The SR system is being wonky

I get the same amount of SR every game (about 25 to 30 sr) except for when I am about to get to gold then it (for yet another sseason) stops at exactly 1999 SR 1 sr from gold. I lose the next game and then win the next game needing only 4 SR to get to gold. I win then it only gives me 3 sr…putting me back at 1999 SR…WHAT IS GOING ON???

I have never recieved so little SR in any of the years I have been playing this game. It really is starting to feel like it just doesn’t want people to get into that rank and it is frustrating me to the point where I smashed my keyboard after seeing it gave me only 3 sr so that I could once again be at 1999 sr. Why is it doing this. I am also getting tired of silvers reporting me for “smurfing” I am not a smurf the SR system just won’t allow me to get into gold. So either I get reported for “smurfing” or the sr system needs to let me get to where I need to be. I am tired of getting flamed by people that claim I am hacking or smurfing almost every game. I literally smashed one of my keyboards because of this.

has anyone else experienced this before? Or am I just being unlucky?

They made a change so if there are leavers the winners gain less SR and the losers lose less SR. Did the enemy team have leavers?

No, there is nothing magical about 2000.

we didnt have any leavers. it just keeps putting me at 1999 Sr and no matter what I cant get passed that.

This isn’t the first season its done it. Its done it another season as well. 1999 sr and even if there were a leaver you would get more than 1 sr.

My advice, record it.

Was this announced?

No. It was discovered. If you have a leaver in comp do you suffer the same decreaase in SR?