If you have a leaver in comp do you suffer the same decreaase in SR?

I am curious, if I am on a team that has a leaver will I same the same decrease in SR if we loose vs if they had not left the game at all.

Reasons are obvious I think.

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Had a game last night where we rolled the other team the first round, guy left at the end of that round, and we held the other team into OT 5v6, lost. I didn’t lose the usual 20-25 SR, but it was between 15-18. Still feels bad when you get punished for no reason.


Yes. They changed it with role q.

Its good for team with leaver. It suck for team who doesnt have leaver but enemy has.

Blizzard says that leavers don’t affect SR gain/loss. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 18) → Leaver Penalty and references. However, there has been a lot of forum chatter that this may have been silently changed with the role queue patch.

I haven’t had a leaver this season, so I have no data.

It was changed based on my experience.

Do you write down your SR after each game, and mark which games have leavers? If yes, could you share that?

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It was not changed, your experience is coincidental.

Direct quote from season 18 dev notes:

“If a player leaves after the game is 30 seconds old, Players on the leaver’s team gets no consideration due to the leaver. That is, they (and the other team) gain and lose SR/MMR as normal. This is to prevent situations where it is the team’s interest for one person to leave and save everyone else from losing SR/MMR (and the winners from gaining SR/MMR)”

Yes I do, i will try to make a list for you later.

Its just few games really and as we know this new role q system is chaotic still as people are not placed corretly but i definitley noticed change in this. But I am willing to admit I was wrong when I will have more data on this.

1 leaver - enemy team - 3:1 Victory : placement game
2 leaver - my team - 0:2 Defeat : placement game
3 leaver - my team - 1:3 Defeat : -7 SR
4 leaver - enemy team - 1:0 Victory : +16 SR
5 leaver - enemy team - 3:2 Victory : +13 SR
6 leaver - enemy team - 3:0 Victory : +16 SR
7 leaver - enemy team - 3:0 Victory : +16 SR

usualy I am gaining more for wins so its very suspicios. And I am not even at my elo. I am actualy lower on this alt account.

Anyway, PBSR seems busted too for some games. I had few weird results.

1 game sample size for loss w leaver and you are below your ELO, which explains the small loss.

Does not confirm your suggestion

Thanks. But could you give me the games without leavers as well? I need that as a control to make sure that nothing else is going on.

Its not one game , cant you read? I posted 5 games. I dont count 2 in placement.

And before role q I was losing like 16 or something on alt account which was in lower elos than my main, 7 is half of it. Didnt see this before.

usualy gaining between 21-30 SR in games without leavers.

Please re-read what i said. One game sample size of a loss with a leaver is not a big enough sample size.

You also have no context for what you gained/lost without a leaver to show that there was an inconsistency

You then admitted you were not at the correct ELO, which would explain why these numbers are not your average.

So yes, I read, did you?

It goes both ways… when enemy team has leaver I am gaining less than in normal games. 16, 13, 16, 16. Normaly I am gaining more.

Dont you get it? I am gaining low amount of SR in games with leavers as I would have lower MMR. Its not the case. Its opposite as I am playing below my elo.

I think you need to compare your wins/losses SR with and without leavers to do that, especially if you are not at the correct ELO. What you “normally” gain or lose is irrelevant.

I actualy forgot to post one more game with leaver where I gained 20.

So here you have my games where I won

With leavers on enemy team:

Without leavers on enemy team:

Not in one game without leavers I was gaining so low ammount as in games where enemy team had leavers.

These are all season 18?

Yes, they are all from season 18.

I will definitely collect more data with more games but I definitely see the patern.

I checked one of my games with enemy leaver where I gained only 16. I was playing DPS, McCree, 53% accuracy, 27 elims(gold), 20 final blows, dmg gold, 2 deaths, 63% kill participation and I basicly carried first round with 3 payload points. This is not the game where I should gain only 16 SR normaly, no way. Leaver left after we pushed payload to the end btw. And game was 10 minutes long.

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