New Experimental Card – June 23

Hello everyone!

Today’s experimental card features a few balance changes we’d like to try out (and if successful, add to the live game). Check out the Experimental Mode patch notes here.

We’ve been hearing feedback about Brigitte that she feels too powerful overall. We’d like to try some changes intended to bring Brigitte’s balance more in-line with other supports. This test will be focused on a key change to her Repair Pack that no longer grants additional armor when healing full health targets. Additionally, we’re testing some updates to her Barrier Shield that enable it to block more damage upfront but with more downtime if it gets destroyed.

We’ll also be testing some changes to a few other heroes during this phase of the experimental card being live:

  • We want D.Va’s gameplay to feel fluid and agile. We’re testing a few changes to her abilities that should allow for quicker reactions when using her guns and Defense Matrix.
  • We recently made some updates to Ashe’s gun (The Viper) to increase the power-level of her Primary and Secondary fire. We like how The Viper is currently playing, but Ashe is a bit too powerful overall. We’re testing a change to increase the cooldown on her Dynamite to decrease her area-of-effect damage while keeping her single-target damage intact.
  • In the Anniversary patch, we made some updates to Junkrat that unintentionally nerfed his ability to double jump with Concussion Mine. We’re trying out two quality-of-life changes here that should fix the double jump tech as well as how soon you can regain character control after using RIP-Tire.

We’ll be testing all of these changes in the Experimental Mode starting today. As always, we’re looking for your thoughts and feedback. Thank you!


Nerf the genji bladeeeee!!!

Every single feedback about genji buffs on the experimental card time, says that you cant put those buff on genji with no blade nerfs and again you guys dont listen.


Wondering when we’ll get BarrierTank changes.


So why is Brig being brought “in line” with other supports, yet when Ana dominates almost all ranks that’s seen as totally fine?


please new map or some fresh content instead of basketball spawner


who cares? where is genji nerf?


Neat. Thanks for taking a look at Ashe, and for giving D.Va some unexpected love!


Brigitte is fine, the Experimental changes are gonna kill her. If it goes through, ya’ll officially hate Brigitte.


You misheard your feedback.

Dmg potentials are too high.

Not Brig (she was fine)


Then you know that this is in the right direction, now buff her armor, because these don’t address her real issues. :heart:


Those brig changes make me feel ill well done for destroying her one niche that made her unique among the support role


Ashe dynamite change is needed. I’m glad they’re looking at dva. I don’t play her, but every hero should be good.

This makes brig pointless though. Congrats, you’ve gutted her yet again. 50hp is literally nothing in this game, and compensatory nerfs to the rest of her shield kit. Utterly embarrassing.


Dva still F tier. She needs her freaking armor back. Those changes dont change anything. with that “buffs” she stays alive maybe 1 second longer, that means she is 3 seconds alive, nice ! huge! out of touch “balances” as usual.


It’s like Orissa getting an extra 50 armour on her health will make all the difference against all those nerfs


You prob would need to retrack or reconsider Brig armor pack changes.

That’s a bullet to the kneecaps.

Maybe make repair pack do more heals and HOT? Or whipshot creating an AOE burst healing of 40 on successful hits? Some general buffs at least if this changes will go live?


Really you should try nerfing the survivability of heroes like Genji, Widowmaker, Hanzo and Ana.

Aka Glass Cannons need to be Glass


Sorry, I just read this over again.

You…you do realize you just buffed Genji massively. You can’t…also remove armor like this outside of Brigitte’s rally, unless you’re intending to revert Genji’s primary and alternate fire immensely. Drastically buffing a hero and then nerfing one of their strongest counters is just so plainly problematic.


I truly don’t see the point of having a Brigitte on your team anymore. These nerfs to her are just unnecessary but she did need the shield buff badly. If these changes go live for Brigitte I fully expect her to be buffed shortly after because of the low pick rate she will have.


And yet again we’re ignoring the fact that Ana has been the top support pick in almost every single rank for ages now


She’s gonna be the worst support in the roster after these changes.

The primary reason to bring Brigitte is to give a pre-pack to divers, such as Tracer. You haven’t just nerfed this but removed it entirely. Brigitte’s repair packs, as a heal, don’t function that well which is why they are being used for such a niche purpose. They are a much more limited resource than other primary sources of healing.

The secondary reason to bring her is that she has a shield that is too small to consistently use but is good for blocking important damage. Hard nerfing the regen completely hinders this usage of her shield because it’s now both easy to burst down and regenerates very slowly.