Buff Shield Bash + Add Brigitte Skill

I dont want the team to over nerf Brigitte. I dont want her to get the Doomfist treatment. I just got gold for Brigitte, finally completing my “gold for all healers” quest.

So…since people have such an issue with Shield Bash why don’t we just buff it and not nerf it?

Shield Bash

  • Cooldown decreased from 6 to 4 seconds
  • Shield Bash no longer stuns, but instead creates a knockback around 7-10 meters

Then we can add a unique skill shot to Brigitte by changing how Whip Shot works

Whip Shot

  • Cooldown increased from 4 to 6 seconds
  • Damage increased from 70 to 80
  • Range decreased from 20 to 16 12 meters
  • edit: Casting animation increased by 50%
  • Whip Shot no longer creates a knockback, instead stuns the target for 1 second

Brigitte would become even more unique because now we have a really good ranged stun with damage AND it will take skill and aim to actually land it.

And also…because I really feel like Repair Pack is SUPER long…(I know its really strong) but…

Repair Pack

  • Cooldown decreased from 6 to 5 seconds

Note: If that is too strong, maybe make the heal of 150 at 88 110 heals per second so it’s not instant heal anymore?

Im trying to make Brigitte more fun to play against and give her some more skill at the same time.



I’d actually much prefer it this way. Then I could block the stun with my shield.


no please. The stun is literally the only reason Brig is viable. She already has less reliable heals than Moira, Mercy, or Ana, and a knockback wouldn’t stop an ulting Genji or Tracer from decimating your back line.


Adding skill to her is what (a lot of) people who main her don’t want tho.

And OP didn’t say remove Stun entirely, OP said move the Stun to the Whipshot.


Exactly! When playing Rein, I would much rather deal with a knockback through my shield instead of a 1 second stun. This would also add some skill to Rein to make sure the Rein player knows when to block Whip Shot.

More fun for both Brigitte and Rein


So change whip shot to hook but way less forgiving and make it impossible to keep anyone in range


Yes. It makes sense considering she constantly yells, “You better keep your distance!”

I proposed similar changes to whip shot and shield bash literally a month ago

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She doesn’t have the damage to justify that also you just made sure she will never secures kill and an unforseen problem is she becomes a free kill

I think shields should block the stun from shield bash in general, still do the damage but no stun


Of course you did. Great minds think alike. :wink:

But in all honesty, it makes sense. It fixes the main issues everyone has with Brigitte and adds a really nice skill shot to her as well. Imagine, a ranged stun to deal with that Pharah ult or a McCree ult?

Well…to be fair, she is a support so her damage shouldn’t be super good. Thats why you have a team to make up for her lack of damage. Also you realize that Lucio’s knockback is every 4 seconds too right?


She’s a support tank hybrid she has tanking aspects and support aspects like Zen is a dps support hybrid

Actually, shields need to block more than they do right now like melee attacks and in that same vein, shields should block basic attacks from Rocket Flail in general.

You have a massive shield that can block Bastion’s turret but it can’t block a tiny flail or someone punching through it? That doesn’t even make sense.

Exactly. And a support with a 600HP shield is a pretty big deal even if she didn’t have any other abilities. A support can block a DVa bomb or Earthshatter. That’s huge.

Yes please.

There was a similar post named ‘Reverse Brigitte’ that was asking for pretty much same thing.

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it does you whip to stun flail and then shield bash, the fact is: you would need to know when to open up to stun someon while not being destroyed or cc’d yourself which would made sense and add counterplay for people that learn to read animations to react, which is gamesense and skill also you wouldn’t be able to chain shield bash a rein for free which is so freaking… dumb… tried to find a different word, but that’s just what it is. the way brigitte plays right now is unfortunately plain dumb.
Also her ultimate needs a decay time, there is no use in learning the game sense to disengage if it just sticks until it’s broken.
the whole “we’re gonna make ultimates less influential to the game outcome” also dissappeared with her, if you don’t chain 2-3 ultimates nothing dies.

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I’m assuming the reason for the shield penetration (unintentional Lenny face) was for the the Winston and Dva combo. I think the flail hitting through shield is fine, just for the purpose of hitting Winston, but the stun becomes too strong against Rein

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I wouldn’t argue with this either. I think they could even keep the armor at 150 instead of 100 if they did this. Maybe after rally ends, the armor stay for 45 seconds and then decays over the next 15 seconds until it’s gone.

well thats not how you balance a game kiddo

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i find it funny that the only people that ever come up with changes for heroes are people that either dont play that hero or dont know how to avoid/counter that hero.

brigs is allready geting a nerf on her skills. she does not need anymore. she is built the way she is TO COUNTER tracers and ganjis yeah she can melt a rain if hes stupid enough to get close to her. same with any hero that is stupid enough to get close to brig. a smart player knows how to avoid her bash and flail its not that hard. and anyone with even more brains knows that she can be melted by nearly all DPS heroes as soon as you break her shield.

you can also flank her. drop bombs on her as junkrat. plow though her shield as orisa or even bastion blow her head off as widow ect ect.

stop trying to do the dev teams job and let them ajust her as THEY see fit.

all you would be doing with this idea is breaking her kit. and makeing her harder to play as it would not add skill to her it would add a free kill to her. her current kit pervents her from being an easy pick. that is how its ment to be. swaping the shield bash and the flail would just make her an easy pick and make her useless. which she is not ment to be.

shes supost to be a hybred tank/healer. and shes fine just the way she is now.

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the 100 armor is only defined by tracer’s pulse bomb damage they reduced the pulse bomb damage so she could counter a pulse bomb grav combo, I can be fine with it even though is pretty jerky on his own.
The issue is: there is no decay so even if you hit q at the worst times, well unless you’re really alone you can’t mess up ultimate, you can basically group up and hit it on cooldown, it doesn’t even matter. it’s flat out hilarious, when to hit q is most likely irrelevant, goldifsh.

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