Not enough nerfs to Brigitte

With Doomfist you can kill him while he charge his fist, while he in charge, plus there is a chance to dodge.
With Road, he only have his hook, so I just provoke him to use it, plus giant model, plus 8 sec cd on hook.
They are not that scary as Brigitte.

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People always underestimate and/or overestimate how much each balance change affects to the game.

Unless the goal is to delete Brigitte, which lot of people actually seem to want, i’d say these changes are rather significant, and pretty good, reasonable start towards toning her down.


So which is the problem? Brigitte being too scary or the two of them not being scary at all? Roadhog and Doomfist are a bit of a pseudo counter to Dive, but due to how easy it is to dodge their oncoming CC and the long CD of the hook, they’re just pushovers and free targets for Dive

Brigitte is the only character who can effectively fend for herself (and her teammate with armor) against Dive, whilst being a big enough threat that Dive Heroes would sometimes avoid her.

With Roadhog, you throw your hook and miss/ gets dodged, that’s it you’re free charge for 8 seconds and you have to run for cover. Not the type of presence I was expecting from a Hero like him


I do not want to her to be deleted, but she seems to me “a little” unfair. She is ultra impudent.


His argument is the same as what you said but comparing doomfists right click to brigittes busted shield bash that are two different things

she beats any and all tanks except orisa in a 1v1, making rein/zarya/winston completely unplayable at like a 99.9% rate, it’s an over exaggeration but try playing tanks and see how fun tanks are to play with her 4 second cd stun

and that 4 second cd stun also allows her to delete mostly everyone she stuns cause shield bash + 4 left clicks is like 220 dmg in less than 3 seconds

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There is another change coming to PTR that didn’t make the first build up there.

We’re raising the CD on her bash by 20% (5s->6s). We’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she is still in a good place, as the last thing we want to do is over nerf her.


Y E S.

it’s not the 8 seconds I hoped for ,but it’s something.


I don’t think 6 seconds is enough, 7 or 8 is what she really needs especially since any of those CDs are reduced by 1 since she has the longest stun at 1 second duration


if you must nerf anything else about brig after that try reducing her shield health from 600 to 500 and that should be enough tbh.


7 should be the good balance between :frowning:


Her base M1 damage is low, her best mobility is a 6m dash and her barrier cannot block most AoE effects. Keep making lies.


That’s such a minuscule nerf. I might not even call it a nerf at that point.


6 should be more then enough for the cooldown.


Thank you for finally addressing the CD.

That’s honestly what I feel is the first thing that needs to be looked at and changed. Then if she’s still over performing, look at other things.


She’s supposed to counter Winston, I have no problem dealing with Brigitte as Roadhog and Zarya. I don’t get how is 35 damage per swing is supposed to beat a 600Hp target with a shotgun unless you miss every shot like the ones I beat around in FFA


nerfing soldiers damage by 1 point didn’t seem like much but it brang him back in line with the other offense hero’s


It is a long stun compared to McCree but McCree is like AoE stun, doesn’t put him forward into the enemy and his right click has a potential 270 damage. I think 7 seconds would be good because he would line up with her combo.

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Her entire kit revolves around shield bash though. You can only nerf that so much before she becomes too weak and isn’t viable as off-tank or secondary healer.


“her base damage is low”

Nah, she deletes 200 hp heroes in under 3 seconds with shield bash + 4 left clicks
even 3 left clicks is enough if a dva sprays in the direction of the person you just shield bashed
her damage is not low in the situations it matters most


blessed Geoff for saving season 10