SR adjustments are literally rigged

Same. For about 3 weeks I’ve been tracking my SR gain/loss. The other day - out of 13 games six had leavers either on enemy team or on mine. By the end of the day I had gained a total of 17 SR than when I started the day. Leaver on my team - I still tried my hardest to make up for it… lost 29 SR. Leaver on enemy team and gained 12 -_- One game we had 1 leaver and they had two leavers - still had to try hard - won 10 SR…


What rank are you…?

A loss is a loss, a win is a win. Also whether there was 1 or 2 or 5 leavers doesn’t affect how much SR you gain or lose.

Besides, you’re not going to get a leaver every single game. Just play to win the games that are winnable. Don’t worry about the ones you have no control over.

Yup, it just like a casino guys, house always wins!

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its by winstreak/performance
if i drop 70 kills in a match after a 10 game loss streak ill get 7 SR, if i drop 70 kills 10 games in a row and win all 10, ill be getting around 80-130 per win

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This was silently changed. The team with no leaver gains less, and the team with a leaver loses less. If you have a leaver in comp do you suffer the same decreaase in SR?.

Generally I recommend not leaving, even if your teammates leave, and play for statistics (if below 3000).

Just keep blaming yourself for leavers, it’s the forum way.

Question: Did you leave that game as well when the timer said you were good to go? Or did you stick it through to the end?

It’s been a well documented bug that if you leave a game early, even when you’re given the a-okay, the following game will have dramatically lowered SR gains (and significantly worse losses).

Issue is though, I thought Diamond + players didn’t get performance-based SR. I assumed it would be about 20 - 25 per win/loss consistently. Unless that method has changed, of course.

If this is true then why did I lose 29 SR because someone else on my team left. [which btw I never willingly leave - I’ve been DCed twice in the course of 3 months but that’s it]

I’m curious though, how come I can play Ana with a co-support of Moira, I have gold healing the entire game [multiple rounds] with multiple defense assists - yet the last time she heals with her ult at the very end, she manages to get gold healing and I only end up with +20SR. Is it actually performance-based or just medal-based?

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Would you prefer backfill?

I don’t know. The entire SR adjustment system is confusing to me.

Because your performance was probably not good too and leaver left closer to end of the game. Frim my exoerience time matter in tge leaver case. With earky leaver i lost twice around 6 SR.

It does, they changed SR calculation in games with leavers.

A lot other stuff matters a lot, not just gold healing. Accuracy, deaths, hitting sleepdarts and stopping ults with them, hitting nades…

I think it varies based on when the leaver left, how long they were gone for, and whether you kept your statistical performance good. Also, this didn’t start till season 18, and I don’t have a lot of data to figure out the exact rules.

If your leaver only missed the last team fight, for example, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got no consideration from the SR system.

i honestly wouldnt know i havent been in diamond that long, i can try to see though


Blizzard is the king of screwing people over as we seen in the past and definitely most recently. THey only care about money and to keep people playing a piss poor game mode.

Same, I haven’t been in Diamond long enough. It just confuses me because my SR gain/loss is still unpredictable. It’s either completely solid (played 6 games, l/w/l/w/l/w and my adjustments were exactly the same, so I ended exactly where I was when I logged on lol). Other times it’s completely random.

Thats my experience so far, in last game where we had early leaver, i lost only 5 sr.

It’s only potentially different once there is at least one leaver. The exact number of leavers doesn’t matter.

And to be fair, I haven’t seen any announcement regarding leavers impacting SR gains/losses at all, so I can’t confirm that. But it seems to be the case that games with leavers result in lower SR gains/losses. That number just doesn’t change based on how many leavers there are.