Other team left barely got any SR

Other team left and I got 11 sr for the win. I was on a win streak of 8 if that effects anything this happened at 3500 which confuses me. So I get screwed over there. I was 14-1 today got a cheater then 14-2. I find it hilarious that I don’t get my SR back for a match with a cheater.

Blizzard silently changed SR arithmetic on leavers, so that the non-leaver team gets less and the leaver team loses less. If you have a leaver in comp do you suffer the same decreaase in SR?

In theory, cheaters will be auto-identified during the match, and the match will be cancelled, but I don’t have enough experience to know how well that works.

They’re able to do this, but not be able to keep a record of matches? It’d be so nice that if a player from that match gets banned the match if nullified for both sides.

I have played against probably around 12 cheaters fairly recently in the sr range of 3.8-4.2, all with twitch vods to prove.
I’ve gotten an email from blizzard saying a cheater was banned 1 single time a day later, but the match only cancels when an already detected cheat has been used in game.
So the feature won’t be seen much at all, and no I didn’t get my sr back after getting the email, indicating it was a manual ban from the clip that went viral on reddit