Brigette, the new "MustPick", Now 16.13% Pickrate? (gm)


Update - Brig still dominating all tiers, especialyGM where she’s basically picked by both teams every game.

Geoff has already had to announce a tiny insignificant nerf to her cooldown, but how likely is that going to stop reins and other characters from dying once their guard is down entirely?

This is not going to be enough.

and ya know what…


Thanks for “listening” to people who bothered to even test on PTR.

We can tell our input is important to you all and brings a sense of pride

and accomplishment to us when we know our time is well spent.

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Lets give it a few days for the stats to fill up but…


I hate to say we told you so…


We told you so?

Keep in mind - EVERYONE ELSE- basicly hovering at 50% give or take… so she’s a MASSIVE outlier at this point. If this continues through the week and those stats still put her 10-15% above everyone else (assuming a pickrate of 2.5 - 4%), MAYBE she’ll get toned back?

Wed- Currently it looks like Brig is the new Mercy Must Pick… 16.5% pickrate in gm today, sliding back to 8% in bronze.


funny meme dude, comps been out for 12 hours


i am going to wait a week or two before i decide


Its hasnt even been an entire day. How is less than 24 hours of data reliable at all? Give it two weeks an people will stomp on Brigitte, she an easily countered hero and you can even make her unplayable.


And shes 20+ higher than anyone in comp with the same pickrate as Zarya?
Everyone else hovering around 50.
-addendum -
Actualy, i messed that one up, missed a decimal point, they literaly arent showing her pickrate right now, yet she has more picks than moira? So, give it a week, but the overall stats arent encouraging. Most characters dont maintain that much on-fire per game uptime with the lowest pickrate…




overbuff. Their %pick is broken for her however, She’s at about 3% pick in masters, so you’re going to have to subtract everyone else from 100 till you find her current rate in each tier.


She had 70% win rate… with 0.00% pick rate.

Now that her pick rate rose to 0.01%, her win rate decreased to 66.93%.

But we still are going to use inaccurate/broken data if it fits our agenda, right?


Read 1 post above yours.


12 hours

Data like this shouldn’t be looked at until it has grown to this.


Statistics on small data sets are always skewed. You can’t make any reliable claims on just a day of data. Give it 2 weeks like other people are saying.

Not only that, your information isn’t even accurate any longer because the sample size is so small the data is changing rapidly. Her win rate now is 66.93%. It’s still high, but it’s early. Her pick rate is only 0.02% at the moment because the smallest data sample you can get is 1 week on Overbuff.

So, until you have at least a week of play, you can’t even get a clean data set from Overbuff.


Like we let Bastion go 2 months when he still had headshot damage and got his buffs? No, we saw a problem and they had to tone him back immediately.


Bet you 500SR that won’t be the case.


It’s Brigitte, not Brigette.


You do know overvubuff is a small part of the community and only records stats of those who register. Only blizzard has the actually numbers


Even with more time, you cant just watch the winrate. A sample? Torb has the best winrate among the defense heroes in every rank hahahahahaha

Is Torb op in competitive? Spoiler: no xD


i thought mercy meta was unfun. i was wrong. :expressionless:


Well, overbuffs shows a pickrate of 0.08% on her… I think that we need wait until use her numbers xD


Your dodging my response here, you physically can’t look at 12 hour data and say it’s permanent. It’s plain stupid.

Besides, people haven’t even gotten the chance to see the 12049 videos on how to counter Brigitte from ‘Your overwatch’ give it a week and comeback, then if her WR is still incredible then we can chat about balancing.


People need to stop ignoring the giant pink elephant in the room.