of time, Blizzard has not only not fixed the problem, they even pretend that this problem does not exist. Now we have lost golden weapons, then what? Will skins purchased with real money disappear? There is no faith in such a company already (


I noticed my gold weapons for Kiriko were missing today. I didn’t have a problem before the patch that I noticed.

I’m still missing all of my golden guns as well blizzard refuses to help or fix it

All of your golden weapons? omg… That’s crazy…
Until now I’m not even sure if we are noticed by the Blizzard staff, It’s been another whole month since they announce the ‘golden weapon missing bug’ was fixed.

But it was not, lol

I had 5 of them there the thing I care about most. I post tickets everyday

Fingers crossed they will finally fix this issue with the upcoming patch (probably on thursday along side the new olympus event) or at least acknowledge this bug, it’s been already two and a half months… I am losing hope from day to day

At this point, I’m beginning to believe this will never be resolved for us and the only way we’ll be able to get the guns back will be to earn them again. Which is obviously extremely frustrating. Honestly, as much as I just want my Junker Queen golden gun back now, I’d take them just acknowledging it’s still an issue again. At least that would let us know they are actively trying to fix it and not just ignoring all the players who are still experiencing this issue.