Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

The sombra problem can be summed up in one sentence:

Why get entangled with a character who has to deploy so much effort to kill any target while other characters kill their targets much more easily.

The whole problem is there.

When you play Sombra too many elements of its gameplay are there to prevent you from being really effective so it discourages you quickly enough.

The duration of the stealth is too short.
The weapon’s Dps is crappy.
The mechanics that forbid us to start hacking or shooting under stealth (automatic stealth release) breaks the rhythm of Sombra’s game.

I know that Blizzard does not want to make us murderers, but that’s exactly what the character is missing.

A real ability to kill … in an FPS it seems not unrealistic as demand.


Come on Blizz, you said you’re keeping a close eye on her!

You know it’s bad when Ana gets buffed before Sombra :frowning:

I called it. I knew this would happen, but people kept squawking saying “S-she has counterplay now…!!!”

Yea, and shooting at her was already counterplay before the nerf. She still has the fast hack which people complained about in the first place. She needs her cooldown reverted and her hackspeed toned down back to a previous patch, then she’ll be in a good place.


Not really a surprise, she’s sucked from day one, and they’ve never really made any significant move to buff her, it’s always been tiny increments that never did anything.

Then the one time they try something big, they end up nerfing her to a worse position than she started. I mean, she’s actually worse than launch now.


If that’s the case it would be very disappointing considering I find both Tracer and plays boring, as well as Genji.

From the Brigitte nerf thread. Sounds familiar? :thinking:
Oh yeah, that’s exactly what they said about Sombra…

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When they did the rework for Sombra I personally made posts explaining how they buffed her too much and I wished they would have not done it because she is going to get nerfed into the ground, everyone responded like I was crazy for complaining about my favorite character being buffed.

I think most Sombra players would of been happy with just reduced spread on her gun and the change to how she got her ult. Now you have to deal with the most ridiculous cooldown on her main ability all because they went overboard with her changes.


What the heck happened, i thought she’s supposed to be a Brigitte counter?

Update on monthly pick/winrates on PC:

Pickrate = 0.77% (26th of 27)
Winrate = 37.26% (27th of 27, nearly 5% behind 26th!)

Pickrate = 0.61% (26th of 27)
Winrate = 41.34% (27th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.65% (26th of 27)
Winrate = 43.79% (27th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.74% (23rd of 27)
Winrate = 47.71% (26th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.90% (22nd of 27)
Winrate = 51.59% (22nd of 27)

Pickrate = 0.91% (21st of 27)
Winrate = 52.34% (14th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.98% (20th of 27)
Winrate = 54.59% (18th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.73% (24th of 27)
Winrate = 46.54% (27th of 27)

OWL Stage 3
Playtime = 12:17:04 (11th of 26)
Single Team Winrate = 43.91% (17th of 26)

Yeah she’s kinda bad across the board

Below Symmetra in grandmasters this week. Current pickrate 0.64%.
Brig comps arent in favor of Sombra. But better panic nerf her.

Suck ? I disagree.

Sure her damage is a little bit worser than others, but she can hack enemy which stops them from casting abilities, hack healthpacks to help her own team,
(and this also prevents enemy from using it) and destroy enemy barriers with her EMP

They lifted Sombra out of the trash can, but once they heard a single person complain that she might be too powerful, they dropped the lid back on her head before she could climb out.

She basically brings others down to her level. And is easily prevented from doing even that.

" Where is the fun playing fair ? "

Yeah it can be prevented, but hacking only helps, she still has her gun.

Hacking healthpacks makes them more powerful for your team, also you can go behind enemy lines and hack healthpacks on their side.

When you’re off doing that; your team is fighting 5v6. The enemy usually have healers, as does your team.


In quckplay ? :rofl:

Seriously though you have to pick a right moment to go behind enemy lines, and you have Translocator for a reason

And you know what? People who is responsible for this nerf are spamming “BRIG OP”. Why? Because suddenly something have started to counter their favourite Genji and Tracer.

No, brigitte is OP ‘period’

She does too much for the amount of skill she takes, that’s an undeniable fact. Let’s not compare the uncomparable.

Yeah, to leave combat and leave your team 5v6.

Had this conversation too many times, bored of being told how her weaknesses are in fact her strengths.

She’s slow, inefficient, too much away from her team and has had her impact when she does show up eroded away with harder hacks and fewer EMPs.


0.56% now and yet no word from Blizzard. Lol.

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