Brigette, the new "MustPick", Now 16.13% Pickrate? (gm)

yeah sorry 3000 last least, let’s split the diff and say that “just below”

right so i understand how to play genji after 10min. no i got it. i’m seriously going to make a nerf genji thread now brb. after playing against him i understand genji’s needs best. thanks, all this time i felt i wasn’t qualified to suggest genji and widow nerfs but you cleared that up for me.

Nerfs, Incoming BTW.

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I can’t wait to see what stage 4 of OWL looks like with Brigitte. “And they are shooting at the shields. They are still shooting at the shields. Nobody wants to move forward because you don’t get near Brigitte”.


But did we need a 2nd hero to take up twice as much pick space as a must pick?

Nascarr /Overwatch - “and they made another left turrrnnnn”


Update - Brig still dominating all tiers, especialyGM where she’s basically picked by both teams every game.

Geoff has already had to announce a tiny insignificant nerf to her cooldown, but how likely is that going to stop reins and other characters from dying once their guard is down entirely?

This is not going to be enough.

and ya know what…


you mean to tell me they ignored ptr feedback?
Where do I remember that causing a huge problem before?


Every time we’ve warned them?

" Mercy isnt fun, but now you cant play without her"
" Junkrat is going to get a ton of kills in lower ranks"
" Junkrat is going to immediately fall out of favor and be way more unreliable now"
" Genji is broken"
“Genji is still broken”
2 years later
“Genji is still broken”

Are you… just talking to yourself?

Give it time, this will be the same song sung a week from now.

Pretty sure diamond+ ranks have been playing Dive comps for a long time now. Months even. Seeing something new is refreshing. Her pickrate is going to be naturally high for a while.

I’m glad we did this when bastion was headshotting everyone with his initial buff, ignoring every sign that he was overpowered, a must pick and. no … wait… we figured it out really quick…

Oh. It’s the same topic. You recreated the name countless times. I think it’s time you give it up.

updating it as the situation advances. People kept getting confused by past numbers.


gotta have at least something to talk about or the thread would be moot

Not just on the PTR! She’s been out on live for a long while now and obviously overpowered.

Her pick rate is high in GM because the pickrate of flankers that she is built to counter is also very high.

I’ve only played her 4x this season at 3100 and won all 4 because people keep trying to force Tracer and they basically start every fight 5v6.


I would hardly call them nerfs.
Bash hitbox fix is QoL adjustment in my opinion (can finally choose who to bash rather than bashing someone from across the universe I didn’t see), ult wasn’t too significant before with armor as it was easily melted away (at least to my experience), this makes it a little worse, and CD on Bash is just a 1s increase.
Those aren’t nerfs, they feel like something that they should have done while she was on PTR. But, of course, they usually disregard most feedback from PTR unless it has to do with game breaking bugs (and even some of those are carried over sometimes).
A nerf would be putting her CD to 8s or 10s. A nerf would be making her ult armor decay or grant 75 or less armor. This feels like minor adjustments more than anything.

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So you only will be happy if she dissapear from all the games because Blizz let her overnerfed? I see…


For some reason I appear to be in a (vocal?) minority of people who would actually rather have “weak” heroes who would be gradually buffed to balance over time, over broken heroes who are overpowered, full of bugs or both.

If a hero is “weak”, they won’t be meta, which would prompt buffs, if a hero is broken, they could ruin the game, and it is the case for many players at the moment, no one enjoys CCWatch…