"The last thing we want to do is overnerf [Brig]"

Back when they gave Brig the nerf hammer in May 2018, Geoff Goodman said this:

However, this is exactly what you’ve done now. You’ve overnerfed Brigitte. Stripped her of her sturdy, melee, armour-wielding healer identity and you haven’t made any changes to make her better.

You’ve reduced her to a backline, repair-pack spamming heal bot and you’ve left her there. Orisa has recieved multiple buffs since she became a throw pick but you’ve made no changes to Brigitte.


Yup hp needs to come back. That’s all I really want. I’m sick of playing her like this. Not the brig I love.


Well, what’s your preference?

  • A. Remove her AntiDive Peel
  • B. Become an OffTank
  • C. Be damned to F tier purgatory till Overwatch 4 comes out

If she had anti-dive peel, she would be the most picked Support right now considering it’s dive meta.


And that Dive meta only started existing after Brig got nerfed…


Yes, because she was created to counter dive. That’s her job. We had dive meta for 2 years before Brigitte came around. Her constant nerfing has stripped her of her anti-dive capabilities.


Ok. Well now we’re at a point where it’s a choice between DoubleBarrier, or Dive.

And most people prefer Dive over that.


I don’t think a simple stun which does no damage can really be called anti-dive peel.
They just need to give her some buffs to shield movement and maybe cooldown and healthpool and probably she’ll be fine again
You can’t make a character designed to be a tanky support/healer an off-tank no matter how much you rework her.


Then you’re just objectively wrong?

Sure you could, might not be ideal, but the design would be simple.

She’d basically be very similar to Zarya, but with a shield and a repair pack.
Instead of two bubbles.

I don’t think you get the part where they are deliberately keeping her bad, because they want a good Tank meta, but also don’t feel like investing the time to redesign Brig again.

That’s just not true. They’ve buffed Orisa a few times now, which is risking a return to double barrier meta. So clearly they aren’t too worried about that?


Since we can’t truly make up our minds… Goats it is then.

It’s a very simple concept.

DoubleBarrier will never ever lose against SingleBarrier at "Which team runs out of barrier first" at medium/long range.
DoubleBarrier is basically invincible against SingleBarrier outside close range.
So the counter to DoubleBarrier needs to be in close range.

However Brig (and Mei) were providing AntiDive Peel, at close range. Preventing DoubleBarrier from having that weakness.

So devs just nuked the two character that were “in the way” of a good tank meta.
And the only way they are going to buff them, is if they disarm their value as “Not a Tank, but has strong anti-Dive Peel”.

So any calls for “Why not just buff them”, are probably going to get ignored completely by the devs.

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They could buff Lucio’s speed aura to get the team across the map faster and reduce/remove Rein’s move penalty with shield further (since let’s face it, when you say single barrier you mean Rein and ONLY Rein).

Though then that give the possibility of getting your brawl in too fast and getting rid of the point of doublebarrier’s advantage…

Also Lucio would be hard pick meta again and I can’t stand Lucio.

She doesn’t have enough survivability. Trying to get in and tango with the enemy is like a death sentence so she’s force to spam the 3 armor packs she has. Which causes her ult to charge slow as hell.

That is NOT correct. Dive was slowly becoming meta pre-Hog patch with Brigitte. It was being used quite a bit in league and rising in ladder.

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Assuming you can call a single-hero Dive, with two AnchorTanks, “Dive”.

Not to mention a lot of that was because of Genji being super buffed.

It was Winston+Zarya+Brig as the mainstays. And it was happening even before Genji buffs

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If that’s so, then why was Winston pickrate in GM roughly half of what it is now, or lower, in the past 6 months.

Because the Sig buff to rock and then later the Hog patch kept killing it when it was starting to rise up. Resulting in double shield making a comeback and then that weird Hog meta.

I keep saying it.
We need:
100hp and 100 armour
20 shield bash damage

It helps her to duel more effectively without a kill combo. And buffs her Vs dive characters without straight up nullifying them. It also makes her slightly sturdier but 250hp meets to many breakpoints. At 250hp she was strong against burst too.

Perhaps if this isn’t enough buff the self heal by 1-3hps. But I think it would be enough. 100 armour being healed at 15hps is very tanky for a support and she has the barrier