[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018


“I think mercy has issues”
“Well you can post them here”
4 months later
“actually she’s pretty balanced we didn’t learn anything from your feedback bye”


Well Mr. Kaplan. At least you had the decency to put it hwere youre supposed to put things about Mercy. Unlike the last time you decided to chime in about this.

Still dosen’t change the fact that right now with all of Mercy’s passive power this hero is the only hero who currently has a build that goes entirely against your design principles for this game as stated in very early stages, about skill caps and all that.


I find it funny… that i left League of legends for overwatch now i might just leave overwatch for league of legends because at least riot TAKES players feedback and takes it into consideration :thinking:


No he didn’t, he posted it in a Brigitte thread and it got moved here. Also, funny how they say they don’t want to over nerf brigitte yet gutted Mercy 8 times. Hahaha, funny joke.


Are you for real? He literally put it in a Brigitte thread before putting it here?

Jeez it’s almost like they always knew this thread was just a dumpster for freeedback.


i would like to take a quote from Geoff Goodman about Brigitte “the last thing we want to do is over neft her” but some people all think they did over nerfed mercy? my friend literally who is a gm mercy main complained that the 30 sec cooldown after a failed/unsuccessful rez wasn’t right and doesn’t make sense but after a failed hack from sombra it is on low cool down? what is this logic and what is “balancing” might as well make sombra’s failed hacks 30 seconds :heart: than it would be “Balanced” and less PROBLEMATIC -


No. Mercy was definitely not overnerfed. She’s in a really good spot, but I still miss that she isn’t as fun as she used to be (for me at least).


I’m pretty sure Ryze in League of Legends went through like 3 reworks in the span of a year because players didn’t like the state that he was in. They always freshen up their characters with reworks that hold true to their identity giving them reworked ultimates (if need be) that will strengthen their kit and round everything out. I like how patches come out all the time and they monitor how the game is being played. PTR is a place that they put stuff out for players to test out new content. Give feedback and pull it back and adjust it if they need to. I think Blizzard needs to take a lesson when it comes to how Riot interacts with their playerbase.

They have a website that they run that will tell everyone the upcoming patchnotes for the PTR upcoming skins etc. etc. It’s wonderful how well they communicate with their playerbase. Of course they have their own set of problems some of which comes to heroes being “viable” but it doesn’t mean that they are completely useless or anything. Heroes still get played even if they aren’t considered Meta. What Riot does is give them a little nudge in power to put them in a better spot. That’s what Overwatch needs to do. Give heroes a nudge in power to put them in a better spot. If the kit isn’t working in the game you revamp. Not trash an ultimate that was fine and perfectly healthy for the game. Just a personal opinion.


Even though I give Riot crap a lot, at least they don’t butcher their characters completely. I can find at least something that’s fun about them or true to their core, unlike Mercy now. When they reworked Ahri, they kept to her succubus character. When they reworked Swain, though I wasn’t a fan, they still kept his birds and ultimate. It wasn’t perfect, but there was at least something. I cannot say the same for Blizzard.


I feel like even other facets of Blizzard listen better.

Edit: And them listening doesn’t mean they have to agree (although convincing them has always been the goal). Listening means you can repeat back what someone said because you actually know what was said.


You’re serious that it wasn’t posted in a Mercy thread??? And they moved it here? That is hilarious and pathetic at the same time.


Honestly i do agree with you both on a lot of what you have said and couldn’t say it better then you’ve guys have i also do agree as much as i drag riot at times they do know how to stay connected with there community. and knows how to listen to them to a extent and just doesn’t listen to pro’s…


Pretty much there treating mercy like the step child as they keep Brigitte in the sun light. only reason why she’s still a thing is her community is way stronger and doesn’t go down so we’ll see what happens. sooner or later :heart: in the end “our servant’s never die” :wink:


So after three (insert explicit term here) pages of people saying how mercy needs to be changed, blizzard are still to (insert explicit term here) lazy to even notice it.

That’s it, I’ve lost all hope for my main, from now on I will be battle mercy, healing my enemies by firing at them, oh and receiving toxicity in the process.


I appreciate your posts Titanium! :heart:


I’m well past this point but a belated thanks, haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to return to this topic to say:

Just because she can help widow with a second free chance / get a kill slightly faster, or help Junkrat destroy barriers, doesn’t mean she’s a good healer.

Honestly, she’s meant to be a high throughput healer, but other healers do it better. Moira, specifically, just blows Mercy off her feet fulfilling an extremely similar role – just harder and better. Even solo healing, I feel that Moira is just more challenging but more effective. With the changes Ana’s going to be getting, she’s likely going to become better at healing and enabling so long as your mechanical skill can back you up. All I can see that she’s good for is if you have a comp that can use that damage boost get fast / early kills, and the healing is almost a side effect of it, similar to Zenyatta. Even then, Zenyatta’s ult can save a team - Mercy’s can hardly enable. In fact, the only time I can even justify picking Mercy with the intent to heal alot instead of damage boost alot is when you already have a Moira. You can help Moira conserve her Biotic Energy and simultaneously enable her to be more aggressive.

TL:DR; The pros use her, sure. That’s because certain heroes can really abuse that damage boost, and certain heroes can really use that resurrect for a second chance. But that doesn’t mean she’s in a good place. That said, some of the other hero changes are really nice, so I’m glad Mercy isn’t the sole focus of the balancing team, and it’s better that she be like this than game breaking.


lowl XD

1st post
“hey i have this awesome POTG,mercy’s not boring,what are you talking about!”
2nd post
" it was always boring"

You were kinda implying she was always making big time plays all the time
if that cant be captured in a POTG…that’s kinda weak


I will as well.

Do I still have fun playing Mercy yes in very select ways and I make fun and enjoyment in every little thing I can because Mercy’s Ultimate and Resurrect as it currently is and has been throughout the rework have next to no enjoyment, and very little in achievement.

Small things like the sound of GA poping off cooldown, the sound of Angelic Decent, the sound of healing and DMB I enjoy and when I’m not in Valkyrie or doing Rez I can forget for a time about those abilities and just enjoy the basics of Mercy as that is all thats left.

Playing other healers does not solve the issue. I feel that many who state this have no care for characters and just use them as bags of abilities ergo people just playing a hero because they are useful and don’t care at all about their character.


I’ve officially given up personally as a mercy main, there’s just no point on posting in this thread anymore is Blizzard is only gonna focus on charts for potential nerfs. besides, I’ve had more fun out of playing Moira more than mercy