Had 3 matches with leavers today

It’s 18th season yet Blizzard won’t do anything about the leavers! Won’t end the game, won’t give other 5 players their SR points back, won’t punish the leavers enough. Enemy teams won’t cooperate either. I have never seen any 5vs6 ends with Draw because one of the teams said “This is not ok, we shouldn’t win this and let them lose.” because they see this as an easy win.

Blizzard should solve this problem but too busy with banning people talking about Hong Kong.

I kinda wish I saw more teams try to end it with a draw but I guess this is where psychology comes into play. Will all 11 players agree to go thru with the draw or will one of of them force it to become a win?

It’s like that one problem where you have two people in a room alone and if they both choose to work together they win. But if one agrees to work with the other but the other doesn’t then the disagreeing party wins 2x as much. If that makes sense?

I guess it’s easier for the team with 6 to take the win than it is to work together to deal with the system and being fair. Especially if they were not winning before.

But if we cancel the game due to the leaver people might abuse it and force the game to cancel to avoid a total loss of the team because the match up was not in their favor.

Hah! 3 leaver matches in a day would be a good day for me, in Season 18.

I once screenshotted a replay list full of cancelled and/or leaver matches. The entire list, full of incomplete games. Ofc I have plenty of screenshots just red with losses (at 700sr) because the game gives you impossible odds down there.

Yeah you’re kinda implying a prisoner’s dilemma or game theory solution. It might be in the best interests of everyone to cooperate, have someone sit out and focus a 5v5, but there are just too many selfish/defect players in Overwatch. It’ll be a 5v6 and you’ll tryhard for a win, but still lose. You might learn some things taking the 5v6, but it will probably hurt your stats.

And frankly, the most ‘correct’ way to ladder in this meta is to ‘go agane’. If you’re down a man, tryhard for 2 mins, then leave. Save the calories and go next. You have to play the odds and know when to fold. There is nothing throwish about that attitude, its just good laddering sense if you want to actually rank up (something i’m still working on).

That’s the one. I tend to have trouble recalling the name of the concepts XD

But the other issue with having someone volunteering to sit out is if the person sitting out the same role as the missing person and is the skill level of both players the same. The system is trying to balance over total SR of the group not exactly by the SR of the individual. You might get a silver DPS vs a Plat DPS but to balance that out they have a Plat Tank and a Silver Tank. So even having someone sit out isn’t the most balanced in terms of playstyle either.

There was one time someone in VC said they aren’t feeling well and might DC. And they did but it took them about 2 minutes or so to come back the the damage is done and 2 other teammates left leaving about 3 - 4 of us.

Blizzard (silently) made a change here. The non-leaver team will gain less, and the leaver team will lose less. If you have a leaver in comp do you suffer the same decreaase in SR?

If you don’t want people to talk about something, don’t bring it up.