If you have a leaver in comp do you suffer the same decreaase in SR?

You will probably lose more SR (at least below Diamond) because your overall stats are going to be worse in a 5v6 scenario pretty much all the time.

But thats what I was talking about. Its actualy opposite. If you have leaver and lose game, you lose less now. When enemy team have leaver, you will gain less too(if you win).

That looks significant. When the other team has a leaver, do you play to win harder: that is, to pound them into the ground, or do you take it easy? That is, I’d like to make sure this is not a statistical performance effect.

Check one of my reactions to other guy. Just few above where i typed all my sr gained with and without leavers.

I usualy dont take it easy as i had games with leaver who came back and we almost lost the match. I am talking about one of my games above, where i carried in payload attack round and when we stomped them, someone from their team left.

I had few games like this. When you stomp the other team hard in first round, it happens sonetime so somebody will leave. But in every game like that i played exceptionaly well so its weird to gained only so much.

Abyway, i will continue to collect more data.

I just had another case of leaver guys. We were stomped on first round Oasis, I didnt really do much, it was 0/100, leaver after first round in my team, stomped again in second round 5v6. I lost only 12 SR. In my other game I played few games before I lost 23 SR.

Thanks. I’ve updated this from forum rumor to credible report, and updated How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 18).

I have another case. Played game like 2 hours ago, enemy team had leaver early as we were kind of stomping them. Gained only 7 SR, I asked one of my team mates, he received only 6 too.

I don’t think leavers affect your sr directly but with a player missing in your team, it’s more likely you’ll have worse stats hence lose more sr. Though I honestly don’t care about such small sr changes so I don’t really notice it.

Edit oh and same for enemy team, they too should have worse stats and earn less sr.

I just had a game on Volskaya where we rolled the enemy team on attack and had like a 5 minute time bank. Someone on their team left, and the remaining 5 played out the rest of the game. My team won, but I gained only 8 SR. And I basically never in any other case have ever gained or lost so little SR in at least a couple of years.

And no, I did not note the SR difference in teams, but I’m mid plat so how far off could it be.

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