New Experimental Card – June 23

Brig is fine.

If you want to nerf her armor, nerf it, don’t remove it!

D.Va and Junkrat buffs? Yes. Fluidity is good.
Ashe nerf? Seems good.
However, Brig nerf? No, not just nerf but dumpster? Please no. I know you hate Brig in particular but please.


DVA desperately needs buffs… please put these changes in


Love the Junkrat’s small changes


Oh man… Just release OW2 asap so we can have some well deserved PVE fun with the heroes we like. I’m sure some talent will allow Brig to be powerful (provide armor when healing), as we like her.

Removing armor from repair pack… Better delete the ability completely…


We need to lower the survival of the glass cannons that aren’t really glass

This will increase mobile tanks

This basically balancing the tanks


I don’t think the heavy handed approach to nerfing Brig is necessary. If you want to balance her for top tier play, just take away the armor from that repair pack for full hp heros.

The shield nerf is absolutely going to make her unplayable in the any rank. Makes her squishy and totally defeats the philosophy behind Brig being the protector and peels in the backlines.

She already has very little mobility compared to plenty of other heros. But to nerf her to this extend, with the rework to her shield? May as well just delete her off the game. She is played to bring some sort of agency to the support players, to sort of make her counter play against one shot characters like genji and df. Making her downtime increase and such? She is not viable at any given rank at all.

If you guys want to nerf brig to this extend, may as well just delete the character. Don’t even bother with her.


Hi Molly.

Could your team maybe experiment with shortening the wait times for OPEN COMP? All my queues take between 11 to 15 minutes to get an unfair match.

It’s a mode that should literally have the least search/rigging requirements. Just find 12 fresh people and slap them into a match. I don’t care if these matches are unfair.

Give us basic game access before you bask in balance experiements.

Im dps main and i dont like watch genji destroying the backline each teamfight with the blade.

I dont care if is my allied or enemy.


Poor Brig.

but in a serious note, im okay with all the changes except the ones for brig

i get it that she is meta right now and stuff, But “bringing her more in line with other supports” seems kind of ironic to me considering that ana is absolutely busted still and has been dominating since january,

brig just rose up a month ago, for me a hero that rises up and down depending on the meta is a balanced hero.


If this works out, they could apply this on a larger scale with all barrier tanks and make it so shields have an inherent weakness if they are being used incorrectly. Pog.

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Genji change is too recent. A nerf to a blade will happn if he is still that strong in like 2 weeks.

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50hp more on shield for blocking more damage? Are you kidding me? It’s still paper


If Brigitte is too powerful (and that’s a big if, because I hadn’t realized there were people who believed her to be), then I understand wanting to rebalance her.

I don’t understand taking away her armor. It’s another fundamental change to her identity. Why take that away from her?


I hope that they dont needs 6 months to fix this problem like all other problems that they created

They are likely still collecting data on how he performes, 1 week is too early to tell how he is doing.

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Because Ana doesnt give armor through enemy barriers to squishies without Ana using her ultimate.


I think the meta should move towards Dive.

Since close range being the meta is the only way DoubleBarrier goes away without some weird gimmick.

And Dive is more fun than returning to “almost GOATs”.


You definitely aren’t a Brig player.
This change is awesome. A nerf because of the armor pack, but playing as Brig with +50 HP shield is all many of us wanted

Hearing feedback from where, exactly? Flanker one-tricks who refuse to switch when they’re being countered?

No, seriously. It’s a running joke that genji players want Brig and Moira nerfed into the ground on the general principle of thinking that flankers should counter the ENTIRE support category. Why would you give into that???

Removing overarmor pretty much destroys Brig’s ability to do what she was originally designed to do: provide a counter to flankers and peel for teammates getting dove.

The nerfs to Brig’s shield far outweigh the hp buff. I would be more understanding if it was increased to 300 or 400, but at a mere 250 shield hp Brig will spend more time than ever with no shield - because the lower regeneration can’t keep up.


This comment just reeks of irony, I’m sorry, Molly.
Ana has notoriously been leading the Support role for how long now? So she gets -5 HP healed per shot.
Brig’s armor annoys a few players and what happens to her?

Hoo baby. Wow.