Season 18 - All roles climbing journey (low gold start)

Hello as I stated before I am going to collect data and share my climbing journey on new account in Season 18. I will do all roles. I did similar things in old comp system before, but I would like to do it again with clean start on new account created just for new role lock comp system. I have high expectations from new role lock system actualy so I hope it will be better experience than older seasons. I am not exactly sure how placement in season 18 will work but I was gold on all roles in beta season. So I guess I will probably place in gold again and my goal is to get to plat on all 3 roles.
I will most likely start placing all 3 roles in one run and then try to play role by role until I am platinum with all 3. Next stop will be diamond, but my actual goal is platinum.

As I said I will be collecting data from games in here. So far I have these things to share:

UPDATED: 6.10.2019

SUPPORT ROLE: 2515 (season high 2515) - starting point was 2004
TANK ROLE: 2729 (season high 2729) - starting point was 2297
DPS ROLE: 2506 (season high 2506) - starting point was 2245

SUPPORT - 5+65
TANK - 5+35
DPS - 5+43


Leavers on my team: 4
Leavers on enemy team: 7

Thats probaly it for now. I am starting in the morning (its 22:05 for me now) so if you want to see more informations let me know in this topic before I start :slight_smile:

I will try to record/stream my whole journey and will update this topic as I will start. Then I will do updates every few days probably.


(i dont do this for money or subcribers, I dont care about that honestly)

You will be able to find list of videos for every role there in future.

Oh, I almost forgot two things. I will probably flex and try to specialize more higher.

And I have few rules I would like to not break:

  1. Be nice to others
  2. Every time join team voice chat
  3. Never be toxic or blame others (only exception is if i will be defending myself from toxic individuals)
  4. Playing solo (this might change in future)
  5. I will not be forcing others to switch, but I will suggest hero swap if I think its good choice for team.
  6. I will never tilt (I mean I will try, i am only human :slight_smile: )

Wish me luck and have fun in your placement guys :slight_smile:


By the way, I suspect that if you climb to diamond in one role, before starting the other roles, your initial MMR for the other roles will start higher.


These are usually pretty cool but always seem to end up with the person calling someone under performing a thrower among other things that skew stats. Hope this is better.

Pro players are getting silvers in their games.



So after initial fail with season 18 and waiting 3 days I was finally able to play Season 18 this morning. Because I woke up early I switched to US to play there and I played all support +tank games there. I did dps in EU.

Support Placement 1 (US)
Playing as Briggita, map Dorado. Team talking in voice chat, enemy Genji was pretty toxic in chat. We pushed payload to the end and enemy team didnt push even to first point. Victory 3:0.

Support Placement 2 (US)
Playing Ana, map King´s Row. Enemy team rolled us in attack and pushed payload to the end with 3+ minutes. We barely made it to to the end but didnt cap last point. Defeat 2:3.

Support Placement 3 (US)
Playing Ana, map Horizon Lunar Colony. We did fail in attack, one guy kind of tilted or just lost hope. He had gold dmg on tank with 1500. We had pretty good defense too and almost had draw, but enemy team capped the point in the last fight. Defeat 0:1.

Support Placement 4 (US)
Playing Ana, map Junkertown. Enemy moira constantly flanking us, I failed in 1v1 against her several times, people not in vocie chat in attack. We were stopped before we could capture second point. We lost in defense phase pretty fast. Defeat 1:2.

Support Placement 5 (US)
Playing Ana, map Havana. Enemy team had leaver shortly after after we pushed first point. Their mei went afk mode, we pushed payload to the end pretty easy. Our team was spawn camping them in our defense. Wasnt good idea because enemy team pushed almost to second point even with 5v6. Their leaver actualy came back but they had only 1 last fight 6v6. Victory, 3:1.

Placed at 2004 SR.

Video with recorded support games:

Tank Placement 1 (US)
Playing Winston, map Horizon Lunar Colony. We eventualy lost both points but in overtime. We capped much faster than enemy team. We won in second round. Team was talking and friendly, our moira was using voice changer so we had fun. Victory 3:2.

Tank Placement 2 (US)
Played Sigma, map Rialto. Someone was complainign about me not shielding enough. I honestly dont know, maybe it was truth, but I had 4 gold medals and blocked 22k dmg so I think I did good job. Victory 3:2.

Tank Placement 3 (US)
Playing Sigma and Roadhog, map Oasis. We were pretty much stomped and lost both rounds. We could not do anything in second round, just sad :slight_smile:. Defeat 0:2.

Tank Placement 4 (US)
Playing Winston, map Nepal. We did pretty good in first round but lost second one and again won last round. Pretty good and enjoyable match. Victory 2:1.

Tank Placement 5 (US)
Playing Zarya and Roadhog, map Hanamura. We captured first point but failed to capture second one. We had very good defense and didnt let them cap first point. Victory 1:0.

Placed at 2297 SR.

Video with recorded tank games:


DPS Placement 1 (EU)
Playing Genji, map Busan. We won both rounds and I had even play of the game on genji :smiley: , Victory 2:0.

DPS Placement 2 (EU)
Playing Genji and McCree, map Hollywood. We did pretty well in attack, I had nice moment at the end, killing 4 people and deflecting reaper ult. We pushed payload to the end with 4 minutes left. We lost all 3 points too but in overtime. We had troubles in next round, but we captured point practicaly in last fight. Victory 4:3.

DPS Placement 3 (EU)
Playing Widowmaker,McCree and Symetra, map Watchpoint:Gibraltar. I had to switch Widowmaker to McCree after I was countered by enemy genji and we stoppe enemy team before they could capture second point. I picked Symetra in attack and completely destroyed enemy team :smiley:. Victory 2:1.

DPS Placement 4 (EU)
Playing Symetra, map Volskaya Industries. We lost first point very fast and someone instantly left so rest of the game was 5v6. Defeat 0:2.

DPS Placement 5 (EU)
Playing Symetra, map Nepal. We had a guy who didnt want to win, others noticed that too. So yeah, easy loss with someone throwing. Defeat 0:2.

Placed at 2245 SR.

Video with recorded DPS games:

15 games played total, 5 on all roles, overall good experience with 2 2 2 so far. Most games were enjoyable. 1 game somoene throwing, 1 leavers on both sides. I was suprised that searching for game as dps wasnt that long. Btw I updated first post. I will probably focus more one role now until i will make it to platinum and then switch to next role.

If anyone want to point out my mistakes in games, feel free to do so. But I know most of them myself :slight_smile:


Hey nice work. Very detailed post also. Good luck climbing up

Hello, I am here with another update. As I promised I will be playing support role unitl i will reach platinum. I actualy dropped even lower to silver from being barely gold. Then I climbed back higher into gold, played with some friends where we lost almost all games and visited silver once again. We did win something at the end and I ended up in gold again :slight_smile:. After I finish writing this post I am probably going to stream again few hours so if you are interested, visit my channel.

Btw I played mercy in majority of my games. And friends I was playing with are aroung gold/plat. One of my friends was pretty salty so I was maybe too few times, its contagious. :smiley: I will be probably playing solo again today.

If you want to watch interesting games I suggest games number: 8, 12, 13


Support Game 1 (EU) - 2004 SR
Playing Mercy, map King´s Row. We had Zarya who asked for pocketing her so I did it a lot and it was good choice, we pushed payload to the end. Enemy team pushed payload to the end too, but with less time. Enemy Ashe was giving us troubles, because she was uncontested. Enemy team was unable to capture point in next round, we captured it in first push. Victory 4:3, +21 SR.

Support Game 2 (EU) - 2025 SR
Playing Mercy, map Temple of Anubis. We were able to take only first point. I think I was too agressive when we were defending, did some bad mistakes, just battle mercy stuff. Not sure why I was doing it, maybe I felt like we lack dps and enemy team isnt dying. Enemy team captured both points. Defeat 1:2, -17 SR.

Support Game 3 (EU) - 2008 SR
Playing Mercy, map Horizon Lunar Colony. We lost first point pretty fast and when i was watching my game back, I think I can fully blame myself fot that, because I did critical mistake there trying to heal soldier and rest of the team died. We lost second point too. We managed to capture only first point. Defeat 1:2, -22 SR.

Support Game 4 (EU) - 1986 SR
Playing Mercy, map Oasis. Horrible game, nonsense in voice chat, no grouping up and no team work. Possibly even throwing in our team, hard to say. Defeat 0:2, -22 SR.

Support Game 5 (EU) - 1964 SR
Playing Mercy, map Eichenwalde. Enemy team pushed payload infront of second point and someone from our team left. He never came back, but we were actualy able to push payload to the half way to second point. Defeat 1:3, -7 SR. Yeah , only -7 SR, thats why you should never leaver game when you already have leaver.

Support Game 6 (EU) - 1957 SR
Playing Mercy, map Volskaya Industries. We were able to hold first point and when it was in over time, someone from enemy team left the game. Probably tilted I guess. We captured point instantly. Victory 1:0, +16 SR.

Support Game 7 (EU) - 1973 SR
Playing Mercy, map Paris. Just like 2 seconds before we captured first point in our first fight, someone from enemy team left. I am pretty sure it was on purpose. I seriously hate this, game was canceled…

Support Game 8 (EU) - 1973 SR
Playing Mercy, map Route 66. Best game of the day. We stopped enemy team before they captured last point. And omg, it was insane, I went full battle mercy mode, several times killing enemy dps or their support. I had gold elims after our defense, I am not kidding. 5 stack I was with wasnt in voice chat and it sucked. I said that in match chat after first round and they actualy joined. We pushed payload to the end practicaly unstoppable. Victory 3:2, +32 SR.

Support Game 9 (EU) - 2005 SR
Playing as Mercy, map Numbani. We pushed paylod to the end, enemy team had only two points, enemy team had McCree with pretty good aim, I even thought he was using aimbot for a moment. But I saw him missing later and in potg. Victory 3:2, +23 SR.

Support Game 10 (EU) - 2028 SR
Playing Mercy, map Horizon Lunar Colony. We captured both points pretty fast, enemy team wasnt able to take even first one. Victory 2:0, +22 SR.

Support Game 11 (EU) - 2050 SR
Playing Mercy, map Route 66. We sadly werent able to push payload to even first point. We lost in defense but it was actualy close, enemy team won with 20 seconds left only. Defeat 0:1, -22 SR.

Here is link to these games:

I was playing later same day another set of games so here they are.

Support Game 12 (EU) - 2028 SR
Playing Mercy, map Rialto. Good game, we didnt let enemy team to take even first point. I had very nice moment when I shot down enemy pharah when I was ulting and shortly after enemy mcree who ulted. My team loved my Mercy. Victory 1:0, +26 SR.

Support Game 13 (EU) - 2054 SR
Playing Mercy, map Blizzard World. Our junkrat just could not stop complaining about me not pocketing/dmg boosting him, he was just distracting me constantly so I told him to shut up several times. Then he said I am really bad mercy and used more insults and kept talking bs so I muted him. Btw he even said GG when we had like 2:30 to capture first point. I unmuted him after we captured payload. Probably wasnt good idea, he kept calling me “retarded mercy”. We pushed payload to the end, enemy team didnt even capture first point. Like wth, toxicity for no reason…Victory 3:0, +22 SR.

I was playing my all next games with my friends, who talked in discord mostly.

Support Game 14 (EU) - 2076 SR
Playing Mercy, map Watchpoint Gibraltar. We could not stop enemy team and lost all points in defense. We didnt capture first point. We thought our dps is throwing because our soldier just ignored pharah when i was pocketing him and he ulted in spawn too. Defeat 0:3,-16 SR.

Support Game 15 (EU) - 2060 SR
Playing Mercy, map Lijiang Tower. We lost both rounds, I think our tank choice wasnt really good. Defeat 0:2, -21 SR.

Support Game 16 (EU) - 2039 SR
Playing Mercy, map Dorado. Enemy team pushed payload to the end and my friend blamed tanks. There was one really wtf moment, when enemy team pushed payload to second point while our tank just kept shielding next to it but on highground. We pushed only to the half of the map. Defeat 1:3, -18 SR.

Support Game 17 (EU) - 2021 SR
Playing Mercy, map Temple of Anubis. Our offensive tank way too agressive, and our defensive tank constantly going solo just to have nice ult? We only had one point from attack phase and lost second point when we went basicly c9. Defeat 1:2, -22 SR.

Support Game 18 (EU) - 1999 SR
Playing Mercy and Moira, map Junkertown. Enemy team pushed paylod to the end and we captured only first point. I switched to Moira at one point. I just felt we need little bit more damage, but I probably tried to do dps too much and had some lame deaths. Defeat 1:3, -21 SR.

Support Game 19 (EU) - 1978 SR
Playing Mercy, map Horizon Lunar Colony. Another friend joined our group. We lost first and later second point in overtime. We captured both points too but with 2:44 minututes left. We captured point in next round and won. Victory 3:2, +29 SR.

Support Game 20 (EU) - 2007 SR
Playing Mercy, map Route 66. We were able to push payload to second point and we hold enemy before they could even take first one. Victory 2:0, +26 SR.

Support Game 21 (EU) - 2033 SR
Playing Mercy, map Nepal. We were pretty much destroyed and lost both rounds. Defeat, -20 SR.

Here is link to these games:

Thats all. As I said, I am going to stream now again so if you want to see me live, check my channel :slight_smile:


Almost every game I’ve had has been a stomp with some foreign guy screaming incoherently at something


Many people are switching no NA cause of comms, on EU people usually do not communicate in voice chat… :slight_smile:

I’m testing this. Just climbed to diamond on heals and gonna do placements on other two tomorrow.

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Maybe I should play on EU then…
Better than talking to a bunch of retar…
I’ll stop there.


Dont… Its horrible in eu. US is so much better in term of comunication.

That’s my point lol.
I’d rather not communicate.
I like Paladin’s where nobody uses mic.
Great game (long queues though).

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Hello, I have another update. I played another 10 games, some in EU and some in US. I sadly visited Silver again and I am really starting to think about hero switching. Playing other support and stop playing Mercy. I just feel like I cant have so big impact with Mercy as with other support heroes.

I did notice one thing too. Idk if thats just my experience, but I think they changed SR loss and gain in games with leavers for Season 18, which is good. Anyway, you can find info about games below with links to recorded game if you are curious to see them. I will probably stream in shorter blocks in future, like only 5 games per one stream or something. I will be playing more games tomorrow.

I am updating initial post with new info (added played games, 1 leaver and updated SR)

Support Game 22 (EU) - 2013 SR
Playing Mercy, map Hanamura. We captured both points in first attempt. We had very good defense, enemy team didnt capture first point. Victory 2:0, +28 SR.

Support Game 23 (EU) - 2041 SR
Playing Mercy, map Volskaya Industries. Honestly unwinnable game. One of these games where your team is very bad and enemy team has all good players. We could not cap point even when enemy team was overextending like crazy, spawn camping us. Enemy doomfist was probably smurf. Defeat 0:2, -25 SR.

Support Game 24 (EU) - 2016 SR
Playinf Mercy, map Watchpoint Gibraltar. We pushed payload almost to the end, but I was tilted this game because my team was completely oblivious to same things and not in voice chat too. Reaper shooting people in the back and they didnt even turn around, I dont think they even noticed someone was killing them. At least we won. You can see me checking enemy ana in replay because there was one suspiciou moment of ther hitting 3 hits on me but i didnt find anything, she just had good aim. Victory 3:2, +27 SR.

Support Game 25(EU) - 2043 SR
Playing Mercy, map Busan. I honestly dont know what to say, I know I said I wont talk about others but I will do it anyway. My team was braindead, yep thats right. Main tank afraid of point just defending place outside of point and stuff like that. I am seriously thinking about leaving Mercy and playing different support, I just feel powerless in moments like these. We had no chance, Defeat 0:2, -21 SR.

Support Game 26(EU) - 2022 SR
Playing Mercy and Zenyatta, map Junkertown. After enemy team wiped us with nano blade I switched to Zenyatta to counter him better, they had zarya too. That was another reason. We were suprisigly able to hold the payload before they reached first point. I stayed Zen rest of the match and we pushed paylod further. Victory 1:0, +25 SR.

Support Game 27(EU) - 2047 SR
Playing Mercy and Ana, map Dorado. Half of the team not in voice chat, at least Zarya was active there. Enemy team had good widowmaker and we could not do much against her. I tried to deal with her by switching to ana, but she was better. We had only 1 point from our attack, wasnt enough, they just pushed further. Defeat 1:2, -23 SR.

Here is link to these games:

I actualy played few more later same day before I went to bed :slight_smile: I switched to US because I had enough of EU.

Support Game 28(US) - 2024 SR
Playing Mercy, map Numbani. Funny start of the game, in EU rarely someone speak, first game in US, everyone speak in voice chat, but others kind of tilted one guy who wanted to say something funny, they laughed before he finished to talk anything and he left voice chat :frowning:. Enemy team captured second point and shorty after they had leaver. There was a moment where i called out my team using bad words. I regret doing that, but in that moment it made me angry because I just know they will die by overextending like crazy and by trying to spawncamp enemy team. They still did it while enemy leaver came back and sure we lost the fight. We barely managed to stop them without pushing to end. I had very lame death at start of attack round, but we captured point shorty after when I damaged boosted ulting Moira and she killed 4 people. We pushed payload to the end without problem. Victory, 3:2, +13 SR. Only +13 SR, which sucked.

Support Game 29(US) - 2037 SR
Playing Mercy, map Nepal. We lost both rounds, our dps just could not kill enemy McCree. But I cant blame them, he was really good and pocketed on top of that. Defeat 0:2, -19 SR.

Support Game 30(US) - 2018 SR
Playing Mercy, map Rialto. We pushed payload to the end but it wasnt easy at all. Our dps constantly dying and we had insanely long fight in overtime at the end. Enemy team pushed payload to the end too, but with 5:20 minutes left on the clock so yeah, RIP. We practicaly didnt move payload in our 1 min and they did kill us and won. Defeat 3:4, -23 SR. And back to silver again omg :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Support Game 31(US) - 1995 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Eichenwalde. We lost 2 points in defense and pushed payload further in our attack in last 20 seconds. Victory 3:2, +26 SR.

Here is link to these games:

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I’d ditch Mercy and play Moira.

Mercy gets better as your team improves as you climb in sr.

Moira can just take up slack for your team.

Doesn’t always work. Lost a game with five golds and 37% healed.

But she can definitely make plays. Coalescence is a decent ult for breaking a choke. Helps persuade your tanks to push in if nothing else.

By “EU people usually do not communicate in voice chat” i meant that they do not make valuable team calls and run normal converstaion, they raise their voice usually to insult others and complain, also waste a lot of time typing…

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I always play in US now regardless of being in Europe because playing Comp in a continent with 24 official languages means for either non-existent team chat, or a team chat where you can’t speak the languages of those you’re in a team with.

It’s nicer to be able to fully focus on the match rather than having to try and navigate those language barriers.

Hello, I am here with another update. This time with different heroes as I left Mercy and started playing Moira and Zenyatta. I actualy climbed 240 SR in two sessions with these two heroes. Finaly I felt I can carry or just make difference with support. I didnt have that feeling with Mercy before, or just very rarely.

I have to say that I focused on doing DPS a lot as Moira, sometimes maybe too much and I die because of that occasianly so I have to be more carefull. You can find another set of game below and at the end two very nice moments from today. Zen potg and moment where I killed whole enemy team as zen.

Support Game 32(EU) - 2021 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Junkertown. We steamrolled enemy team in attack, pushed payload to the end with more than 4 minutes left. Enemy team pushed only to first point. Victory 3:1, +30 SR.

Support Game 33(EU) - 2051 SR
Playing Moira, map Oasis. Classic DPS moira stuff :slight_smile:. We won both rounds. Victory 2:0, + 31SR.

Support Game 34(EU) - 2082 SR
Playing Moira, map Rialto. I was again focusing DPS a lot. Our rein didnt like it, But I think I didnt play bad. Both teams pushed payload to the end and we won in next rounds. Victory 4:3, +21 SR.

Support Game 35(EU) - 2103 SR
Playing Moira, map Volskaya Industries. We had very good start, taking first point instantly. But eventualy lost the game in next rounds. Defeat 3:4, -16 SR.

Support Game 36(EU) - 2087 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Temple of Anubis. Very good game, we lost first point fast, but were able to hold second one. I had very nice moment there as I killed ulting pharah trying to get sneaky ult on us and shorty after used trans into ulting reaper saving my team. We were able to take both points fast. Victory 2:1, +27 SR.

Support Game 37(EU) - 2114 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Oasis. I actualy grouped up with duo from last game. One of them had to go sadly because his notebook battery died so we were in duo. My duo partner was from Egypt and his voice chat is sadly banned in his country for OW btw. We did win both rounds. Victory 2:0, +27 SR.

Support Game 38(EU) - 2141 SR
Playing Moira, map Horizon Lunar Colony. I was tilted little bit because team was just unable to kill enemy roadhog even when we had reaper. Just horrible game overall. We didnt push first point, they did, Defeat 0:1, - 22 SR.

Support Game 39(EU) - 2119 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Dorado. We had a DPS guy with low level. He said he is new but I didnt believe him at all. His voice was kind of familiar to me but I dont know from where. His level of communication was like diamond+. We did win, Victory 3:2, + 27 SR.

Support Game 40 (EU) - 2146 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map King´s Row. The guy from before who had issue with notebook joined us again we we were playing in trio. We definitely had good game. It was challenging game because enemy team had good Genji. It was very close game too, we pushed payload to to end and stopped enemy team just before they could do the same. Victory 3:2, +29 SR.

Support Game 41 (EU) - 2175 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Nepal. One of the best game in days. Extremely good team comunication and cooperation which is very rare at this rank and in EU. Our Roadhog had very nice hooks on enemy reaper who was little bit crazy with his flanking. We did win both rounds. Victory 2:0, +28 SR.

Here is link to these games:

Support Game 42 (EU) - 2203 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Rialto. Solo Q again after break. Just a weird game honestly. I dont know how we didnt lose defense as we had wrong tanks, no shield and people were overextending like crazy. I mean baby standing infornt of spawn door stuff. Enemy team didnt push even first point. And I had insane 6 kill in attack round. Victory 1:0, +25 SR.

Support Game 43 (EU) - 2228 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Blizzard world. We had amazing defense round not leting enemy team to capture payload at all. And we won in our first fight on attack. Easy game honestly just like game before this one. Victory 1:0, +30. SR.

Support Game 44 (EU) - 2258 SR
Playing Moira, map Lijiang Tower. Accused of being DPS Moira again, but I wont lie, I am really playing her as DPS moira when i feel we dont have enough dmg or kills. We did lost both rounds tho. Defeat 0:2, -21 SR.

Support Game 45 (EU) - 2237 SR
Playing Moira, map Horizon Lunar Colony. We lost both points, but enemy team too and we had 4 minutes more of time. We lost first point again next round but captured both enemy points after that. Victory 4:3, +29 SR.

Support Game 46 (EU) - 2266 SR
Playing Zenyatta, map Numbani. We had good attack round but enemy team too and we lost the game in next round where we were unable to captured first point again when they had 85% on ours. Enemy reaper honestly carried the game for them. Defeat 3:4, -24 SR.

Here is link to these games:

Two nice moment from games I played today:

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Just watched the Moira Lijiang game back.

Hilarious comments on you being dps Moira. Amazed you didn’t avoid that annoying kid after the match.

Just a few general tips for the map, which I play Lucio on a lot.

  1. Never use side entrance on market if you’ve no team Lucio. Too risky Pharah, Lucio or Hammond going to boop you off.
  2. Never use bridge in gardens if no Lucio on your team. Same issues apply.

Since you have comms (Nice. About 10% of my ps4 games have more than two people in comms) then suggest a route for your whole team to take. First push was a disaster as your team tried to go in two different directions and you got split off and couldn’t provide any support.

You made loads of positioning and mechanical errors, which is understandable if you’re learning her.

If you want help, I suggest submitting a vod for review. Here’s me being ripped apart by helpful forum goers for my Hollywood game submission.

I’ve played her for a while, but now playing her more as a dps, and doing better because of it. Making some very basic errors. just need to think more and auto pilot less.

Hey, thank you for tips. You are right about side entrances and bridge. I rarely ever avoid people, there is no reason for it really. I am not easily offended guy. As I am climbing, I will outclimb these people, not to mention there is very low chance to be placed with same people next games now.

I know I am doing a lot mistakes, more on moira than zen most likely, but I am still climbing and I am learning from my mistakes on they way. I will definitely ask for coaching when I will be stuck :slight_smile:

I am going to play more games now in few minutes if anyone want to watch me live on my channel :smiley: (US later EU)

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